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Do We Live on Automatic?
    This is my first time writing a front page and having my own freetalk area for my page. The reason I’m writing this freetalk is to talk about something that I’d rarely thought about…marriage. It would be funny that a person like me would be thinking about this at my age. It just came to me one day and I started to wonder why people even thought of getting married. The way it’s talked about seems like it’s the next natural step as you get older…sort of like going to high school, going to your prom, finishing college, etc… There’s something that bothers me about that…as if it’s treated like some kind of requirement that everyone goes through and I know that’s not true. Not everyone does and I wonder why everyone treats it as such. When I was younger, I used to take things like that for granted. I was told things like, “Oh, you’ll love it when you go to your prom” or “You’ll know what it’s like to be in love when you get to be a teenager” as if it was expected to happen. I did both things…but they happened in such an unconventional way that it makes me wonder why people think things happen in such clockwork fashion?
    And you must be asking yourselves, “Why the heck does she keep expounding on stuff like this?” The reason is because of a video game I was playing. Yes, a VIDEO game…Brigandine for the Playstation to be exact. I’ll be talking about the Caerleon storyline, so you could refer to it here on my Brigandine page if you’re interested. I began asking myself these questions because I noticed one of the characters in one of the stories, King Cai, was faced with a decision. This was to marry his former sister, Merriot, because this was the wish of his own adoptive father. Not necessarily his will, but his wish. It bothered me because Cai’s advisor, BeauArte, wanted to see them get married right after Merriot and Cai were told that Cai was adopted and not related. It bothered me even more that they were suddenly supposed to throw away that identity of brother and sister and suddenly become something akin to lovers. It sounds very incestuous. I KNOW that Merriot began to like her own “brother” in a romantic way before, but Cai seemed very…confused by the whole thing. They both were, but Cai even more so. He kept asking his friend Dinadan what he expects him to do. He never says outright if he thought of his sister in a romantic way…but it was clear that he cared for her as his sister as he always had. Anyway, she left immediately after the war on his continent was over to go on a journey around the world…never to really resolve the whole thing. Cai was going to tell Dinadan what he decided about marrying Merriot, but decided to keep it to himself after Merriot left. We’ll never know… It’s disturbing. Too much time will pass between them and by the time she does come back, they will be different people, at least Merriot will be. I don’t know what we’re supposed to take from it, but I think it’s supposed to be up to us. He cares the most about Merriot’s happiness above all. He doesn’t want her to marry someone by force. I think that is the most important thing to take from it all. She never got a chance to tell him how she felt and she left so suddenly. I think she finally decided she needed to see more of the world instead of being confined to life as a Royal Princess who must fulfill her obligations to her country. That is what I feel we should take from her situation. In a strange way, what both Cai and Merriot do in the end are good things because it forces them to separate and grow on their own without each other.
    Sometimes I think we take things for granted because we expect it to happen or it just seems like the next natural step. In the case of Cai and Merriot, it seemed like they were expected to fall romantically in love with each other easily because they had been around each other for so long. I’m glad the ending was ambiguous enough for anyone to draw a number of conclusions. Everyone should have a good reason for doing something, not just because it seems like the next best thing to do.
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