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The Deidra Report   


        Chapter 1   

        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3   
        Chapter 4   
        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3   
        Chapter 4   

        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3  
        Chapter 4   
      Hell Gate 


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The Beginning
(Chapter 1)

Well, I decided to finally go down the Chaos route instead of the Law route and started from the very beginning. I listed some of the things that are said in the beginning by Lans and the others. I hope you find some of it entertaining. :) 

Denim, Vice, and Kachua first meeting with the Zenobians (version 1)   
Denim, Vice, and Kachua first meeting with the Zenobians (version 2 & 3)   
Krizar City and the battle with the witch Mordoba   
First meeting with Nybbas   
Duke Ronway sends Denim to Fiduc Castle  
Denim and the others meet Sisteena  
Denim, Vice, Kachua, and Leonard meet the Dark Knights  
Duke Ronway sends Denim and the others to Baramus  
Holy Knight Lans talks to Denim about war  
First meeting with Ganb  
First battle in Baramus  
Denim fails to convince the people in Baramus 

This part is in the beginning where Denim, Vice, and Kachua first meet up with Lans and the others. There's many things you could chose to say to them and each results in different responses. I put down what I did the first time here. 

Vice: Denim! Damn it! Lans is here! Just as we heard. 
Denim: Gotcha. Well, I guess this is it, sis… 
Kachua: …This isn’t a very good idea…We can’t possibly win! 
Vice: What are you talking about, Kachua? Isn’t this what we’ve been waiting for!?  
Kachua: But…three of us…against the Dark Knights… 
Denim: Don’t worry Kachua. They’re not expecting us. 
Vice: Are you chicken, Kachua? I’m still going to do it, even if you guys wimp out! 
Denim: Relax, Vice. Don’t say such things. Let’s go. 
(Denim and Vice move out) 
Kachua: We won’t succeed. Besides, what good is it to kill these guys? 
Vice: Lans is the leader of the Dark Knights. They’re the source of Bacrum’s power. By killing Lans, we can weaken the Bacrum forces here for a while. Then the Gargastan forces will make their move and invade Bacrum. Then we can launch our counterattack! 
Kachua: We’re still recovering from the last war. Are you trying to start another one? 
Vice (moves to Kachua): What do you mean we’re still recovering, Kachua!? The Walstanians are being treated like shit!! Gargastan is trying to wipe us out!  
Kachua: But to start a was over reasons such as these…We’ll just end up losing… 
Denim: …Shhh! They’re here… 
Vice: We will attack from both sides. Denim, you attack from the rear! 
Denim: Alright. 
(Battle begins) 
Knight: …Who are you? 
Vice: (backs off) We are warriors of  the Walsta Liberation Army! We will avenge our people’s suffering! 
Knight: Avenge? 
Winged man: What a polite way to welcome people…Look at them, they’re just kids!  
Knight: Wait. Are you sure you’re talking to the right person? 
Vice: If your name is Lans, then you’re our enemy! 
Knight: Indeed, my name is Lans. How did you know? 
Vice: You and your Dark Knights burned down this town a year ago! 
Knight: Dark Knights? But we are from the eastern Kingdom of Zenobia. 
Kachua: …I remember now, the Dark Knights Lans has only one eye.  
Knight: Hmm, a one-eyed Dark Knight who happened to share the same name. I see… 
Winged Man: We came to this island looking for work as mercenaries. 
Knight: My name is Lans…Lans Hamilton. A knight from the Kingdom of Zenobia.  
Winged Man: I’m Canopus. People call me “The Wind Rider”. And the old fart …his name is… 
Magician: Warren…Warren Moons… 
Knight: (bows) My name is Mildain Walhorn. A Zenobian knight. 
Knight: (steps forward valiantly) And my name is Guildus, also from Zenobia. So stop looking at us like that.  
Vice:…But I thought…I guess they’re not the Dark Knights… 
Kachua: Please forgive us, but I must ask for your help.  
Lans: We’re new to this island. Tell us what is going on. 
Vice: My name…is Vice. …Damn it, we’re wasting time! We must find the real Lans! 
Kachua: I am Kachua, a Priestess. And this is my brother, Denim. 
Denim: 1. Forgive us. 
             2. They’re lying. 
             (I chose 1) 
Denim: I’m Denim. Forgive us. 
Lans:…We sure were surprised. But never mind that… …It’s very hot here. Why don’t you take us somewhere cool and tell us your story? 
Kachua: Let’s go to our hideout. We can’t offer you much but at least it’s cool. 
(off to hide out) 

Kachua:…We just don’t have the manpower to fight against the country of Gargastan. That’s why Bacrum asked for support from the Kingdom of Lodis. Their problem was similar to ours.  
Canopus: I see… that’s why the Kingdom of Lodis sent the Dark Knights to Bacrum. 
Warren:…The “Roslolian Knights” are the knights that work directly under King Saldian. King Saldian commands 16 divisions. Their duties consist mainly of espionage…Collecting info from the other countries, carrying out conspiracies…That is why they’re the Dark Knights. 
Guildus: But why are the Ros…something, supporting Bacrum? 
Vice: Let me ask you something. Why did you come to our island? I bet you guys just came here to take over Valeria, starting with us, isn’t that right!? The Kingdom of Zenobia and Lodis are going to trigger the war from this island!! 
Kachua: Stop it, Vice. I’ve had enough of your conspiracy theories… 
Lans:…I understand the situation now, Vice. Let me answer your question. It is true that we are Zenobians. But we no longer work for the king. We were banished from the kingdom. 
Guildus: In other words, we’re fugitives. We can never go back.  
Canopus: Therefore, we’re looking for employment. With decent pay, of course. 
Vice: I’m not buying into this! This is our war! 

Kachua: I said that’s enough, Vice. You have to excuse him, he’s a bit… 
Lans: Don’t worry about it, there’s no need to apologize. What are you planning to do now? 
Denim:…We have to rescue Duke Ronway. He’s imprisoned in Amorika Castle… 
Lans: Who’s Duke Ronway? Is that your leader? 
Vice: Yeah. He’s the leader of the Walstanians…He was caught by the Gargastans. We heard that he’s going to be executed soon. We have to do something… 
Canopus: (jumps off step) Hmm…I hear the sound money…Hey Lans, why don’t we help them out?  
Vice: I’m sorry that I doubted you guys. Kachua is right. We don’t have the manpower. We need your help.  
Guildus: If it’s a deal. Then let’s not waste time. Off to Amorika Castle! 
Kachua: …W-wait a minute. There are a lot of soldiers at Amorika Castle…We can’t…I mean, even with Knights, we can’t win. We’ll all die. I don’t want to be a part of this.  
Lans: Denim, it’s your call.  
Denim: 1. Help us. 
             2. Don’t interfere. 
(I chose 1) 
Denim: We can’t fight this alone. Please help us. 
Lans: You have yourself a deal. Let’s get going.  
Kachua: (to Denim) …You never  listen to me, do you.  
Kachua: I know what you’re thinking. But I just don’t want to lose you. You’re the only family I have left. It’s just that…you’re my only brother. I don’t want you to die… I-I’m sorry. I know that I can’t stop you. But promise me one thing, don’t leave me… 
Vice: What are you guys doing? Everybody’s waiting for you. 
Vice: You are so over protective, Kachua. He’s a big boy now, he can take care of himself… 
Kachua: Don’t you ever shut up!? My brother is not blood-thirsty like you.  
Vice: Look, I’m not fighting because I want to. I just don’t want to go down without a fight.  
Kachua: Oh, don’t talk like such a tough guy. You were counting on those Knights!  
Vice: You were the one who invited them! Don’t tell me… 
Kachua: I’m being nice to them so that we can take advantage of them. Maybe if you have half a brain, you would have figured that out already. You should be thankful.  
Vice: A priestess taking advantage of people. What a bitch!! (leaves hideout) 
Kachua: (looks down) I just…don’t want to lose anyone… 


This is just a few variations of what happens the first time in the beginning. Some of the things said and done are slightly different, but not really. 

Denim: 1. Forgive us. 
             2. They’re lying. 
             (I chose 2 this time) 
Denim: They’re lying. They might be one of our enemies. 
Canopus: You are are one hard headed lad. Let’s just forget about them, Lans.  
Lans: We’re not here to harm you boy. Trust me.  
Kachua: Don’t talk to them like that! Now, apologize to these Knights! 
Lans: (unsheathes and raises his sword) I swear as a Knight of Zenobia that I shall never be your enemy. 
Denim: 1. I believe you. 
             2. …. 
             (I chose 2) 
Denim: ….. 
Kachua: Forgive us. My brother is not himself today. Please put down your sword.  
Lans: Never mind. I understand your apprehensiveness. …It’s very hot. Why don’t you take us to a cool place and tell us your story. 
(And on and on until part where Denim is at the hideout and asked by Lans if they could help) 
Denim: 1. Help us. 
             2. Don’t interfere. 
             (I chose 2 this time) 
Denim: This is our war. Please don’t interfere.  
Lans: I see… We are going to Amorika anyway…Not to help you, but to fight for truth, justice and the Amer… Umm, we’re just going in the same direction. Our ideals may be different but we share a common goal. So why don’t we form an alliance?  
Vice: Give them a break, Denim. They’re going to come with us whether we like it or not.  
Lans: Deal. Let’s go!  

The next variation is a short sequence. This is what Denim says after Lans raises his sword and swears not to harm them. 
Denim: 1. I believe you. 
             2. …. 
             (I chose 1 this time) 
Denim: I believe you. Forgive me, Lans.  
Lans: Don’t mention it. I understand. Thank you for trusting me.... 
(And on and on in the hideout) 


This is the scene that occurs at Krizar City where you have to defeat the witch Mordoba and rescue Leonard. 

(Presance is surrounded by Undead) 
Presance: Look at the numbers of Undead…How dare they treat a dead soul like this…I will send these dead souls to the eternal darkness…Souls of the Undead, I command you to fall! (casts exorcism on skeleton and it falls) 
Presance: Hang in there, Leonard! Hang in there until our reinforcements arrive.  
Presance: (looks to see Denim) …AH! Look over there, the Liberation Army is here. Praise the Gods.  
Mordoba: Your friends are sleeping in the house. It is the sleep of death. When they wake up, the will turn into the Undead.  
Mordoba: (turning to troops) We will fight until our lord Nybbas returns. Do not allow them to go any further! 
(Battle begins and when you defeat Mordoba…) 
Mordoba: Lord Nybbas…have you abandoned me…? (dies) 
(Later on to where Leonard and his troops are...) 
Leonard: Thank you for coming to our rescue, Denim. Sorry to make you worry, Presance. I was attacked by surprise. I have lost the valiant warriors Duke Ronway gave me to command. I cannot face him…  
Presance: It is still fortunate that we did not lose you, Leonard.  
Leonard: Nybbas does not fear the Gods…Curse him! 
Presance: I heard Nybbas is hiding in an abandoned for close by. He abandoned Amorika and never went back to Coritani. I don’t know what he’s up to… 
Leonard: Whatever he is up to, we have to kill him. Or else I can never face Duke Ronway again… 
Presance: Can’t go directly to the fort with your army? I think we should go back to the castle at once.  
Leonard: I would if we were the only troops left. But now we have new friends.  
Presence: But there is no guarantee that Amorika will be safe.  
Leonard: (turns to Denim) I owe my life to Denim. So this is your call… 
Presance: That’s a good idea, to the fort or back to the castle? Denim, tell us what you think.  
Leonard: Voltel, Sara, do you agree?  
Presance: We will obey your command. We will risk our lives for you.  


This is the scene after you go through Tanmas Hill and Krizar City. If you decide to go on to Fort Kadoriga, you encounter Nybbas here. 

Nybbas: Ah, welcome. I’m impressed that you made it this far. So, Mordoba is dead. Too bad. She was very helpful in my research and other things too…But why don’t you forgive me. If you want me to apologize, I will do so. I am of Gargastan blood. But I don’t care who rules this island, I don’t even care who wins. So, why don’t you just let me go? You don’t have to waste your time.  
Denim: 1. Relax. 
             2. Shut up! 
(I chose 1 the first time) 
Denim: Relax, I have no will to kill a weakling like you. But I will not set a criminal free, either. If you want to repay your dishonorable actions, then I will bring you to Amorika Castle.  
Nybbas: Good Boy! I like you. You lead your people well…but I don’t trust you. I know others are dying to kill me. Stupid fool…I shall call demons from the very depths of hell to destroy you! (casts spell that summons undead) Now show me! Show me your deep attachment to life! Ha ha ha… 
(The battle begins) 
(or if you choose 2...) 
Denim: Shut up! You evil magician…You disturb the souls of the dead… 
Nybbas: You’re a disappointment. You cannot even begin to comprehend the truth. But then again, you are young. How can a lad who hasn’t even lived a quarter of a century understand me? Too bad…I shall call demons from the depths of Hell! (He summons the undead) Now show me what you can do. Your confidence has no foundation! 
(After you defeat Nybbas, no matter what you decided to say to him, he gives a little speech...) 
Nybbas: You have indeed overcome your weak mind. You have made great progress. But I cannot allow myself to die here. My research is more important than this. Denim, is it not? I shall remember your name. If you live, we shall meet again. I will show you the progress of my research then. Farewell…(turns into a crow and escapes). 


This scene occurs after you rescue Leonard, whether you do or do not go after Nybbas. It's basically Duke Ronway congratulating you for rescuing his advisor Leonard. 

Ronway:…I heard the details from Leonard. I am very pleased with you work. Now, your next duty is to go to Fiduc Castle in Bacrum. I want you to go there with Leonard.  
Denim: Fiduc Castle! That is the castle where the Roslolian Knights are stationed…Why there!? 
Ronway: I want to sign a non-intervention treaty with them before we begin fighting with the Gargastans. Not with Bacrum but with the Dark Knights. I can’t afford having Bacrum attacking us from behind.  
Kachua: But Duke Ronway, Bacrum is the cause of this disaster. They started this whole mess. And a Roslolian Knight killed our parents. Had they not supported Bacrum, we wouldn’t be in this situation.  
Ronway: Kachua. Believe me, I feel the same way as you do. But think about it. Do you think we can win with our troops? The Roslolians are an unbeatable enemy. That is why it is critical for us to sign a treaty with the Kingdom of Lodis, that will not be their enemy.  
Vice: Are you suggesting that we surrender to Lodis?  
Ronway: Watch your mouth, Vice. I have no intention of selling out to the Kingdom of Lodis. By keeping the Dark Knights out of the way, the Gargastans will not dare pursue the war. After we kill Barbatos, we will hit Bacrum. So what do you think, Holy Knights? I hope the Zenobian King is not wanting Valeria. If so, I am sure your king will sign a non-intervention treaty with us…Pardon me, I forgot that you are no longer with the Kingdom.  
Lans: ….. 
Ronway:  Now, go to Fiduc with Leonard. Oh, and I shall give you 10,000 Goth for this duty. Do not forget to buy better equipment. 


This is the part where you first meet Sisteena. I think that what you say to her here has some bearing on whether she joins you later or not. 

Ryumos: Why don’t you give up! Or do you want to die here? 
Sisteena: If you kill me, go ahead. I may die but my ideals will live on! 
Ryumos: Stubborn bitch…Kill her!  
(They try to but she fights valiantly) 
Ryumos:…Huh? Who are you!? 
Leonard: She is not from the Liberation Army. Does she belong to another organization? 
Denim: 1. Let’s help her! 
             2. I’d like to… 
(If you chose 1...) 
Denim: Either way, we cannot abandon her. Let’s help her! 
(Battle begins) 

(If you chose 2) 
Denim: I’d like to help her, but we have to minimize our losses first. 
Kachua: Are you serious!? Look, she is fighting against the Gargastan forces alone! 
Leonard: We are going to fight the Gargastan army anyway. We’ll help her if we can.  

(If Sisteena dies before the battle is over she says the following...) 
Sisteena: Sister Selye, I…am…sorry… 

(After the battle) 
Ryumos: Am I going to die here? At least…I need to… (dies) 


(In a room in Rime after the battle) 
Sisteena: (bows) My name is Sisteena. Thank you for saving my life. I am a warrior of the Valeria Liberation Front. I came here to scout the town to get supplies.  
Vice: Valeria Liberation Front? Those extremists! I don’t like this… 
Kachua: What do you mean? Aren’t they in the same position as us?  
Leonard: She is a member of Bacrum’s extreme right-wing group who worship the late King Dolgaria.  
Kachua: I’ve heard about that. They’re the people who are fighting against the Bacrum government.  
Leonard: That’s the polite term…”Terrorist” is more like it. They engage in subversive activities, involving innocent citizens… 
Sisteena: That’s not true! That is propaganda that Branta’s government has perpetuated! We, the Valeria Liberation Front want to go back to the time of King Dolgaria. When everyone was equal… 
Vice: Equal!? Ha, did she say equality!? When did we ever have equality? Maybe for the Bacrum people, it was equal alright. But for us Walstanians, we were treated like shit!  
Sisteena: I never…Then what are you fighting for? 
Denim: 1. For Walsta 
             2. True peace. 
(If you chose 2) 
Denim: For true peace. We are fighting to create a world without war.  
Sisteena: Then let us fight together. We are after the same thing.  
Vice: Don’t be ridiculous. We can’t unite with the Bacrum people. They’re the enemy. You see, what he meant by “true peace” was a world where the Walstanians can live without fear. We do not wish to live in a world where we need to co-exist with you terrorists! We don’t need you!  
Leonard: That’s enough Vice. This is pointless… Sisteena, that’s your name, isn’t it? I will set you free. Leave this place. This is our war. I will not allow the Bacrum people to selfishly invade our land.  
Sisteena: I see. But I will not give up. We will establish a peaceful world no matter what. Someday you will realize that if you are truly seeking peace, then you will have to give up your selfish desires. 
Leonard: Leave now and don’t ever come back. 
(Sisteena leaves looks back once, and then exits through door) 

(If you chose 1) 
Denim: For Walsta’s future. We need to establish our own country.  
Sisteena: …So you are like Branta. For our country, for our nation. Your failure to compromise will be your undoing. How selfish…  
Vice: You hypocritical terrorist bitch, look who’s talking…Aren’t you trying to achieve the same thing!? 
Leonard: That’s enough Vice. This is pointless… Sisteena, that’s your name, isn’t it? I will set you free. Leave this place. This is our war. I will not allow the Bacrum people to selfishly invade our land.  
Sisteena: I see. But I will not give up. We will establish a peaceful world no matter what. Someday you will realize that you are truly seeking peace, then you will have to give up your selfish desires.  
Leonard: Leave now and don’t ever come back.  
(Sisteena leaves, looks back once, then exits) 

Sisteena: (bows) Thank you for saving my life 
Leonard: Don’t thank us. It wasn’t our original intention to help you.  Be thankful to your Gods. You were lucky. By the way, why were you attacked by the Gargastans?  
Sisteena: I am a member of the Valerian Liberation Front. I was here to spy… 
Vice: Valerian Liberation Front? Those extremists? I don’t like this… 
Kachua: What do you mean? Aren’t they in the same position as us? 
Leonard: She is a member of Bacrum’s extreme right-wing group who worship the late King Dolgaria.  
Kachua: I’ve heard about that. They’re the people who are fighting against the Bacrum government.  
Leonard: That’s the polite term…”Terrorist” is more like it. They engage in subversive activities, involving innocent citizens… 
Sisteena: That’s not true! That is propaganda that Branta’s government has perpetuated! We, the Valeria Liberation Front want to go back to the time of King Dolgaria. When everyone was equal… 
Vice: Equal!? Ha, did she say equality!? When did we ever have equality? Maybe for the Bacrum people, it was equal alright. But for us Walstanians, we were treated like shit!  
Sisteena: …I guess I shouldn’t say anything. You wouldn’t believe me anyway…But I’m grateful to you for saving my life. Thank you. And good bye. 
Leonard: Your name is Sisteena, right? Do not come here again. This is our war. We won’t allow the Bacrum people to interfere. 
Sisteena: (looks back before she exits) …I shall remember that… (leaves) 


This is where Denim, Kachua, and Vice are accompanied by Leonard to meet with the Dark Knights. 

Fiduc Castle: 
(Leonard, steps forward followed by Denim, Vice, and Kachua) 
Dark Knight: Who are you!? State your name! 
Leonard: My name is Leonard Leci Limon. A Knight of the Amorika Knight Battalion.  I have come here as an envoy of Duke Ronway, the great leader of Walsta.  
Dark Knight: Wait here. (Knight walks away) 
(Leonard turns to others) 
Leonard: This is the Fiduc castle, where the Roslolian Knights are stationed. This castle is also called “Swan Castle”. It looks elegant, but is as impregnable as any fortress.  
(Leonard turns back to see knight accompanied by Balzepho) 
Balzepho: We have been waiting for you Leonard. Give me the letter from your Duke.  
Leonard: (hands letter to Balzepho) Here it is. 
Balzepho: You have come a long way.  Come in and rest.  
(Everyone walks into Fiduc castle) 

Inside castle… 

Balzepho:…Thank you for waiting. The Duke’s request is interesting.  
Leonard: May I ask what your response would be?  
Balzepho: You should hear it directly from our lord.  
Leonard: My god…Sir Lans himself is here!?  
(Dark Knight Lans walks in) 
Lans: Welcome, Warriors of Walsta. I am Lans Tartare. 
Leonard: I am Leonard of the Amorika Knight Battalion. I would like to know what your answer is to our lord.  
Lans: Ha, ha, ha. You are impatient. Very well, tell this to your Duke. The leader of Bacrum, Branta, is not interested in the Gargastan and Walsta war. We, the Dark Knights share the same feeling. We will maintain neutrality. 
Leonard: Thank you for your generous words. My lord will be happy to heard that.  
Balzepho: However, do you think you can win the war without support?  
Leonard: To be honest, we may not. But victory is not our goal. Our ultimate wish is to establish a world where everyone can co-exist peacefully. Besides, if we were to receive support from another country, we would lose the trust from the people.  
Lans: I see…Then I assume that you do not want to follow in the footsteps of Bacrum, who owe their success to us. …and lose the trust of the people. This is interesting, ha, ha, ha.  
Leonard: Well, I did not say… 
Lans: Very well. We, the people of Lodis, are very proud… I understand why you do not want to be like the Bacrum people.  
Leonard: … 
Lans: Actually, the reason why I asked you such a question is because your troops are quite young. It gave me the impression that Walsta’s situation was so bad that you had no choice but to use children… 
Leonard: Forgive me for interrupting my lord, but they are anointed knights. Do not underestimate them.  
Lans: I see… 
Leonard: They rescued Duke Ronway from Amorika which was defended by some of Gargastan’s best soldiers…Moreover, they saved my life when I was in danger at Krizar. 
Lans: So, they are the heroes of Griate that the people are talking about. Forgive me…But have we met before? 
Denim:…I don’t think so… But… 
Lans: But…what? Go ahead. 
Kachua: It was the night when the first snow fell in several years. In the town of Griate, you were the knights… 
Leonard: Stop it Kachua! Do not forget why you are here!  
Denim: 1. Don’t start… 
             2. We can’t… 
(If you chose 2...) 
Denim: We can’t compromise with the enemy. You are our enemy… 
Balzepho: You are in the presence of Sir Lans! Do not bring up your stupid grudge!  
Leonard: Stop it! I apologize for their rudeness.  
Lans: Ah, so you are the survivors of the attack on Griate. That was… (looks towards Balzepho) 
Balzepho: We attacked Griate based on information that there were rebels hiding in Griate.  
Lans: Which, unfortunately turned out to be false information. Your hatred for us is not unjustified. Although it was a mistake, it does not justify what we did. I offer you my most solemn apology… (bows head)  
Leonard: That is not necessary… We have to get back to our castle. 
Lans: That’s too bad…I would love to talk with you more… 
Leonard: I again apologize for their rudeness. We must going now.  
(All leave…Kachua looks back for a while and then leaves) 
Balzepho: (getting up and looking out window) …You did not have to go that far, sir.  
Lans: …Do you remember Haborym?  
Balzepho: Yes sir. He wasn’t all there, but he was very close to me… 
Lans: That brother and sister. They’re so close, just like Haborym and you once were… 

(If you chose 1...) 
Denim: Don’t start…This is not our war anymore. (Side Note: The only difference in the conversation is what Denim says in the beginning) 

Ronway gives this nice, little speech about how you have overcome your personal feelings (blah blah, like I care after I know what he'll make you do later). He sends you off to Baramus to convince the slaves their to revolt. I tihnk , ath this point, Denim knew something wasn't right... 

Ronway: You have overcome your personal vendetta and accomplished your duty. Thank you. This may sound abrupt, but I need you to go to the town Baramus.  
Kachua: that is the town where the Gargastans made Walsta a self governing district. 
Duke Ronway: But in actuality, it is a Walstanian concentration camp. It used to be a coal mining town. But they forced the people in the town to become slaves.  The total population is only 5,000. Though everyday more of our people are dying from overwork… 
Kachua: We must save them…it is our duty.  
Ronway: I realize that it would be impossible to save 5,000 people. My plan is to motivate them to revolt.  
Vice: A revolt with that many people, we can’t possibly lose.  
Ronway: Your optimism is encouraging however, the odds are not in our favor. We are still too weak. We have to be fully prepared before Gargastans attacks us. Fortunately, antagonism between Barbatos and the anti-government supporters is increasing. If Barbatos is going to move, he will first destroy the anti-government forces.  This is our only chance!!  
Leonard: Your duty is to persuade the people in Baramus. I’m sure that some will be unwilling to fight and others may just want to stay where they are. 
Ronway: But that does not mean they like the Gargastan’s. They are simply tired of fighting. I want you to revive their courage and hope.  
Leonard: I will not fail you, my lord… 
Ronway: Our fate depends upon your young soldiers. I wish you the best. 
(Denim, Vice, and Kachua leaves) 
Ronway: Leonard, I have faith in you. Do not fail me. 
Leonard: (looks down) Everything is moving according to your plan. Do not worry… 


This is one of my most favorite scenes. It gives great insight into who Lans the Holy Knight is as a person. He seemed so much more complex than a typical hero after I saw this scene. War kills and takes away the things you hold dear. Okay, so that sounded cliche, but there's truth to it. I think I'd probably feel the true meaning of that statement more deeply if I'd been through war like Lans and Denim were. Some things we take too much for granted in life until it's taken away from us. 

(Holy Knight Lans is seen standing on a jetty) 
Denim: Sir Lans? 
(Lans turns to see Denim walk up to him) 
Lans: Ah, Denim. How did you know I was here? 
Denim: Sir Guildus told me I would find you here.  
Lans: I see… come here. 
(Denim comes towards Lans)   
Lans: Is something bothering you? I sit about the revolution in Baramus? 
Denim: Sir Leonard told me it was going to be dangerous… 
Lans: Are you scared? This is not like you. 
Denim: Well, I… 
Lans: Don’t feel embarrassed. Everyone gets scared.  
(A long pause. Lans looks away and Denim looks towards him)  
Denim: Sir Lans, do you get scared? 
Lans: Of course. Every time I go into battle my body shakes with fear. But then I think, I can’t die here. I have to live. Somehow the thought eases my fears. 
Denim: Can’t die here… But I always thought that I would die for a revolution… And yet I realize I fear death… 
Lans: Risking your life and dying are two completely different things. If you are really concerned about people, then you should not die. You have to see where this battle will take you. …Besides you have a sister. You have to live for her.  
(Denim again looks towards Lans) 
Denim: How about you, Sir Lans. Is there someone that you live for? 
(Lans looks away and takes out a music box. It starts playing a lovely tune…) 
Denim: That is…? 
Lans: I live to carry on the memory of my late wife… 
Denim: Late wife… 
Lans: …Four or five years ago. Before the war against the Empire. We were chased by the Empire’s men and during our journey, my wife got sick and died… I can’t remember how many times I considered killing myself. Especially before the battle. Then I listen to this music box that my wife left me. It reminds me of how precious life is… It tells me, that I have to live. I have to carry on… 
Denim: …to live.  
(Lans closes the music box and turns away) 
Lans: I hope the day will come when… A young lad like yourself does not have to fight… 
(Scene fades out) 


Yep! Another extra. Ganb is somewhat important, even though he's a minor character. I know I shouldn't but these boring small battles in, but I thought I'd stick in a few just for the heck of it. 

Zodo Marsh 

Ganb: You broke through the front…? Just plain luck, I suppose… This is a good time as any to test my babies. I have invested a lot of time in these beasts… Belda! 
(Belda comes) 
Ganb: Obda! Come! 
(Obda comes) 
Ganb: Come here! It’s your time to fight! 
(Lizard men appear) 
Ganb: Belda! Obda! Show them your power!! 
(Battle begins and ends when you injure one of his beasts below 20 hp) 
Ganb: Belda!? Are you okay? This is bad. Retreat! You’re so evil!!! How dare you harm my babies! I will never forgive you!   
(Beasts leave and Ganb uses an escape while others escape) 


Another extra. I dunno why I put it here, I just thought that it's a nice scene to put in before actually getting to the scene where Denim, Vice, and Kachua actually talk to the slaves in Baramus.  

Baramus City 
(A soldier is seen walking outside during a rainy night in Baramus City, he notices Denim and his men) 
Soldier: Who are they!? Uh oh…is that the Liberation Army!? The Liberation Army is here! 
(Other soldiers run outside into the rainy night) 
(Battle begins and ends with killing of all soldiers) 
(All look towards Denim) 
Denim: It will be a while before our reinforcements get here. Let’s assemble the group leaders. We will tell the captives our plan and they can decide whether to join us or not. 


Well, looks like Denim failed to convince the people in Baramus to revolt. Looks like it's time for him to make one of the toughest decisions in his life. Should he stain his hands with blood to achieve his ideals or should he "fight the powers that be" like a modern day generation X'er? By the way, I don't show the question Leonard asks you in this scene. I reserved that for the beginning of each routes. 

(In the slave camp with group of elders and others…) 
Vice: What are you thinking!? I didn’t come all the way here just to do that! You might as well tell them that they should just stay slaves! This Liberation Army is pointless! 
Kachua: Don’t get so excited, Vice. I can’t even hear myself think with you ranting and raving like that!! 
Old Man: (stands up) What is the use of fighting? Fighting only creates hatred. We would rather have things the way they are. At least we will have food and we don’t have to be involved in war. 
Vice: You pathetic excuse for a man! As long as you stay here, you’re nohting but livestock for the Gargastan! Don’t you want freedom? Don’t you want to live like a man? Where is your pride!? 
Old Woman: (stands up) If you don’t do anything, our peace will be maintained. I don't care about the Liberation Army. It is all the same. We will always be the outcasts. My son used to say the same things you do now. But he died in the war half a year ago. Can you bring him back!? 
Old man: Please leave us alone. Nobody wants to fight. Besides, how can you be so sure that you will win. I don't care who you are. We don't want any part of it!  
(Leonard comes in) 
Leonard: I apologize for being late...Can I talk with you for a moment? 
(Leonard and Denim both go outside) 

Later outside... 

(Leonard looks away from Denim) 
Leoanrd: I heard what happened. It seems that you had a difficult time persuading them.  
(Denim looks down) 
Leonard: It's not your fault. I knew that this was going to happen... (looks down and away towards Denim) Listen carefully you are going to massacre the whole town. 
Denim: !! 
Leonard: This contingency was to be expected. It is Duke Ronway's order.  
Denim: Why? We can't kill our own people! Damn it! Give me a reason!! 
Leonard: This is what the Duke told me... 
(Fades to a flashback...) 
Ronway: If the people in Baramus revolt, then there will be no problem. But I know these people. They will not sacrifice their lives even with the Liberation Army's support. If they do not join the Liberation Army, you will disguise yourselves as soldiers of Gargastan and kill everyone.  
Leonard: (stands up) What did you say!? Are you ordering me to murder  my own people!?  
Ronway: Calm down, Leonard. Think. You are intelligent enough to understand the plan. Look. To defeat Gargastan, the people of Walsta must become more unified than it has ever been. When the news of Gargastan destroying Baramus spreads, people in other districts will join us.  
Leonard: But that is too... 
Ronway: And of course, the Anti-government forces will see this as a means to rally and support us against Gargastan. Barbatos will be forced to divide his army to fight against the anti-government forces and Walsta! Thus we will increase our chances of winning and kill Barbatos.  
Leonard: But I don't think Denim will go for this... 
Ronway: (looks away and back) When that happens, you know what to do...