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The Deidra Report   


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        Chapter 3   
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        Chapter 2   
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      Hell Gate 


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Chaos Route
(Chapter 3)

So at this point Denim thinks Leonard's way of thinking is really messed up and decides to live for his own ideals instead of someone else's. This Chapter continues with Denim continually "fighting to end the war" and for what he believes is right. 

Vice meets with the Dark Knights of Lodis  
Denim is hunted down AGAIN in Ashton City  
Denim goes after Zaebos in Coritani Castle  
Kachua leaves Denim and returns to Griate City  
Vice meets with Branta  
Denim pursues Zaebos in Coritani Castle  
Denim meets Haborym  
Duke Ronway and Vice discuss the Dark Knights of Lodis  
Denim fights Leonard at Coritani Castle  
Denim and his army crosses the Wyoburi Mountains  
Kachua learns of her true identity  
Vice betrays Duke Ronway and the Dark Knights  
Amorika Castle surrenders to Denim  
Oz and Ozma raid Fort Bodo  
Denim finds Kachua in Fiduc Castle  
Vice's execution 

This is the scene where Vice comes in and tries to get sweet with the Dark Knights of Lodis. The whole scene hints that the Duke Ronway is up to something... 

Fiduc Castle 

Balzepho: Barbas, is it true that you acted without permission!? I don't care what your intentions were, it is strictly forbidden to act without our leaders order!  Morevover, you had ignored the order to retreat several times, and you never showed up until now!  
Martym: Balzepho is right. How could you be so stupid! Why don't you try using your brain for a change?  
Balzepho: Silence! I didn't give you permission to speak!  
Barbas: ...I had no choice. It was the Cardinal's wish. 
Balzepho: Oh, what a load of shit! That is a lie! You know full well that the Cardinal is not our lord! You heard that the Knights from Zenobia were in Rime. You just wanted to fight them, right!?  
Barbas: ... 
Lans: Okay, thats enough Balzepho! What's done is done.  
Balzepho: Welcome back... Ah, Ozma and Oz, you're here, too.  
Lans: What is the status of Walsta?  
Balzepho: There is a messenger from Duke Ronway.  
Lans: Let him in. 
Oz: Send in the messenger of the Liberation Army. 
(Vice comes in) 
Vice: Look at that... The Dark Knights of dog-piss are welcoming me.  
Balzepho: Watch your tongue, boy! 
Vice: Please, calm down. It's awfully bad for your blood pressure. Besides, I'm the one who should be mad. You guys broke our promise!  
Lans: ...Hmm. So Duke Ronway's mad? What do you want us to do, then?  
Vice: Paint my house? Wash my horse? Massage my smelly feet? Naa... Actually, I just need to know what your true intentions are.  
Lans: What would you do if we were to attack... say Amorika?  
Vice: We'll get into an even uglier situation...duh! More innocent blood will be shed. And since you guys are the initiatiors, all of Valeria and Zenobia will point the finger at you and laugh.  
Balzepho: That's it, boy! Your insolence will not be tolerated!!  
Lans: We have maintained our neutral position and will remain as such for as long as it takes to resolve this.  
Vice: I heard one of the Dark Knights participated in the front line in Rime. Is that true?  
Lans: There will always be one who will be too overzealous. I was not responsible for his actions.  
Vice: Prove it.  
Lans: Proof? What kind of proof do you want?  
Vice: I have a plan...  
(fades out) 


Looks like at this point, Denim and Kachua aren't exactly getting along. I think this happens in all routes, except a little differently. 

Ashton City 

Denim: I am not helping Duke Ronway, Kachua.  
Kachua: What!? What did you say? How can you stand there and look me in the eye and say that you are not helping him out!? 
Canopus: Don't you two ever stop arguing!? Ever since I met you two, you guys have been in each other's faces... 
Canopus: Jeez (sweatdrop) What did I say? Stop looking at me like that, Kachua!  
Kachua: What's wrong with you? You're acting like a baby!  
Denim: Excuse me? You're the one always whining, Kachua.  ...I was only thinking about Walsta. I just realized that I have been misled. The Walstanian and Gargastan War is merely a struggle for power between the Cardinal and Duke Ronway. We are not the only ones who are suffering. Whoever doesn't have any power are suffering also. There are so many of our people that are suffering, Kachua. I need to fight for them! But you always tell me to run away. How can you be so selfish?  
Kachua: You are the selfish one. You never think about me. (walks out) 
Denim: Kachua... 
Canopus: Leave her alone. You would have to smack her around with a club to persuade her.  
Bounty Hunter (from outside): Denim! Where are you hiding?  
Canopus: Wow! You're so popular, everyone wants you, Denim. I'm just joking (sweatdrop). Man, can't anyone take a joke nowadays?(sweatdrop) 
(Denim runs outside) 
Canopus: Hey, wait. 
(runs outside too) 


This is where you go after Zaebos and take over Coritani Castle 

Coritani Castle 


Zildor: (talking to a soldier) I never thought the Liberation Army could mobilize this fast!  Is Didario back yet? Tell Zaebos to send us some soldiers... 
(Soldier leaves to give message to Zaebos) 
Zildor: I will avenge my lord's death! Kill them!  
(Battle begins and ends) 
Zildor: Barbatos... Forgive me... (dies) 

Inside Coritani 

Zaebos: You are Denim of Griate! You killed Zildor! I thought the Liberation Army was after you. Or is this just a plot to deceive me, like Baramus? 
Denim: I am not a member of the Liberation Army! Don't put me in the same boat as Ronway or Branta. They are using this ethnic war to fulfill their desires!  
Zaebos: Are you trying to tell me that you are fighting for the people!? What a hypocrite! How many people have you killed after giving your speech about fighting for the people?  
Denim: You're the kind of person who make the people suffer!!  
(Battle begins and ends) 
Zaebos: ...Stupid kid! Damn you! You may have Coritani Castle for now! But you are going to pay for this! (uses an escape) 
Denim: Wait! Zaebos!  

The aftermath of battle at Coritani Castle 

Denim: ...Are you sure Zaebos escaped to Brigantes Castle?  
Captive: Yes, I'm positive.  
Denim: I thought Brigantes Castle has been abandoned ever since it lost it's lord in the war... 
Captive: No, when we attacked Coritani Castle, there were other troops that took over the castle...  ...The purpose of us taking over Coritani Castle was to lure the Liberation Army out of hiding. Coritani Castle was bait to get you guys. Once we trapped you, the main troops in Brigantes were supposed to attack you. But everything went wrong ever since you arrived... 
Denim: Why are you telling me all of this information?  
Captive: I'm nothing like Zaebos, I'm allergic to pain. So please don't kill me... Besides...  
Denim: Besides, what...? 
Captive: There are a lot of refugees in Brigantes Castle. To be precise, they are the people who were afraid the Cardinal would have them executed. Zaebos is planning to execute them as a warning.  
Denim: What!? That's insane... 
(Dneim looks down) 
Captive: You see, I have a weak stomach and I just can't stand the thought of people dying...  
(Denim looks up) 
Denim: Thanks for the info. I will go to Brigantes Castle.  
Captive: Gee, you're swell... 
Denim: ...  
(Captive walks towards other captives) 
Captive: I never thought I'd meet a guy like you. I wish I had met you sooner... 
(Captive leaves) 


This part still happens in Coritani Castle, but I thought I'd list it separately since it's such a long and important part. I still don't get how some of the ways I answer questions affects anything, except for what they say next, and obvious situations like the one at Baramus. Still, it's a moving scene. 

Denim: Kachua! Wait, Kachua!  
(Denim catches up to Kachua leaving) 
Kachua: Did you call me, Mr. Hero? 
Denim: ...Are you still mad at me?  
Kachua: ...I hope you have a good reason for calling me here, if not, then I'll be going... 
Denim: Are you positive you want to go back to Griate?  
Kachua: Yes, I am. From now on, you can fight your own battles. Do whatever you want!  
Denim: 1. Are you leaving? 
             2. You're selfish. 
( I chose 1...I hope it doesn't affect anything) 
Denim: Are you leaving me?  
Kachua: Me, leave you? You are the one that has left me!!  
Denim: Kachua... 
(Kachua looks down) 
Kachua: I just don't want to be alone.  
Denim: I thought we were going to avenge our father's death. That's what we've been fighting for.  
Kachua: I don't care anymore. He's not my father.  
Denim: What???? 
Kachua: He is not our biological father. We were adopted. We were abandoned by our parents. Denim: That's not true! That's impossible!  
Kachua: I overheard him talking once. Search your feelings, Denim. You know it to be true... We don't have any parents. You're the only family I have.  
Denim: Why? Why are you telling me this now!?  
Kachua: (turning away) Because you are leaving me.  
Denim: Leave you, Kachua? I will always be at your side!  
Kachua: Everything that I have ever known is a lie! You chose the war over me! You abandoned me for the sake of your ideals. Just forget that I ever existed!  
Denim: Kachua... 
Kachua: You're the only family I have left!  
(Kachua runs off) 
Denim: Kachua!  


This scene occurs after Denim and his army take over Coritani Castle. Branta is surprised that it's him and not the Liberation Army that took it. Vice makes an appearance and acts like his snooty self, at least here in the Chaos Route he does. 


Branta: Is that true?  
Bacrum Knight; Yes, the Amorika troops are not the ones who took over Coritani Castle. 
Branta: Then Ronway will be forced to send his troops to Coritani Castle. And most of those soldiers must come from Amorika. The leader will probably be the hero of Griate. The only knight who is capable of defeating him is Leonard.  
Bacrum Knight: This is true... 
Branta: Hmm... I see... Take the three strongest battalions from Heigm.  
Bacrum Knight: Yes, your highness. 
(Knight leaves and Volac walks forward to speak to Branta) 
Volac: Please, do not be hasty, your highness.  
Branta: ...  
Volac: I hope you remember the vow that you made to our lord?  
Branta: ... 
Volac: ...That you would not act in haste without the lord's permission. 
(Branta gets out of his throne) 
Branta: A vow? Your lord said that the Dark Knights would back me until I became king... That was the vow you made to me! And you have yet to complete that vow! You do not have any right to enforce any vow that I made to you!  
Volac: Calm down, your highness. There is a reason why we are not dealing with the troops from Amorika. Be patient.  
Branta: I don't care! Go now and give my order, messenger!  
Bacrum Knight: Yes, sir 
(Knight leaves off) 
Volac: Are you making us your enemy, your highness?  
(Branta returns to his throne and a soldier runs in) 
Soldier: Your highness, there is a messenger from the Amorika troops!  
Branta: What!?  
(Vice appears and pushes the soldier aside) 
Vice: Whew... I finally made it... You're the cardinal, right?  
Volac: Don't just stand there! Protect the Cardinal!  
(Dark Knights surround Vice) 
Vice: Hey, take it easy. You're going to kill me before I can spit out the message that I was ordered to give?  
(Branta gets off of  his throne again) 
Branta: You've got some nerve, kid... Now speak! 
(Dark Knights back off) 
Vice: I'm beginning to like this guy... I brought you some real good news.  
Volac: I thought you were a messenger of  the Amorika troops. Who are you?  
Vice: Oh, I'm part of the Liberation Army, alright. Wait a sec, Cardinal... Can you get rid of this old fart? I'm not talking with this guy in here.  
Branta: (laughs) You're pretty funny, kid. I like that. (Turns to Volac) Well, gramps... You heard the man! Make like a tree and get out of here!  
(Volac nods and leaves) 
Branta: Now, go ahead. 
Vice: Well...  
(Picture fades out...) 


Running after the ever elusive Zaebos. This time, it's because he plans to kill his own people who were against the Cardinal. 

Brigantes Castle  


(I chose west side. On the south side you encounter Didario and west, Orgeu.) 
Orgeu: Aren't you Denim!? You were the one who killed Zildor! I don't care about the Cardinal, but you will pay for Zildor's death!  
(Battle begins)  
(Canopus turn comes first) 
Canopus: We have to defeat him before this storm turns into a blizzard. 
(Battle ends) 
Orgeu: Sorry... Zildor... I could not... avenge 

Inside Brigantes Castle 

Zaebos: What took you so long, Denim? I've been waiting for you. I finally understand why the Liberation Army is after you. You could never stain your hands with the blood of innocents... You just let other people do your dirty work and all you do is talk about peace and justice... People will eventually start to support you. Just because you are not "dirty" like Ronway. But that will not last long. People will soon find out the truth about you.  
(Battle begins and ends) 
Zaebos: The traitors are in the castle... they are looking for their savior. They're not the only ones though... The people of Valeria are also looking for their savior... Can you be their savior? You hypocrite? Only time will tell. (dies) 
Denim: ... 


Gargastan Old man: Thank you. You saved our lives. I thank you on behalf of our people. You are from Walsta, are you not? Why did you bother saving us, when you know full well that we are Gargastans? Esepcially, since I heard you were one of the members who participated in the Baramus massacre?  
Denim: I don't expect you to believe this, but I am innocent. Yes, I was there when the massacre took place. But when I found out the true purpose of our plan... ...I decided to leave the Liberation Army. Then they made it seem that I was responsible for the massacre.  
Gargastan old man: Hmm...  
Denim: I finally realized who the real enemy is... You see, there wasn't any ethnic war between Walsta and Gargastan. The people in power have perpetuated the hatred between our people. The Cardinal and the Duke have been using us. The true enemy is not the Gargastan, but the people who are controlling them.  
Gargastan Old man: But you are the leader of an organization. You too have power and authority... There may come a time when you may have to sacrifice your own beliefs just to achieve your goal. When you come face to face with that situation, what will you do?  
Denim: I would rather die than travel down the same path as the Duke and the Cardinal.  
Gargastan Old man: ...You are young. Your words are coming from your youth. But, I believe in you.  
Denim: Thank you.  
Gargastan Youth: Denim! Coritani Castle has fallen to the Liberation Army! 
Denim: (looks down) I see... Finally the Liberation Army has made their move. I never thought I would have to fight the Liberation Army, but things have changed. I will fight them to the very end. I will kill the Duke finally and bring peace to Valeria! 


This is where you first meet Haborym. It isn't really necessary to get him, but if you do, be prepared to protect him with everything you've got because he dies really easy (swordsmasters suck). He's nice to have if you want to know a little about his history later. 


A voice: There he is, get him! 
(A man runs and kills some people) 
Man: ...huh?  
(Backs away as more men come) 
Man: They're already here!?  
Denim: Hey! That guy is being chased by the Liberation Army!  
Mordiart: Look, there's Denim of Griate! I never thought I'd bump into Denim! This will be the perfect place for your grave! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Mordiart: You... you... traitor... (dies) 
Man: Thank you for saving me. who are you?  
Denim: I am Denim Powell, the leader of Sanctus (the name I chose for my group) 
Man: Ah, so you are the young hero of Griate. My name is Haborym Va... Haborym Vandam.  
Denim: What are you doing here?  
Haborym: I heard that you are fighting against the Dark Knights. I would like to join you. 
Denim: You hate the Dark Knights? I have my reasons. For example, they took away my sight.  
Denim: ... 
Haborym: I can't see but my skills with a sword are second to none. Will you let me join your troops? If I become a burden, you can abandon me. 
Denim: 1. I welcome you. 
             2. Sorry... 
(Dammit! I chose 1! Besides, Mieu, has a thing for blind fighters...and priests for that matter. Hey hey! OW!) 
Denim: I welcome you. 
Haborym: Thank you.  


This is another Vice part where he acts as his usual arrogant and stupid self. It's funny, though, and it gives insight into what the Duke has planned. Vice really is different here in the Chaos route compared to the Law route. He's a total good guy in the other route...yeesh, what a difference there is between the "good" Vice and the "bad" Vice. 

Meanwhile back in Amorika Castle... 

Ronway: I see... So, Lans (Lans Tartare) has agreed to our meeting... 
Vice: Yes. The place will be at an old church in Rime. We can specify the date and time. ...He has also agreed that both of us will only take 3 guards.  
Ronway: Good job, Vice. You have served your lord well.  
Vice: Now, we don't have to worry about the Dark Knights and can now concentrate on the battle against Bacrum. 
Knight: Duke Ronway, can we really trust them?  
Vice: What did you say? You pathetic piece of shi...! Are you saying that our plan won't work? 
Ronway: Stop it, both of you! I understand everyone's concern. But I think we can trust them. All the Dark Knights want is our complete obedience. It doesn't matter if the tamed dog is Bacrum or Walsta. The strength of Gargastan's Army is not what it used to be. Therefore, Bacrum knows that they can't win. Their only choice would be to ally with us.  
Vice: The Duke is right.  
Ronway: ...We shall wait until we kill Branta. Once we have achieved the power to rule over Valeria, it will be easy to get rid of the Dark Knights... 
Vice: ... 
Ronway: Vice... I understand that you just got back, but you will bring another message to Lans. The date and time will be... 


This is the part where you encounter Leonard for the last and final time. This is another of my favorite scenes because it shows how commited Leonard is once he makes a decision...even if it's a totally STUPID decision. Still, you have to admire him for his consistency... 

Coritani Castle  


Irvine: Shameless traitor! Do you forget what the Duke has done for you. Men like you, can never be a part of the revolution! I will kill you with the sword the Duke bestowed upon me! This will be the day you die!  
(Battle begins and ends) 
Irvine: Viva la Revolucion! ...ungh! (dies) 

Inside Coritani Castle 

Denim: I never thought you would be here!!  
Leonard: ...Long time no see Denim. Are you still keeping your hope alive? Why don't you give it up and come back to the Liberation Army? By defeating the Dark Knight Zaebos, nobody would oppose you... 
Denim: My purpose was not to fight Zaebos... You know who is responsible for all this death and destruction! I have no intention of joining the Liberation Army again. You shouldn't be with them either!  
Leonard: There is a gap between  ideals and the reality of war. Someone has to fill in that gap. 
Denim: Is that what you really want!? Are you satisfied with that!?  
Leonard: It's too late for me friend, it is my destiny. The moment I met you, I was doomed to follow this path. If you are seeking the light, then I shall bury myself in the darkness and stain my hands with blood. Draw your sword! Prepare to know the true meaning of war!  
Denim: 1. So be it... 
             2. No! 
( I chose 2 this time hoping for a different response from the hint books..we'll see...) 
Denim: It's not our war! Killing each other won't resolve anything.  
Leonard: ...hmmm. 
(Whistles and calls in others...) 
Leonard: Denim, are you ready!? 
(Battle begins and ends) 
(Leonard kneels down) 
Leonard: ...You have become strong, Denim... Listen... the Duke and the Dark Knights are... about to sign a secret treaty...  
Denim: What!?  
Leonard: The Duke he's... selling his... soul to... them... After he defeats Bacrum, he has no intention of getting rid of them... it was never... his intention... You were right, Denim... Tell your sister you were right... The Duke is...  
Denim: Please, don't talk!  
Leonard: ...Go to Rime, Denim. Stop... the Duke... ...You will...lead the new ..wor..ld...ungh! (dies) 


This is the part where Denim decides to go through the Wyoburi Mountains (I think they meant "Weobley" . I got this piece of information from Henry Chan's Tactic's Ogre FAQ). I didn't have to include this part but I thought, "Why not? I've spent the whole night so far writing up most of the Chaos Route for Chapter 3, why not add another?" I'm masochistic, plus I thought it was funny that Denim was berating and calling himself stupid. ^_^ You also encounter that smelly beast tamer, Ganb, from Chapter 1. He's as annoying as ever with some new pets. 

Coritani Castle 

Denim: I have to avoid passing Amorika to get to Rime.  
Old man: Why don't you take a ship from Ashton, then?  
Denim: No. I heard the Duke blockaded  the shipping lanes to stop the guerillas.  
Old man: I see. Besides, taking a ship would not be the most subtle way to get there anyway... Then I guess we only have one choice.  
Denim: What!? You gotta be kidding! 
Old man: Nope, crossing the Barnum Mountains that borders Rime and Coritani is the only...  
Denim: Cross the Barnum Mountains!? I never heard of any trail through those mountains! 
Old man: Actually, neither have I. Besides, its our best chance of sneaking into Rime.  
(Denim looks down) 
Denim: The soldiers in Rime won't be expecting us to come in from that route. They don't think anyone is that stupid!! I guess that makes me ...stupid!  

Wyoburi Mountains 

Ganb: Hey, haven't we met before!? Well, what do you know! I never thought I would bump into you again. Berda and Obda, come!  
(Both of his pets come) 
Ganb: And this time, I have some new friends! Let me introduce you to them! Banga! and Zanga! Come out! 
(He calls them and both come out) 
Ganb: I may be a shitty bounty hunter, but I will fight for the Cardinal until I die. This is my chance to avenge the Cardinal's death!  
(When Obda the gryphon dies) 
Ganb: Obda! Nooo! What have you done!? You can't die! (heals 50 hp) 
(When Zanga the cockatrice dies) 
Ganb: Zanga! Your death will not be in vain! (heals 50 hp) 
(When Banga the gryphon dies) 
Ganb: Banga! Forgive me! I will avenge you! (heals 50 hp) 
(When Belda the gryphon dies) 
Ganb: Belda! My friend! (heals 50 hp) 
(When get Ganb to 20 or below in hp, the battle ends) 
Ganb: Damn it! Retreat! Just wait... Next time, I will get you! (uses an escape to leave) 


This one is where Kachua learns of her true identity for the first time. It's the same scene in all routes but I thought I'd be consistent by putting everything in chronological order, including scenes that appear in other routes. 

Griate City 

Kachua: Denim. You are the only family I have left... (looks down) 
A Voice: That's not true. You are a complete loner. 
Kachua: Who is that!? (Lans Tartare walks out) Lans Tartare! Why are you here!? 
Lans: Your mother died after giving birth to you. And your father died several months before the war erupted. You have no brother or parents. You're the only one left in your family. 
Kachua: What are you talking about!? I have a brother. Denim!  
Lans: You already know that you are not the real child of Plancy Powell. You just assumed that the same goes for your brother. But you are mistaken. Plancy is your adopted father, but he is Denim's real father.  
(Lightning flashes in the background) 
Kachua: Then who am I? 
Lans: Your real name is Bersalia. Bersalia Overis. 
(Lightning flashes again) 
Kachua: Bersalia Overis? No, that's not true.  
Lans: You know it to be true... You know the Valeria king's family name was Overis. You're the daughter of the late King Dolgare! 
(MORE lightning flashes with thunder!) 
Lans: However, you are not the child of Queen Bernata. The wife of King Dolgare. There was a maid that worked for the Queen. Her name was Manafloa. Well, King Dolgare lusted after her. When the Queen conceived the prince, Manafloa conceived you. The Queen wanted to protect her family line and exiled Manafloa. Your mother gave birth to you and died.  
(Kachua looks down and sulks) 
Kachua: This is a lie.  
Lans: ...and guess who took care of you? It was Branta, the king of Bacrum. He gave you to his brother Plancy. He took advantage of the situation. The reason why Branta was able to become Cardinal was because of the fact he had you. 
Kachua: No, you are making this up!  
Lans: I can prove my story is true. Take a look at  your necklace. (Kachua does) Aren't there ancient words chiseled in? Since you studied to become a priestess, read it.  
Kachua: ... 
Lans: Labon Bersalia Zan Von Destonia Lera Finan Eternal love to my daughter Bersaria. That was the necklace King Dolgare gave you. 
Lans: Although, the King wasn't sure that you were alive. You and your mother were supposedly killed by the Queen.  
(Kachua looks down) 
Kachua: What do you want with me?  
(Volac and Andoras appear) 
Lans: I want you to come with me to Heigm. Plancy can tell you all of the details. 
Lans: Princess Kachua. This way please. 
(Kachua walks towards Lans) 


Here's Vice going at being his stupidest again. I don't know who's worse, Duke Ronway, or Vice. I think all in all, Vice would take the Retard Award. Throughout this whole scene, I have to admire his ability to mess things up and then make them worse. He's no Leonard, that's for sure, but I guess every stupid leader needs an equally STUPID sidekick.  


(Town looks peaceful...) 
Denim: (aside) (...Well, I finally made it to Rime. But where the hell is the Duke?) 
Familiar voice: Come on, hurry up! 
(Denim hides behind some bushes) 
Denim: Hmm... Did they notice me?  
(Vice commands some knights to run across) 
Denim: Vice? What is he doing with a Bacrum soldier? I wonder...!? 

Fades to another scene... 

Lans: Under who's authority are you working for?  
Ronway: Yours, of course!! What are you talking about! Lans, you have betrayed us! 
Lans: This is ridiculous! I haven't betrayed anybody!! 
(Vice walks in) 
Ronway: Vice, you came to help me! 
Vice: Duke, come this way!! 
(Ronway walks towards Vice and Vice stabs him) 
Ronway: V... Vice... you betrayed me...? You... scum... 
(Duke Ronway dies) 
Vice: How pathetic, Duke Ronway. You're next, Lans! This will be the last breath you breathe! 
Lans: Too much ambition will kill you, lad.  
Vice: Shut up, just shut up! Don't you understand the situation you're in, stupid!? Go ahead, kill him! 
(Knights try to move in and kill him then a commotion is heard) 
Vice: Wha, what the hell!?  

Fades to another scene outside in Rime... 

Oz: What's going on here!? Clear the way, get out! 
Highlam: Behave yourself, foreigner. 
Ozma: Who sent you? Branta? 
Highlam: It is very natural for dogs to bark for no reason... 
Oz: Dog!? Who are you calling a dog!?  
(A commotion is heard) 
Bacrum Knight: What!? Where did they come from!? 
(All men look towards Denim and his) 
Denim: I guess there's some treachery going on within the Bacrum Army. 
Bacrum Knight: (Calls to Oz and Ozma) Wait! 
Highlam: Leave it! Let's take care of this business first! 
Denim: Don't bother with the soldiers! Attack the leader! 
(Battle begins and ends with the killing of Highlam first) 
Highlam: You little scums... (dies) 
Denim: Go find the Duke and Lans!  

Afterwards in the same underground place surrounded by dead knights and Vice bending down in supplication... 

Vice: Help me! I'll do anything! Spare my life!  
Oz: What should we do with this kid? 
Vice: Please... Branta forced me to do this! I didn't intend to rebel against you. Please!  
Lans: Don't you have any pride as a warrior?  
Vice: Hee, hee, hee... I said I'll do anything... 
Lans: ...Shut up! 
Vice: I must have been possessed by evil spirits! Yeah, that's it! I don't have a grudge against you!  
Lans: I said shut up!  
Vice: ...Ok. 
(Lans walks forward) 
Lans: I shall spare your life.  
Vice: Really!?  
Lans: But don't you dare show your face to me again!  
(Vice walks forward) 
Vice: Thank you. Thank you!! 
Lans: Get out of here, now!! 
(Vice backs off and leaves QUICKLY) 
Lans: Oz, Ozma... You have done well.  
(Ozma walks to stand next to Oz) 
Ozma: A messenger from Fiduc came by... (Lans turns to face Ozma) He said Plancy was kidnapped from the city of Heigm and taken somewhere.  
Lans: What!? Any suspects?  
Ozma: It was probably a member of the Valeria Liberation Front... 
(Lans turns away) 
Lans: We don't need Plancy anymore anyway, we have already found the princess. But still, we can't allow this information to get out. Very well, I will leave this matter to you two. Kill the kidnapper and Plancy as well... 
Ozma: Yes sir, I will complete my mission for the honor of the Gracious family! 
Oz: What about Branta?  
Lans: He'll pay for this treachery... (turns to Ozma and Oz again) We just need to be a little more patient. All we need to do is find one more thing... 
(Scene fades away) 


This is where the soldiers of Amorika Castle surrender to Denim. Leaderless, and without any advisors, they give in easily to Denim. As usual,Denim plays hero and offers them to fight for his cause. 

Amorika Castle 

(A Wizard, Valykrie, and Knight are seated opposite of Denim) 
Knight: We surrender!  
Wizard: The soldiers who do not want to surrender have already left the castle.  
Soldier: (A Valykrie) Use us as you wish... (Uhhh... ^_^;) 
Knight: Sir Leonard told us to surrender if this were to happen.  
Wizard: Please accept us so that we can ease the souls of our dead comrades.  
(Denim stands up, walks to window and looks out it) 
Denim: ...When I was forced to run-away... I said to the people... Branta of Bacrum, Barbatos of Gargastan, and Ronway of Walsta... These are the people who initiated the war in Valeria to fulfill their selfish desires. They wanted to be king! They torture innocent people to fulfill their evil ambition... I will not follow in these men's footsteps... I promised that if I were going to end up being like them, I would rather kill myself. Will you follow me!? Do you have enough guts to pursue your ideals?  
Soldier: All the soldiers who remained in the castle, already had doubts toward the Duke's policies. We may have different ideals and philosophies, but I know that we share the hope for peace between our people.  
Knight: Please lead us!  
Denim: I will! From now on we will fight together!  

Later in Amorika Castle... 

(Mildain and Guildus are seen sitting in a corner with Warren in bed. Canopus walks in followed by Denim) 
Mildain: Canopus!  
(Denim walks forward) 
Mildain: You are alive!  
Denim: I'm glad to know that you are safe also.  
Canopus: How's Warren?  
Mildain: (turning to Warren) He's unconcious now, but his wounds are not fatal.  
Canopus: Great!! ...What about Lans? He's not back yet?  
Guildus: No. We haven't seen each other since the night of the Bacrum attack. We were imprisoned in a concentration camp in Rime and you guys saved us. Thank you. By the way what is your next plan? Are you still planning to attack Fiduc Castle?  
Denim: Yes, I am... It seems like Branta and the Dark Knights are not getting along... ...this would be our chance to take Fiduc Castle... 
Guildus: Then we would like to join you. We must pay them back for what they did in Rime. You don't mind, right Denim?  
(Mildain looks towards Guildus as Denim nods) 
Mildain: I am glad to hear that. Let's move!! 
(Both Mildain and Guildus leave with Denim and Canopus) 


This is where the hideout of the Valerian Liberation Front is raided and Plancy Powell, Denim's father, is taken away. This scene happens in a totally different way if you never knew Sisteena or Selye. Thinking about it gives me nightmares, in that other scene, Selye isn't  treated half as decently as she is here is all I could say. ^_^; 

Fort Bodo 

(Dark Knights are seen around the is escorting Plancy Powell somewhere. Ozma looks on and then turns to face Oz who is being followed by a Dark Knight) 
Ozma: I guess our business here is done. Oz, let's go back home...  
Oz: Where's the priest?  
Ozma: We just took him away. He's so docile and easy to deal with...  
Oz: I didn't think he was in that bad of a shape...  
Ozma: Let's not waste anymore time. We have to go.  
(Ozma then Oz turns to leave but Oz turns to his Dark Knights and says a few things) 
Oz: Listen up, guys! This will be our last task here. We have to erase any evidence of us being here. (turns to another) Set the fortress on fire and double check that all of the guerillas are dead!  
(A commotion is heard and a Dark Knight notices) 
Dark Knight: Son of a...!! 
(All turn to see Denim and his men) 
Denim: A Dark Knight!?  
Oz: Now what!? The Liberation Army? I want overtime for this!  
(Battle begins and ends) 
Oz: Shit... (uses an escape) 

Afterwards in Fort Bodo... 

(Denim walks in and looks around to see dead bodies of warriors strewn everywhere. Sisteena is the next to walk in) 
Sisteena: How horrible... 
(Selye walks in) 
Sisteena: Selye! Selye!  
Selye: I am fine... How are my comrades?  
(Sisteena looks down) 
Denim: Why did they come here?  
Selye: Because I rescued the priest from Heigm Castle... 
Denim: A priest?  
Selye: It's your father, Plancy Powell. 
Denim: My father is alive? Where is he?  
(Selye looks down) 
Selye: I don't know.. If you don't see his body around then they must have taken him.  
Sisteena: I wonder? Why were the Roslolians so desperate to get him back?  
Selye: The purpose of the Dark Knights is not to rule over Valeria... They are looking for a person named Manafloa. Only your father knows of her whereabouts... 
Denim: My father!?  
Selye: It seems like they finally found Manafloa... 
Denim: Why do you say that? 
(Selye turns) 
Selye: Because... 
Sisteena: They may come back again. We should get out of here. 
Denim: I agree... Come with us, Selye.  
Selye: But... 
Denim: We are not who we were before, Selye. We have changed... We have no intention of using cunning tricks and inhumane tactics... We share the same philosophy as the Valeria Liberation Front, right? I need your help. I want you to help us finish this war.  
(Selye turns to Denim) 
Selye: I can't give up now ...I must fight for my dead comrades... I trust you. I will fight with you! 
Denim: I'm glad to heard that. Now, let's go. 


This is the last battle before moving on to Chapter Four. Essentially, all the same things are said here as in the other routes, but with some slight differences. Here, you fight both Ozma and Oz together. You also meet your sister, now known as Queen Bersalia, here in Fiduc Castle. 

Fiduc Castle 


(I chose the west side) 
Mercury: Fools!! They are attacking from the front. Stupid bastards! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Mercury: What are the Dark Knights of Roslolian doing...? Have they... forsaken... us...? (dies) 


Ozma: They have broken through the front! It's over... Fiduc Castle has fallen! 
Balzepho: What a mess! I can't believe I allowed this to happen!  
Ozma: Leave the rest to us, sir. Please leave the castle immediately, Sir Balzepho! 
Balzepho: I can't run away like this! I am a Dark Knight... 
Ozma: We don't have enough soldiers to protect our lord! It looks bad...! We have to protect our lord!! 
Balzepho: You're right. I cannot leave our lord alone... ...and that girl, too! Forgive me, Ozma! I pray for your victory! 
Ozma: Trust me... 
Balzepho: Do not die. 
Ozma: (turns to Balzepho) You, too. 
(Ozma leaves) 
Inside Fiduc Castle 

Denim: Nobody's here. What...? 
(Kachua walks in) 
Denim: Kachua! Why are you here!?  
Kachua: You came to save me, Denim? Thanks...  
(She slashes him with her knife) 
Denim: What are you doing!? Kachua!  
Familiar voice: ...Here you are, Kachua... 
Denim: Y-you are...!!! 
(Kachua walks away) 
Lans: This place is dangerous. Shall we go... 
(Kachua walks with Ozma towards Lans) 
Ozma: Oh, you're here! Sir, let's get out of the castle.  
Lans: You are alive, Ozma.  
Ozma: Sir Balzepho is waiting for you outside.  
Lans: I understand... You should also get out of the castle with the remaining soldiers. 
Denim: Kachua!  
Ozma: (looks towards Lans) I will take care of this. Please get out of the castle with the princess!  
Lans: Don't push yourself too hard. Let's go!  
(Kachua leaves with Lans) 
Ozma: Your handy work in Rime was quite impressive... Let me pay you back, little boy. 
(Whistles to summon her men) 
A Voice: Come on, fight me!  
(Oz appears) 
Oz: You are strong, but this will be the end of you! 
(Battle begins) 
(If you kill Oz first...) 
Ozma: Oz!? 
Oz: Ozma... help... me... (dies) 
Ozma: Y-you bastard! How dare you kill my brother!! 
(Battle ends when Ozma is finally killed) 
Ozma: ...Glory to Lodis... (dies) 
Denim: Kachua, why...? 


This scene was painful to watch. I kept comparing the way Vice is in the Law route to here and I kept thinking to myself, "Vice doesn't deserve this kind of treatment, he wasn't supposed to become this way or end up dying this way." To this day, I'm still convinced that the true Vice is the Vice that appears in the Law route. I think he's got a more noble heart than how he's portrayed here in the Chaos route. 

Heigm Castle 

Outside on a courtyard... 

(Vice is surrounded by others) 
Priest: ...Your sins will be washed away by your death and your soul will soon be puriified.  
(Vice struggles with a ghastly look on his face) 
Vice: Stop! Don't kill me!  
Priest: Pray and kneel down before the Gods.  
(Vice struggles and screams) 
Vice: Why do I have to be executed!  
(Vice struggles more) 
Priest: Holy Father of Filaha, please forgive him for his sins.  
(Beast Tamers push Vice towards the gallows) 
Vice: Please, stop!! Call the Cardinal! I was just... I was just following his orders... I don't want to die!! Please, I beg of you!! Stop! Denim! Help me! 
(Vice is lead to the gallows as he screams and is hung) 

Heigm Castle later...shows shots of the castle with a scene of Lans Hamilton in a dungeon. 

(Denim's thoughts: Two days later I heard Vice was executed...) 

Next Chapter: Chapter 4, Hand in Hand