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Now people must be wondering why I decided to start a Brigandine page. Well, just like my Tactics Ogre Page, I felt the urge to spew about some of thethings going on in the game. I was really reluctant to keep the game at first, but I'd bought it and couldn't return it, so I thought, "What the heck?". I've heard people say it's not a great game, but I disagree. I love the stories that some of the countries have, especially Caerleon. It's the only one I've played so far, but that's bound to change. Again, like Tactics Ogre, this is a game that's not given a fair chance unless played all the way through. I tend to be attached to the characters and story rather than the game play. 

Again, a side note. This page is dedicated to spewing and ranting about the happenings of the characters in Brigandine. In no way am I a walking FAQ file full of information on how to kill certain monsters. There's plenty of Brigandine FAQs out there for that and I'm not particularly great at game hints. I'll include some links to these FAQs in the links area of my page. I also intend to one day make a main page to tie everything together. It gets a bit cumbersome to have pages floating everywhere without order. This is the second page I'll be making. So far all I have is spoilers on Caerleon. Yeah, I have a nasty habit of recording things. :P

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