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I started out playing Iscalio first but switched to playing Caerleon after witnessing Bagdamegus talking to Cai. I loved Cai's calm demeanor and how he handeled the threats being thrown at him. From that point I dumped all my Iscalio save games and played Caerleon instead. Caerleon's story is what I have to call the Soap Opera Love Story of Forsena. I know there's other sad love stories in the game too, but I find this one the most interesting. A little disturbing, but interesting nontheless. The ending was very ambiguous as well.
Game Events

Main Game Events:

The Beginning
Caerleon forms an alliance with New Almekia
Merriot and Cai talk about Cai's love life
Merriot meets her friend Millia
Merriot wonders about her brother's relationship to her
Merriot questions BeauArte about whether Cai is related to her
Merriot and Cai learn the truth about themselves
Dinadan speaks with Cai about Merriot
Cai speaks with Merriot about each other

Extra Game Events:

Millia finds Eloute
Millia and Eloute find Gush
Schulteis joins
Cierra and Merriot compete for Cai's attention
Bilcock introduces his new inventions
Bilcock and his Magic Knight

The Beginning

Merriot: Hey Cai, wake up! Wake up, Cai!!! WAKE UUUUPPPP!!!
Cai: it, Merriot? Itfscstill earlyc
Merriot: Cai, Mom used to say that the King should be the role model for the people. Youfre the last one to get up in this castle. Youfre the KING!
Cai: It was not my choice to become King.
Merriot: There you go again! Now is not the time to be joking! Do you know what has happened?
Cai: Did something happen in Almekia?
Merriot: Yes, but how did you know that it was in Almekia? We just heard the news a little while ago.
Cai: Ifll tell you about that later. Anyway, go get everyone. I need to talk to them.

Castle Linnuis, Meeting Room

BeauArte: So, you were expecting this to happen?
Cai: Yes. Almekia owes a lot to Zemekis for its success. But as the saying goes, gthe hunting dog with nothing left to hunt will hunt its master.h With no enemies left, Almekia only had one fearc Zemeckis himself. I was only a matter of tme before the King and Zemeckis got into a situation like this.
Dinadan: Youfre not called the gQuiet-Wise King of Caerleonh for nothing.
Merriot: I wonder how he manages to maintain that good reputation. It seems to me that he is always sleeping. He should be called gSleeping King of Caerleonh.
Cai: Give me a break, Merriot.
BeauArte: Well, what should we do next, your majesty?
Cai: Ifm sure Zemeckis will try to expand his Empire. He wonft e satisfied with just Almekia. He received his status and fame through fighting. He will try to prove that he is the King by fighting.
Dinadan: The path to total domination.
Cai: Exactly. In the meantime, I heard that Prince Lance of Almekia made it through and was taken in by Padstow. Padstow will fight for the restoration of Almekia.
BeauArte: King Coel of Padstow is loyal to the Almekia Royal Family.
Cai: Vaynard, who became the King of Norgard, will not miss this opportunity. He has been waiting for the right time to strike back and this is the perfect chance for him.
Dinadan: So, the war is going to involve the entire continent one way or anotherc
Cai: That is what Ifm saying.
BeauArte: Really? Is Caerleon going to be alright?
Merriot: Of course itfs going to be all right!We have great soldiers like Dinadan, a Knight Master, and my brother.
Dinadan: Well, as a Knight, how can I betray the expectations of a beautiful princess?
Merriot: Did he just call me a beautiful princess? Ifm delighted.
Cai: OK, Merriot. As you all know, we border both the Esgares Empire led by Zemeckis and Iscalio, led by King Dryst.They will be eager to invade our country and we should be prepared.
BeauArte: Your Majesty, we all agree with you. Letfs prepare for war!
Cai: Ifm afraid the war will go on until someone brings a new order to this continent.We must do our best to be that someone. (Zemeckis may be a strong fighter, but he lacks in strategy. It seems that there is someone else behind the rebellion. Someone who wants to bring chaos to this continent.)


Caerleon forms an alliance with New Almekia

BeauArte: Did you call me, your majesty?
Cai: Yes, BeauArte. Ifm thinking about going to New Almekia.I would like you and Dinadan to stay here and take care of things.
Dinadan: New Almekia? Are you going to confirm the alliance?
Cai: Yes, I am. Look after things here while Ifm gone.

New Almekia, Lancefs castle

Cai: Itfs good to see you again, Prince Lance. It has been a long time.
Merriot: It is very nice to meet you, Prince Lance. Ifm King Caifs sister, Merriot.
Lance: Itfs nice to see you again, King Cai. Itfs nice to meet you, Princess Merriot.
Cai: Prince Lance, you know very well that Caerleon has always been loyal to Almekia.And that has not changed even in this time of war. We are here to just let you know that.
Lance: Thank you so much, Wise King. I;m so glad to hear that.
Cai: Of course this war was ignited by Esgares, but the movement has spread throughout the land. Esgares is the main threat for the time being, but itfs a matter of time before Norgard from the north and Iscalio from the southwest would begin their invasion. You should be aware of what they would do.
Lance: Norgardcthatfs right. Esgares is not the only enemy we have. Thanks for your advice, wefll keep that in mind.
Cai: Prince Lance, it was really nice to meet you again.
Lance: You too. Thank you for ocming to see me.
Cai: Ifll fight the Empire in my own way. I wish you good luck.
Merriot: Prince Lance, please come and visit Caerleon when the war is over. We have great seafood and delicious fruits.
Lance: Thank you. Ifll look forward to it.
Cai: Wefd better get going. Again, good luck!
Merriot: Prince Lance, promise me youfll take care of yourself.
(Caerleon and New Almekia have formed an alliance)


Merriot and Cai talk about Cai's love life

Cai: Merriot, thatfs a lot of rags. What are you cleaning?
Merriot: Hi, Cai. What am I cleaning? Those are your dirty clothes. I gathered them from your room. They need to be washed.
Cai: Oh, youfre doing my laundry?
Merriot: I canft stand seeing dirty clothes lying around like that. Youfve got to be more tidy or else no one will marry you!
Cai: Oh, I wouldnft want that.
Merriot: Ifve made up my mind. Ifll live with you forever and take care of you. How can I leave you alone? You donft know how to take care of yourself!
Cai: Thatfs not a good ideac You should move out when you get married.
Merriot: Well, do I have a choice? You should be glad that a pretty sister like myself is offering to stay with you.
Cai: Wellc butc
BeauArte: Hmmmmmmc.
Dinadan: What are you doing behind the pillar, BeauArte?
BeauArte: Hello Knight Master. I was just watching King Cai and Princess Merriot. Theyfre very closec It is nice to see them get along.
Dinadan: Huh?
BeauArte: Well, Ifd better get goingc Hua, hua, huac
Dinadan: What was that about?


Merriot meets her friend Millia

Millia: Princess Merriot!
Merriot: Millia, youfre back!
Millia: Yes, Ifm back, Princess Merriot.
Merriot: I told you not to call me Princess! Just call me Merriot.
Millia: Thatfs right, Ifm sorry, Merriot. By the way, I heard about what Zemeckis did. Is it true that Almekia was overthrown?
Merriot: Yes, that is truecCai has been busy because of that. He hasnft spent any time with me lately.
Millia: I seec Is Caerleon affected by this in any way?
Merriot: Wefre in need of more soldiersc
Millia: Do you think I can help you in any way?
Merriot: What?! You!?
Millia: I didnft tell you this, but Ifm protected by the Magical Power of Rune. I kept it a secret because if I become a Rune Knight, then I would have to give up paintingc
Merriot: I didnft knowc Is it OK for you to become a Knight now?
Millia: I canft jus sit around while youfre fighting. I happen to know a few strong people who may be able to helpc
Merriot: Really!? Thatfs great! Welcome to the team, Millia!
Millia: Donft you have to talk to Cai about this first?
Merriot: He wonft say no to anything I want.
Millia: Youfre some sister, arenft you?
(Millia has joined)


Merriot wonders about her brother's relationship to her

Merriot: cc
Cai: Is there something on my face?
Merriot: Cai, you and I donft look alike, huh?
Cai: Hmmc Ifve never paid attention to that.
Merriot: We donft look alike, do we, Dinadan?
Dinadan: You two are the Caerleon versions of gBeauty and the Beasth. Actually, Itfs more like gBeauty and the Slothh.
Merriot: You certainly have good taste in women, Dinadan.
Dinadan: You think so..?
Cai: Hey, I donft have time for thisc
Merriot: I was trying to get you to take a break. Well, maybe I should go now. I think Ifll see what Bilcock is up to. Ifll see you later Cai, donft work too hard.
Dinadan: The princess is always full of energy.
Cai: She is, isnft she? Merriot brightens up everyonefs day. I wish we had a stronger army, so we wouldnft have to send her into battle.
Dinadan: Are you worried about her?
Cai: Yes, I am. We must put an end to this war as soon as possible.


Merriot questions BeauArte about whether Cai is related to her

Castle Linnuis Corridor

BeauArte: Princess Merriot, what are you doing in a place like this?
Merriot: Hi, BeauArte. I was just admiring the paintings.
BeauArte: These are the portraits of the ancestors of the Caerleon Royal Family.
Merriot: I know, but I found something that bothers me. See how there are two portraits of one person placed next to each other? One of them has babies in the arms of their mothers and the other painting has them when theyfre grown. I noticed that the baby picture of Cai is missingc
BeauArte: cAhc Ycyesc Thatfs truec
Merriot: My baby picture is herec Isnft that strange? c.. I was actually thinking of my brother.
BeauArte: About King Cai?
Merriot: Lately, I have not been able to stop thinking about him. Thinking about things like what hefs doing, where hefs at, why he does the things he doesc The weird thing is I donft know whyc
BeauArte: Princessc
Merriot: Donft get me wrong. I know how he isc He doesnft know how to take care of himselfc Maybe thatfs why Ifm constantly thinking about himc Oh, never mind what I just saidc
BeauArte: cAhc Princess Merriotc Therefs something I must tell you.
Merriot: Never mindc Itfs not your responsibility to counsel me.
BeauArte: No, noc There is somethingc
Merriot: Thank you, BeauArte. Youfre so kind. Well, Ifd better go. See you later.
BeauArte: cCould it be that Princess Merriot is in love with the King..? Should I tell her the truth now, orc Sirec Your daughter has grown up to be a beautiful ladyc


Merriot and Cai learn the truth about themselves

BeauArte: Your majesty... Princess... There is something I would like to tell you.
Merriot: Hi, BeauArte.
BeauArte: I have a confession to make. I have kept a secret from you two for all these years. I would like to beg your forgiveness.
Cai: Secret? What secret?
BearArte: This was the last will of the late King.
Dinadan: I'll wait outside.
BeauArte: No, please... I would like you to hear this as well... To make a long story short, King Cai and Princess Merriot are not really related. King Cai, you were adopted when you were a baby... Princess Merriot, you're the real descendent of the Royal Family.
Merriot: What did you say?!
BeauArte: The late King didn't have any luck having children... That's when he decided to adopt a child to maintain the Royal Family... He chose a child with great potential for magic... Who is now the King of Caerleon.
Cai: Then Merriot was born...
BeauArte: The late King loved you both very much. When I was alone with him on his deathbed, he tols me that it would be in the best interest of Caerleon that the two of you got married and maintained the Royal Family...
Merriot: Father...
Cai: Is that what Father said?
BeauArte: It was not really his wish. Now that King Cai has made Caerleon a very strong country and it will become even more stable if you two get married. I personally think that it would be best for all.
Dinadan: I knw you were up to something. There was always something strange about the way you were behaving around them. But don't you think that's a little too much for them? They have been brother and sister all their lives and now you are telling them to get married?
Cai: I... don't know how I should feel...
Merriot: I don't either...
BeauArte: Please forgive me, Princess Merriot.
Merriot: I feel like I'm going to faint... Is it all right if I go back to my room?
Cai: Dinadan, please take her to her room.
Merriot: No, It;s OK. I woudl rather be alone. Please excuse me...
Cai: ...Merriot.
Dinadan: I don't like this, BeauArte. They're not tools of the Royal Family.
BeauArte: I have thought about this and decided that it was time they knew the truth.


Dinadan speaks with Cai about Merriot

Cai: .....
Dinadan: You look distressed, your majesty.
Cai: Oh, Dinadan.
Dinadan: Have you made yo ypur mind about what to do?
Cai: If I had, I wouldn't be here being lost in my thoughts, right?
Dinadan: Certainly.
Cai: I'm not sure about a girl not being able to choose the way she wants to live her life because of her obligation to the country or to the family...
Dinadan: I see. You feel distressed because you think your sister is going to be forced to marry you. A man who used to be her brother. And you feel sorry for her, right?
Cai: Wouldn't you feel the same?
Dinadan: Not at all... I don't think she thinks of it that way. I know she really likes you.
Cai: Yesm as her brother.
Dinadan: Hmmm... Well, what about you? How do you feel about her?
Cai: What do you mean, Dinadan? She's my sister.
Dinadan: She used to be...
Cai: What do you want me to do about it? Anyway, I don't think she will be happy being with me. There's got to be someone else who is meant for her.
Dinadan: I guess you don't like her that much, huh?
Cai: That's not what I'm saying! I do like her... But I thought you were against this marriage...
Dinadan: I believe all women should be happy. I just want to see Merriot be happy.
Cai: What I must do as King is to end the war... That needs to be done in order for people to be happy. That is my responsibility...
Dinadan: How can you talk about the happiness of a country when you can't even make one person happy?
Cai: Come on... Please don't pick on me... Alright, I guess I should talk to Merriot.


Cai speaks with Merriot about each other

Cai: Hello Merriot.
Merriot: Cai...
Cai: Can we talk...?
Merriot: Sure...
Cai: It looks like BeauArte wants us to get married. However, I don't want you to sacrifice yourself for the country. I'm not attached to the throne. If someone else becomes King, that's fine by me. I'll be glad to help out. I just want my little sister to be happy. I want you to marry someone because you love him, not because you have to.
Merriot: But what about Father's will? Doesn't that mean anything to you? I don't mind doin as Father wished. I'm used to taking care of you anyway. And... I... I mean you don't seem to attract women. I would feel bad if my brother had to live the rest of his life single.
Cai: Remember, I'm the Wise King... I'll think of a way to get any girl I wish... Don't worry about me or the country. Father must have wished for your happiness the most... Well, I'm late for the meeting. I have to go...
Merriot: W... wait... I... Damn you!...