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(Last updated 7-4-99)

Note: Okay, I guess this is important for me to add to the beginning of my page. I've received E-mail from people asking me for hints and help with Tactics Ogre and the thing I have to say is, please do not ask. I am flattered that some people think I know enough about the game to complete all three routes, but in reality I don't. All the information I got was from Henry Chan's Tactics Ogre FAQ and his subguide. I'm lousy with things like game hints. I rely more on what other people have discovered. My job here with this Tactics Ogre page is just to type out what I can of what I've seen of the game. I'm hoping that people who do not even want to bother with playing the game could get a taste of it and at least see why this is one of my most favorite RPGs. Of course, it's also for those people who  don't mind spoilers and want to see parts of the game they missed. That's all. Nothing more. 

Well, that's my two cents about the page. I know I haven't been updating it like I should, but I never expected this to be a really serious page where I'm constantly updating. There's only so much you could write of what all the characters say that there's bound to be a time when nothing more can really be written on here. So updates will be pretty sporadic. I'm planning to write out more during the summer, but not until then. In any case, on with my old intro... 

Warning!: The Game Scenes area and my Deidra Report contains lots of spoilers so if you don't want a lot of the good surprises ruined for you DON'T GO THERE! Actually, if you don't want some parts of the game spoiled for you, don't go to certain areas on this page. :P If you don't really care, be my guest. :) 

Well, what can I say? The first time I played this game I wasn't totally impressed with what I saw. "Come on!", I thought, "the graphics look like they're from an old SNES (well, it was on The Super Famicom), the game play is tedious, and nothing much is happening in this first chapter." So I took the CD, marched (well, okay, I DROVE, I'm not that much of a soldier :P) back to EB and returned the game. 

About a week later, some thoughts began to creep into my head at night. Get the game, get the game, just give it some more time and you'll like it, said voice seemed to say in my head. Visions of Canopus danced in my head, taunting me (or maybe it was the call of boredom?). Get the game, he seemed to say, and you'll never regret it. So gullible me rushed off to Software Etc. nearby, got a used version, went home, and started playing again. 

Well, I'll tell you, a miracle happened. I played for a few hours and literally fell in love with the game. The story is really in-depth with multiple paths you can take. The game play really is boring and tedious at first but given enough time, you literally get pulled into the game and just never let go. What I love so much about Tactics Ogre is that your actions actually have a bearing on what happens to yourself and others, that and the nice little surprises you come across about other characters in the game. 

This page is pretty much about my obsession with Tactics Ogre (DUH). That and my sister pushed me into writing this page since I was the one who got her into her current obsession with a certain White Knight (Mildain *cough* Mildain). This page basically is a chaotic mess of some of the things that I find fascinating about the game from character descriptions to some game scenes. I don't actually call this favorite game scenes anymore because I'm trying to get to all the good ones that don't show up in the Warren Report (okay, and maybe some that do). This is actually my first time to work with a web page so I'm trying to keep it simple and with mostly text information. 


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