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The Deidra Report   


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        Chapter 2   
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Chaos Route
(Chapter 4)

After Denim's find out his sister is the illegitimate daughter of King Dolgare and defeating the Dark Knights Oz and Ozma, the Chapter begins with a new twist. The war is no longer between the races, it is between the aristocratic and peasant class. The Dark Knights are using the fact that they have the successor to the throne of Valeria in their hands while Denim and his army decides how to get the queen, and the only sister he has known, back with them again. Chapter Four is very much the same for all routes with some minor differences. Some characters are present in one, while some are missing in others. 

The meeting of the two Lans in the Heigm Castle dungeon 
Denim visits Castle Brigantes 
Denim visits Plancy and learns about his true identity 
Denim finds Moruba and Shelley 
Branta's nightmare and Denim's plan to storm Banisha Castle 
The battle at Banisha Castle 
Denim and Kachua at Banisha Castle 
The aftermath of Banisha Castle 
The battle at Heigm Castle 
The aftermath of Heigm Castle 
The opening of the Chaos Gate at Eden Castle 

Talk about the meeting of the minds. The purpose of Lodis is revealed through the mouth of Lans Tartare in this scene. Lodis, at least its leaders, do not care for what happens to Valeria. All they want is to conquer the whole island. Lans Tartare is shown to be a cold hearted man here. This is one of the longest conversations given in the whole game but reveals a lot about the characters of Lans Hamilton and Lans Tartare. Just so no one gets confused, Lans Hamilton's speech is labeled as "LansH" and Lans Tartare's speech is labeled as "LansT". 

Heigm Castle  

(Lans is shown chained and beaten  in a dungeon. There's a beast tamer watching over him. Lans Tartare walks in) 
LansT: Hmm...I'm surprised he's still alive... (to the beast tamer) Leave us!  
Voice outside of castle: The rebellion is... closing in... hurry to the street...  
LansT: Do you hear that, Zenobian Knight?  
LansH: (looking up) ...It is only a matter of time before you're defeated.  
LansT: We don't care who rules Valeria. You know that, don't you?  
LansH: ... 
Voice outside of castle: No, Roslolian... get help... We can't... hold them back... much...  
LansH: ...the people are getting more restless with each passing day...  
LansT: The Bacrum people are a lower species. They can't even comprehend the world around them... ...Our ideals are too complex for them to even understand... 
LansH: Did you ever stop and think that the policies of Lodis was the problem? Such as the use of force to enslave people?  
LansT: That's hard to believe, since they were the ones who wished to be ruled by force.  
LansH: Wished?  
Lans Yes... Look around you... How many people, who are capable of accomplishing their ideals... actually do? How many people are willing to take that risk, to sacrifice all for the sake of their ideals... Tell me, how many people are willing to do that?  
LansH: ... 
LansT:  ...Do you remember the revolution that you were a part of? How are your people now? Aren't they complaing and whining about their own selfish problems? they too your sacrifice for granted!  
LansT: They are doing the best they can with what they have! They could barely support themselves... 
LansT: No! They are being that way because being the victim is much easier. They are not complaining because they are weak. They chose to be weak so they can complain. ...To be weak is what they believe in.  
LansT: That is not true! Each person has a right to choose what life they lead. They have the freedom to do so!  
LansT: Don't you understand!? Freedom is not a right somebody gives you. Freedom is something you must actively seek and fight for. Are they willing to do that? No! They just want to say that they have freedom. They sit on their ass all day and wonder where their savior is. But none of these people are willing to be that savior!  
LansH: People are not that lazy. They're just not as strong as we are.  
LansT: You are so naive. People shouldn't have any of their own ideas or dreams. Their lord should give it to them.  
LansH: And what would that be? 
LansT: the privelege to live!  
LansH: How ridiculous! 
LansT: People are inherently evil... To obtain happiness, they don't mind sacrificing other people... They don't mind killing to better their lives. And yet they feel guilty. Then they think a little bit and come up with some excuse like "The world is doing this to me." It is our duty to bring order in this world of chaos! We shall give those lazy people the solution. We will take care of everything!  
LansH: Take care of what? Is oppressing people also part of your mission to lead the people?  
LansT: We are not oppressing them. We are simply getting rid of the disease which is corrupting the world... ...we have to get rid of them, before they infect others. You know, prevention is the best medicine.  
LansH: There is also such a thing called the immune system... It can purify the evil within the soul. 
LansT: Are you waiting for everything to fix itself? You trust humans too much... Peopl are always attracted towards a srouce of power that will keep them safe. They'll betray anyone to be safe. Kachua! 
(Kachua walks into the dungeon) 
LansH: Kachua! Why are you here?  
LansT: Allow me to introduce you, Holy Knight. She is the true successor of Valeria, the daughter of the late King Dolgare, Princess Bersalia! 
LansH: !! 
LansT: Just like you told me, the Bacrum reign is over. But as long as we have her in our hands, Valeria will do as we say.  
LansH: Kachua... you are... but how...? 
(Kachua walks forward) 
Kachua: I loved Denim, he was my only brother... But then I found out that he's not my real brother. And he has foresaken me... If I cannot have him, then I'd rather... 
(Kachua runs off) 
Lans: Kachua! 
LansT: It breaks my heart to say farewell to the person who took my eye... But I don't have the time or the desire to torture you. So, I bid you adieu. 
(Lans leaves) 
LansH: Wait! 
LansT: Farewell, Knight of Zenobia. 
(Scene fades away and the sound of the gate closing is heard) 
(Chapter title shown: Chapter 4, Hand in Hand) 


This next scene occurs immediately after the scenes with the two Lans. Denim is deparately searching for Lans Hamilton without much success. He knows that he is being held in the Heigm Castle dungeon but is not sure whether he's alive or not. A commotion breaks out and he receives word that the followers of the Filaha Order, an order King Dolgare belonged to, are holding captives in Brigantes Castle. Tired of the war, they decide to declare peace between the people in the late king's name. Denim is left with the choice to cross Valhanna and visit Brigantes castle alone and unarmed. At the beginning of the Brigantes Castle battle, I did what I was told and removed my armor and sword, beginning the battle with just Denim and entered through te front entrance instead of the back. Miraculously, it worked and I didn't have to fight, unlike the mistake I made in the Law route where I came in with troops and full battle gear. 

Fiduc Castle 

Shadow: ...The queen hasn't shown up since the ceremony. Her whereabouts are not even known to the headquarters of Bacrum. The Cardinal has sent a spy to find her. I guess the queen is with the Dark Knights of Roslolian.  
Denim: ...I take it Branta and Lans Tartare ...also, what's the status of the Dark Knights?  
Shadow: Most of the Dark Knights are stationed in Heigm. But Lans Tartare and the other high ranking knights are nowhere to be found.  
Denim: Hmm... I wonder why the Bacrum Army isn't attacking us...? What are they up to?   
Shadow: ...As for the Holy Knight of Zenobia you have been asking about... 
(Denim suddenly turns to Shadow) 
Denim: Have you finally foudn something!?  
Shadow: I forced a caterer to talk... ...Our Holy Knight seems to be imprisoned in an underground jail in Heigm Castle.  
Denim: But is he alive!?  
Shadow: Unfortunately, there were too many guards over there. Even the Bacrum soldiers were not allowed in the castle. I was unable to obtain any information of his condition.  
Denim: I see... You have done well. Rest for awhile. 
Shadow: Thank you, sir.  
(Shadow leaves) 
Denim: Kachua... 
Staff: Shouldn't we go to Heigm and attack?  
Denim: (turning to wizard) I cannot do that... It is dangerous to attack without finding out the true purpose of the Dark Knights... 
Staff Don't spend too much time thinking about it, we'll lose our chance to win. Do not forget there is a movement among the people to obey Princess Bersalia. Some soldiers are even reluctant to fight against a member of the late king Dolgare's family!  
Denim: I haven't forgotten. In fact, It is all the more reason we should attack.  
(A soldier comes in to report) 
Soldier: I brought you a report, sir.  
Denim: Go ahead... 
Soldier: Soldiers in Brigantes have taken hostages and have barricaded themselves in the castle!! 
Staff: What!?  
Denim: What do they want? 
Soldier: Bacrum's surrender! 
Staff: What a fool! What have we been fighting for all this time!? 
Denim: It must be a plot of the Filaha Order. I bet there are some Filaha followers among the ranks.  
Staff: Ever since the queen was declared, the Order's influence has been spreading.  
(Denim turns to window) 
Denim: We don't have any control over that. The discovery of the queen is like the discovery of the savior. They're tired of this war. They crave security. The late King Dolgare was a true believer of the Filaha Order. Just like the late king, it is natural for them to claim "ethnic unity" and ask for the war to end. 
Staff: Then what is your plan? 
(Denim turns to staff) 
Denim: Using force against the Cardinal will not change anything. I'm going to meet with the leader of the Order!  
Staff: No! You never know what will happen! It's too dangerous! 
Denim: (looking away) If I go alone without any weapons, they will listen to me.  

Brigantes Castle South 
(I entered through the south entrance) 

(Knight and Berzerker stand guard) 
Guard: Stop!! What do you want!? No one is allowed to enter!  
Denim: Don't you remember me? I am here to meet with your leader.  
Guard: What!? Who are you!! 
Guard: Wait!! This is Denim of Griate!  
Guard: Who!?  
Denim: Look! I am not armed! I have no intention of fighting you!  
Guard: This is a trick. isn't it? Your soldiers must be hiding somewhere nearby!  
Guard: Denim is a man of honor!  
Guard: What, are you going to become one of them!?  
Guard: Are you doubting me now!?  
(Both guards draw weapons and prepare to attack each other) 
Woman's voice: Stop this bickering!! 
Priestess (Olivia): Put down your swords, both of you!!  
(Olivia walks forward) 
Priestess: I said put down your swords! (they obey) 
(Priestess walks forward towards Denim) 
Priestess: Forgive us. I am Olivia, the priestess of the Order. Our leader, Plancy, is waiting to see you.  
(Berzerker backs off from Denim) 
Denim: Leader!? Plancy!? What's the meaning of this!? 
Olivia: He is your father...  
Denim: ?  
Olivia: This way, Sir Denim. We don't have much time. 
Denim: Why are you saying that!? 
Olivia: Denim, your father is dying... 
Denim: No!  
Olivia: ...When we found in the Plancy in the Valley of Death near Heigm... He couldn't even stand under his own strength.  
Denim: Valley of Death?  
Olivia: It's a small cave where people with fatal diseases are sent to.  
Denim: Fatal disease... 
Olivia: We did everything in our power to save him. But he just got worse and worse... 
(Denim looks down) 
Denim: Did the Dark Knights do this to him...? 
(Olivia looks down) 
Olivia: Not only did they torture him, but they used drugs to get information from him.  
Denim: Father... 
Olivia: This way.  
(Denim follows Olivia inside Castle Brigantes) 


Denim finally makes it inside Brigantes Castle. Here, Denim learns that Kachua is not really his sister, but is the daughter of the late King Dolgare. He also learns that he is not Walstanian and finds out that his father is Bacrumese. Cardinal Branta turns out to be Plancy's brother and Denim's uncle. 

Inside Brigantes Castle 

(Denim sees his father sick in bed) 
Denim: Father, it's me! Denim!  
(Plancy wakes up) 
Plancy: Denim... I'm glad you're here... Come here... 
(Denim comes to his bedside) 
Plancy: I need to tell you something...  
Denim: It's about Kachua... 
Plancy: As you may already know, Kachua is not your true sister... Just like they claimed , she is the daughter of King Dolgare, Bersalia... 
Denim: ... 
Plancy: Kachua's mother, Manafloa, was the servant of the Queen. 

A flashback to the Castle Eden with Queen Bernata and Manafloa is shown... 

Queen Bernata: Did you want to talk to me? 
(Manafloa looks down) 
Manafloa: Noble Queen Bernata, I am asking your permission to leave... 
Queen Bernata: Why!? You are the only one I can trust in the palace. You know that, don't you? 
(Queen Bernata turns to her and walks towards her) 
Queen Bernata: You didn' think I'd find out?  
(Queen Bernata walks menacingly towards her) 
Manafloa: Please.... I beg of you.  
(Queen Bernata slaps Manafloa) 
Queen Bernata: The King was originally from a commoner class. I guess he got nostalgic when he saw a peasant like you!  
(Queen Bernata walks away from her as Manafloa looks sad) 
Manafloa: Please forgive me... 
(Queen Bernata turns to her again) 
Queen Bernata: How can I possibly forgive you!! You're not going anywhere, Manafloa! You will be my slave! You will never be anything but a servant! 
(Manafloa looks down but reveals her stomach...) 
Queen Bernata: Are you pregnant!! You!? Noooooo!! 
(Queen Bernata rushes towards her and fades to a scene with Manafloa escaping the castle as Branta watches)  
Plancy's words: Thus Manafloa left the castle and gave birth to Kachua... 

Flash to another unknown place. Branta is there and Plancy walks in with a child... 

Branta: How's Manafloa...? 
(Plancy shakes his head) 
Branta: ...I see. She was weak. I wouldn't be surprised if... 
Branta: So this is Bersalia. 
Plancy: Bersalia?  
Branta: That is the name the King chose. He said if the child is a girl, she would be called Bersalia. 
Plancy: Don't you think we should tell him about the child? 
(Branta walks away and looks away) 
Branta: Queen Bernata is due to give birth next month! This would not be the best time. This will be a secret between you and me.  
Plancy: What about the child? 
(Branta looks at Plancy) 
Branta: You will raise her. Your daughter who died half a month ago... Her name was Kachua, right? Call the child Kachua.  
Plancy: I am to keep the child as my daughter? 
Branta: Yes. This will be better for Valeria's and the child's welfare. 
Plancy: But... 
Branta: Don't worry. I will take care of the rest... Oh, here, take this.  
(Branta hands Plancy something) 
Branta: It's a necklace. Sell it. 
Plancy: What is this? 
Branta: A present from King Dolgare. The blue one will be given if the child is a boy, a red one if it is a girl. 
Plancy: I can't sell the King's present! 
(Branta turns and walks away from him) 
Branta: But you need money to raise children. This child is a princess. Commoners like us need the money to raise her properly. Don't worry, Plancy.  

Scene fades out back to the present... 

Plancy: ...But Branta was lying. He told the queen about Manafloa and the child. And he was made a Cardinal... 
Denim: ... 
Plancy: I think I did the wrong thing... When Queen Bernata's son died, I should have taken Kachua to the king. Then the war would have never happened... But I couldn't. I could not give up Kachua. I could not give up the child who called me "father" and trusted me. 
Denim: Father... 
Plancy: The Dark Knights have been looking for Kachua ever since... But their purpose was not to make Kachua the Queen of Valeria... They have another purpose... 
Denim: What purpose? 
Plancy: Yes, making her queen was just one of the pieces of their plan. Their ultimate goal is to get the treasure of the late King Dolgare... 
Denim: King Dolgare's inheritance!? 
Plancy: I don't know exactly what it is... But I know it's in the King's grave... Now that they have Kachua in their hands, they are desperately looking for the King's grave... 
Denim: You and Kachua are the only ones who know where the grave is. 
Plancy: ...No, Kachua doesn't know anything. But the only one who can break the seal of the tombstone can only be a direct descnedant of the King. 
Denim: So, Kachua is being used as a tool. 
Plancy: Yes. When the treasure is found, Kachua will be... cough, cough. 
Denim: Father! Are you alright... Slow down.  
Plancy: Denim! Save Kachua...! Go, my son! You are the only one who can save Kachua and Valeria! 
Denim: Father!! 
Plancy: ...Find Moruba! Moruba used to be the Great Priest of Filaha... He will be able to help you... 
Denim: Father, try not to talk anymore. 
Plancy: You are going to be the foundation of justice. Throw away your selfish desires. Take a good look around you and make the right decisions... You will be the leader for the generation to come... that's it... that is your mission... do not forget... 
Denim: Father! Hang in there! 
Plancy: Denim... forgive me... I... (dies) 
Denim: Father! 
(Olivia turns away and looks down) 

Later, Olivia and Denim talk on the steps of Brigantes Castle... 

Denim: Father... 
Olivia: ...There's something I have to tell you. 
Denim: Is it about the commotion between the Liberation Army and the Order? Can't this wait...? 
Olivia: No... It's about Branta and you. 
(Denim turns and looks at Olivia) 
Denim: Branta and me? 
Olivia: Your father and Branta are brothers. 
Denim: Branta and my father are brothers!? Wait... That makes Branta my...! 
Olivia: Your real name is Denim Mown... You are from Bacrum. 
Denim: (looking away) That's not true! That's impossible! How can, Bacrum? This is a joke! I don't believe you! 
Olivia: PLease, calm down. Remember when you were young, you once lived in Heigm with PLancy. 
(Denim walks towards her) 
Denim: You are making this up!!! 
Olivia: You often visited Moruba's mansion. 
Denim: I'm not listening, Olivia! (grabs Olivia's ear or hair) 
Olivia: There were 4 daughters of Moruba who became good friends of yours... 
Denim: !! 
Olivia: You became close to a daughter who was the same age as you were...One day, that little girl and you were playing by the ocean and both of you nearly drowned... 
(Denim lets her go) 
Denim: How, how do you know that!? 
Olivia: (looks down) ... 
Denim: But the ones who nearly drowned was my sister and I... I thought it was my sister who helped me...? 
(Olivia looks to Denim  again) 
Olivia: That girl had a scar on her forehead... 
(Olivia lifts her bangs and shows Denim her scar) 
Denim: You... you are that girl? 
Olivia: Selye helped us out. She was the eldest of the four sisters. 
Denim: Then who are you?  
Olivia: I am the daughter of the Great Priest, Moruba... 
Denim: But...! Then... who am come I... 
(Denim kneels down and punches the floor. Olivia looks down towards him) 
Olivia: Face facts, Denim. You have to accept reality. 
Denim: ... 
Olivia: Get up, Denim! Don;'t you want a world where people are not divided by their ethnicity or class? Your ethnic identity doesn't matter. Even if you are from Bacrum, your beliefs shouldn't change! Or do you want a country where only the Bacrumese can live happily, like Branta? ...Do not forget what your father told you! 
(Denim stands up) 
Denim: You're right, Olivia. My nationality has nothing to do with the matter. The important thing is how I live. Not the color of my skin or the place of my birth. Thank you, Olivia. 
Olivia: I'm glad to hear you say that.... I knew that you would do the right thing... 
Selye: Olivia!  
(Sisteena and Selye come up to meet her) 
Olivia: Selye, Sisteena! I'm glad you are alive!  
Selye: Why Brigantes!? What happened to our father?  
(Olivia looks down) 
Olivia: ...Father is not here. I don't know where he is.  
Sisteena: Why not?  
Olivia: ...He felt responsible for you leaving the Order. He became depressed when the war started. He left without saying a word and never came back... 
(Olivia looks down) 
Sisteena: Selye, do you have any idea where he went? 
Selye: I'm guessing he'll be in Banhamuba Shrine. that is the Shrine of Ishtar. I heard that father studied at the shrine when he was young. By abandoning the Order he has abandoned his faith. If he is having a problem with his faith, the shrine will be the first place he visits... 
(Olivia looks owards her) 
Olivia: Then father must be there.  
Selye: I hope so... 
Denim: Very well... Then let's go to Banhamuba Shrine! 
(Others leave but Sisteena, Selye, Olivia, and Denim) 
Olivia: Where's Shelley? 
Denim: That's right. You have 3 sisters... 
Olivia: (to Selye) Sister!! Talk to me! 
Selye: Shelley has betrayed us and now works for Branta. 
(Selye runs off) 
Olivia: Why, Shelley!? You don't know what you're talking about! 
Sisteena: ...No, it's true Olivia. After Shelley left the Order, she joined the Bacrum Army. Now she's the right hand I mean... woman of Branta... 
Olivia: It can't be... 
(Scene fades out) 


Denim sees that his next destination is Banhamuba Temple. In order to get there, he must cross Hedon, a mountainous and volcanic area. He meets up with Rotzer by chance and is delayed by him. He confirms that Moruba is in Banhamuba Temple. Denim, to his surprise, also finds the last of the four Fouriner sisters, Shelley Fouriner who is now working as Cardinal Branta's right hand person. 


Rotzer: Denim! How did you get here!? 
Denim: That's my line! Why are you here!?  
Rotzer: You have to kill me first if you want to find out... 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Rotzer: Are you looking for Moruba...? All of your efforts have been for naught... my gang should have captured Moruba now... (dies) 

Banhamuba Temple 

(A knight is watching over Moruba) 
Shelley: Don't play stupid with me father.  
Moruba: (looks towards Shelley) ...I don't know. And even if I did, I'd never tell you!! 
Shelley: How dare you speak like that to your own daughter! Are you going to forsake me just like Mom?  
Moruba: I have forsaken nobody. 
Shelley: Then tell me where the Forbidden Power is!  
Moruba: You ask for too much, Shelley. You are the last person I would help!  
Shelley: This is pointless! We're going in circles...You're coming with me, father.  
Moruba: What are you doing!?  
Shelley: I'm sure, you will change your mind once we reach Heigm. 
Moruba: Shelley, don't do this to me!!  
Shelleye: Take him away. 
(A knight takes him away) 
Shelley: Let's get out of here,  
(A commotion is heard and the same knight is shown dead, killed by Denim who has his sword drawn) 
Denim: Moruba, are you all right?  
Moruba: You are...? 
Denim: I'm Denim, the son of Plancy Mown. 
Moruba: You are Plancy's son... 
Denim: We can talk about this later. I will take care of them now. 
Moruba: Ok.  ...Just dont' kill the woman.  
Denim: ?? 
Moruba: That is my Shelley. 
(Denin nods and sheathes his sword) 
Denim: I udnerstand.  
Moruba: Thank you... 
(Denim looks towards Shelley) 
Shelley: Rotzer is useless... I challenge you, boy! 
(Battle begins) 

Each Fouriner sister says something to Shelley when all three are in your party: 

Sisteena: Shelley, stop this or we'll be forced to kill you... 
Shelley: I'm not a weakling like the one you just killed. I have a power that you could not possibly comprehend and as long as I have it, I can't lose! 
Sisteena: What power!? Are you talking about the Dark Knights!? The Valeria Liberation Fron was wiped out by the Dark Knights and Bacrum will soon follow.  
Shelley: Then what do you call the Liberation Army!? You guys are trying to destroy Bacrum with your "power". What;s the difference!?  
Sisteena: We are fighting to end the war! We are not fighting for power! And I will not hesitate to kill you to end this war... 

Olivia: Shelley! Stop! Why do we have to fight each other!?  
Shelley: Then join me and fight for the Bacrum army! Why are you siding with father, he couldn't even protect his own wife!  
Olivia: Shelley, don't bring mother into this! Mom's death has nothing to do with our father! The Bacrum Army are the ones who murdered mother!  
Shelley: You're wrong, Olivia! Father is the real killer! Father lost the war for power. He was the loser and it cost us our mother's life! In this world there can be no defeat! If you lose you will only regret it later!  
Olivia: You're wrong, Shelley! You're the only loser...You were unable to deal with the mother's death and you gave up your faith.  

Selye: Shelley, go back to Heigm!  
Shelley: Is that the only thing you can say to your estranged sister!? I heard that the Valeria Liberation Front was destroyed. But it seems like you survived. I'm glad you're Ok.  
Selye: ...Yes. I'm alive... And I will not rest until I kill Branta and all of the Dark Knights!  
Shelley: ..And you will not hesitate to kill your own sister? 
Selye: Don't give me that crap, Shelley! You brought this situation upon yourself! It was your choice!  
(Battle ends)  

If you manage to get Shelley just below 20 hit points: 
Shelley: I shall return! (uses escape and leaves) 


Moruba: ...I see. Plancy is dead... 
Denim: Please, I need your help.  
(Moruba nods) 
Moruba: ...What are we going to accomplish by fighting? I know you'renot fighting to gain power and I know that you are different from the Cardinal and the Duke... ...but was creates chaos! It doesn't matter what the reason may be...  
Denim: I am aware of that. That's why we have to stop these men now... We can't allow others to produce a man like the Cardinal or the Duke! We must fight to bring an era of peace when all of the people of the land are united, as it was under King Doglare.  
(Moruba shakes his head) 
Moruba: To return to the golden age of the Dolgare Era is impossible. Especially when the Valeria savior is in the  hands of the Dark Knights... 
(Denim sulks) 
Denim: Kachua...  
Moruba: Can you allow yourself to fight Kachua?  
Denim: 1. No, I can't 
            2. No choice. 
(I chose 1. I can't see myself having to fight my own sister...uh well on some occasions that may be different. :P) 
Denim: No, I can't. I have to save my sister.  
Moruba: You can't give up...  
Denim: We may not be related by blood , but she is still my only sister.  
Moruba: Very well... I will support you. Even if it costs my life  
Denim: Thank you very much. 


Branta has some sort of nightmare where he finds himself in Castle Eden talking to someone we can't see. I have a feeling he's sepaking to the spirit of King Dolgare and he's having nightmares because of the guilt he has to live with. The guilt of hiding his daughter from him. that is, and using his knowledge of her to become Cardinal. This is all speculation and I'm still not totally sure what the nightmare may actually be about. Denim is also planning what is supposed to be one of the final battles of the war, which is the storming of Banisha Castle. He and his army are desparate to get the queen back and Denim is desparate to have his sister back. You could also head to Amorika Castle and Baramus City before going to Banisha if you wanted to. In Amorika Castle, you learn about the Zenobian's real reason for being in Valeria and in Baramus City, you find Shelley if you didn't kill her in Banhamuba Temple. These scenes are typed up in my Optional Scenes section. 

Heigm Castle 

(Branta is having some kind of nightmare) 
Branta: ...Where am I?  
(Branta keeps turning around, confused) 
Branta: ...Why are you here?  
(A commotion is heard and he turns) 
Branta: Who is it? Who's there?  
(More commotion is heard) 
Branta: What? Hurry? For what?  Who gave you the right to order me around!! 
(More commotion and Branta backs off) 
Branta: Wha... what!?  
(There's a white flash and all goes black. Branta wakes up in the Heigm counsel chambers and backs up in his chair) 
Branta: A dream... what an eerie dream...  
(A soldier walks in) 
Soldies: I have a report, your highness.  
Branta: What is it?  
Soldier: We lost track of Shelley.  
Branta: ...Was she killed by the Liberation Army?  
Soldier: Details are not yet known, but there is a high possibilty... 
Branta: Shelley, that useless bitch... 
Bacrum soldier: I will organize a rescue unit and send them to Amorika!  
(Branta backs up in chiar again) 
Branta: Don't bother!  
Soldier: What?  
Branta: I said forget her. Don't make me say it twice. I don't need a warrior who can't even accomplish such a simple task! We don't need an incompetent bitch like her!!  
Bacrum Soldier: Yes your highness. I shall go now, your highness.  
(The soldier leaves and Branta gets out of his chair and stares out the window) 
Branta: ...Damn it!!  
(Scene fades out) 

Fiduc Castle 

Denim: Are you sure you know where the queen is?  
Shadow: The Roslolians are training in Banisha Castle. And the queen is with them. 
Denim: Moruba, is the grave of King Dolgare in Banisha?  
Moruba: I have no idea... I was already out of the kingdom when King Dolgare passed away and... 
Denim: Yes...? 
Moruba: I don't think that the King would be buried outside of the royal family grave. Sinc ethe Queen and the prince were buried in the royal family grave.  
Denim: Then the Roslolians must be looking for a different grave... 
Moruba: ...We have to get to Banisha. 
Denim: That's right. Branta would never dream that we would attack Banisha. So I guess we don't have to worry about him... And our motivation is to get our queen back. People will probably not care since we would be killing Roslolians.  
Moruba: I agree with you.  
(Denim stands up) 
Denim: Very well... Then we must prepare for battle. Send a large number of soldiers to the Yomlahaba Ravine and order them to distract the Bacrum Army. While Bacrum is busy in the Valley, our main force will attack Banisha Castle!  
Staff: As you wish, sir!  
(Staff leaves) 
Denim: The final battle is about to begin!  
(Ninja stands up) 


This happens to be one of the more humurous battle scenes if you bring Canopus, Mildain, and Guildus along. I'm convinced that Barbas has to be the stupidest Dark Knight of them all. He can't use a gun correctly and he can't think of a creative comeback to throw at our three beloved Zenobians. The Dark Knight Lans is also here and as usual makes sure that no one gets out of line. Of course, Barbas always manages to mess up somehow. 

Banisha Castle Entrance 

Dark Knight: The Liberation Army!! Why are they in Banisha!?  
Denim: Drop your weapons and surrender! Then we shall not harm you! 
Dark Knight: Stupid boy!! You are in no position to talk! I will make you pay for the death of master Oz and Ozma! I'll show you the true power of the Roslolians!! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Denim: Very well, it's your funeral!! 

Banisha Castle Courtyard 

Lans: I never thought they would find us here.  
Barbas: Someone must have leaked the information to the Liberation Army.  
Lans: Like who? Bishop Branta? I didn't think he's that stupid... 
(More commotion is heard) 
Barbas: Either way, this is the time to avenge Ozma's death!  
Lans: Don't get so hot-headed, Barbas. They are much stronger than before!  
(Barbas turns to Lans) 
Barbas: Do you doubt my abilities!? 
Lans: I'm just telling you not to underestimate them.  
Barbas: I will fight them anyway!  
Lans: ... 
Barbas: You're not thinking of leaving Valeria...? 
(Kachua turns to look at Lans) 
Lans: It depends on the situation. We are to terminate the plan and retreat according to the orders that I received... 
Barbas: What!? 
Lans: That is our king's orders... we can't ignore it! And...  
Barbas: We haven't lost yet! We can't back down without a fight!!  
(More commotion is heard) 
Denim: Kachua!! 
Denim: Tartare! Give my sister back!  
(Lans leaves to go inside with Kachua) 
Lans: I will let you handle this! 
Barbas: Trust me. I will show them who has real power. 
(Lans turns away) 
Lans: Come this way, Kachua! 
(Lans and Kachua walk away) 
Barbas: I was waiting for you, kid!! 
(Barbas jumps down and some Dark Knights come from inside the castle and through the gate) 
Barbas: Challenging me from the front gate, you've got some pretty big ones for being a mere child!!  
Denim: That's the same thing your dead friend said. 
Barbas: You son of a...! Come Here! I want to show you something! Do you know what this is? This is called a gun. I heard this weapon is more powerful than magic.  
(Barbas uses it and accidentally kills one of his knights, the idiot) 
Barbas: Shit, this weapon is too powerful! I'm gonna hurt myself with this thing!! Hey you, hold this!  
(Hands gun to knight on his right) 
Barbas: I guess knights should stick with swords. Come, Denim! 
(Battle begins) 

Canopus, Mildain, and Guildus each say something if they are taken into battle: 

Canopus: So you are the Roslolians that I heard about! The kngihts who invaded Rime and murdered innocent people! Not only that, you even attacked my blood brother! Where is Lans!? 
Guildus: Excuse me!? Since when did our leader become your blood brother!?  
Canopus: What else should I call him, a blood dad!? I'm not that old!  
Barbas: What the hell is that duck quacking about!? Shoo, before I turn you into Peking Duck! 
Canopus: Duck!? Who are you calling a duck!? I'm pissed! At least I don't look like a baboon!! 

Mildain; You are going to pay for what you did in Rime.  
Barbas: Listen to that loser from Rime! Just give up your sword! You are not a knight! Why don't you just go home and milk some cows? 
Mildain: You know, you should really be worried about yourself before you start worrying about me. Otherwise your face will get so ugly that you won't be able to attract the bitches in Hell! 

Guildus: You look familiar... Where have I seen you... That's odd. How can I forget such an ugly face! Or was that your ass I saw?  
Barbas: The knight from Zenobia! You really are a fool!!  
Guildus: Where is that clown-like friend of yours? 
Barbas: Martym!? You know Martym? Now I remember... You're the knight who begged for mercy when you got hit by Martym!  
Guildus: You haven't changed a bit! You make things sound so dramatic! 

(Battle ends) 
Barbas: Uhh... you're starting to scare me! I have to come up with an excuse... and quick... (uses an escape to escape) 
Denim: Wait, Barbas! 

Inside Banisha 

(A scene inside Banisha castle with Lans Tartare and Kachua) 
Lans: Barbas was defeated!? The Liberation Army must be as strong as the Roslolians now!  Kachua, we are going to Heigm! 
(Kachua gets pissed) 
Kachua: No, I'm not! I'm sick and tired of running away!  
(Kachua runs off) 
Lans: Kachua! Stop this!  
(A commotion is heard) 
Denim: Kachua!!  
(When Denim's turn comes) 
Denim: Kachua! They're using you! Their purpose is to get the treasure of the late King Dolgare! They need a direct descendant of King Dolgare to get the treasure! That's all they need you for! They don't care about Valeria! They just want the treasure!  
Lans: Don't listen to him, Kachua! How many times have you been betrayed by your foster father, blood father, and by him!? Remember! He, who was your most trusted brother, has betrayed you!  
Kachua: I don't care if I'm used ot not! At least I feel needed! They gave me attention! Denim... how about you? Do you need me? 
Lans: I guess this is it... I have no choice!  
(Kachua gets on her knees and begs) 
Kachua: Wait! Please don't leave me!!  
(Lans uses an escape to leave as the others leave too) 
(Kachua sinks to her knees) 
Kachua: ...What the! 


The conversation that occurs between Denim and Kachua greatly affects what happens later in the game. What you say to Kachua also influences her decision to live or die. She seems emotional and clingy at times, but that's because she feels she has no real blood ties to anyone. Kachua has a deep love for Denim even if he's not related to her by blood but she fears his rejection of her. To save her life, you have to be aware of this when answering her questions. I didn'r think there was a way to save her the first time because I was looking at a hint book that said you couldn't. I didn't think that was right and decided to try to say the right thing. Lo and behold, Kachua lived and I was shown one of the most heart wrenching scenes of the game.  

Banisha Castle 

(Denim enters an abandoned room) 
Denim: Kachua, come here... 
(Kachua come forth into the room) 
Denim: Are you all right, Kachua? 
(Kachua turns away) 
Kachua: What are you going to do with me?  
Denim: What...? Kachua, I came to save you.  
Kachua: That name has no meaning for me. I am Bersalia, the queen of Valeria.  
Denim: No, you are my sister!  
(Kachua looks down) 
Kachua: ... 
Denim: We lived together as a family. We may not be related by blood, but does it make a difference? You're my one and only sister. 
(Kachua looks up and turns to face Denim) 
Kachua: No!!! Then why did you abandon me? Why did you get rid of me?  
Denim: 1. I didn't. 
            2. I did, once. 
(I chose 2) 
(Denim looks down) 
Denim: I did, once. But that is because I didn't want to involve you in battles.  
Kachua: You're lying! You just got tired of me!  
Denim: 1. I love you!  
            2. Come with me! 
(I chose 1 again) 
(Denim looks up) 
Denim: No, Kachua. I love you! Don't you understand? I love you...I will never be happy without you... 
Kachua: Denim... 
Denim: Kachua, Father is dead... I had a chance to talk to him before he died... He told me that if he returned you to the King after the death of the prince, the war might not have occured... But he didn't. He just couldn't give up the child who called him "father". You know that I'm not lying! Dad loved you, Kachua. He loved you more than anything else in the world!  
(Kachua turns away) 
Denim: He loved you even though you were not his real daughter.  
(Kachua looks down) 
Kachua: Father... 
(Denim comes forward) 
Denim: Come with me, Kachua! I'm not about to give up my only sister!  
(Kachua turns around and hugs Denim) 
Kachua: ... 
(Denim looks up) 
Denim: I'm sorry, Kachua. I will never abandon you again. 
(Denim looks down towards her) 
(Screen pans upwards into darkness) 

If you chose 1 for the first question: 
Denim: 1. I didn’t. 
            2. I did, once. 
Denim: I didn’t. I have so many things I must take care of. 
Kachua: The war is more important than me… 
Denim: We are fighting to end the war! And I need your help toaccomplish our plan! Remember!! It was our plan! 
(Kachua looks down and puts her hands to her head in despair) 
Kachua: You just need me because I’m a necessary tool! You’re just like the Dark Knights. You just want to use me… 
Denim: No, Kachua! That’s not what I meant! If you stay with the Dark Knights, you will become a puppet of Lodis. Let’s be together! We can make you the true queen of Valeria. 
(Kachua looks up and steps away from Denim) 
Kachua: I… I don’t want to be queen!! You and Lodis… You just want my authority. You’re not interested in me. I’ve had enough! 
Denim: Kachua, please listen to me!! 
(Kachua looks away to the side) 
Kachua: It’s alright. It’s over now… I’m sorry Denim. (turns away from Denim, takes out a dagger, and stabs herself) 
Denim: (running up to catch Kachua) Kachua!!  
(Denim kneels down in despair beside Kachua) 
Denim: Somebody! Somebody, help us! Please! 
(Denim tries to stand up and support Kachua) 
Kachua: I am sorry… I have always been a burden… I’m so… sorry… 
(Screen pans slightly to the left as Kachua falls into Denim’s arms in death) 
Denim: (kneeling down and screaming in saddened rage) Kachua! 
(A knight and wizard run into the room) 
(Screen pans upwards into darkness) 

If you chose 2 for the first question and then chose 2 for the second question: 
Denim: 1. I didn't. 
            2. I did, once. 
(Denim looks down) 
Denim: I did, once. But that is because I didn't want to involve you in battles.  
Kachua: You're lying! You just got tired of me! 
Denim: 1. I love you! 
            2. Come with me! 
(Denim looks up) 
Denim: I never want to be apart from you again! I can’t imagine a world without you!  
Kachua: I am not your sister. You know that Denim, I am not your real sister… 
Denim: Kachua… 
(Kachua turns away from Denim) 
Kachua: I wanted to be your real sister… It doesn’t really matter… I just wanted to be close to somebody… Somebody who needed me… I wanted to be needed… 
Denim: …  
(Kachua turns to Denim) 
Kachua: Why am I not close to you? Why am I a queen?  
(Kachua walks away, turns,  brings out a dagger, and stabs herself as Denim runs up to her and catches her) 
Denim: Kachua!! 
Denim: Somebody! Somebody, help us!! Please! 
(Denim stands up to try to help her stand) 
Kachua: (her face in tears) I am sorry… I have always been a burden… I’m so… sorry… 
(Screen pans left and Kachua collapses in Denim’s arms in death) 
Denim (kneeling down in saddened despair): Kachua! 
(A knight and wizard run in) 
(Screen pans upwards into darkness) 


These scenes occur after the conversation with Denim and Kachua in Banisha Castle takes place. In a small, but amusing, scene, Barbas is reprimanded by Dark Knight Lans for living through a battle that he lost. Meanwhile, a meeting between Queen Bersalia and the Liberation army takes place in Fiduc Castle if Kachua lives. If Kachua is dead, a meeting between Denim and Moruba takes place at Fiduc Castle instead. I followed the path where Kachua is still alive. If Kachua ever does die, the scene between Moruba and Denim also takes place if you return to Fiduc Castle after her death. You have the opportunity  

Somewhere far away from Banisha Castle... 

(Barbas is surrounded by some other men) 
Lans: Barbas, you shameless bastard. You have come back from your battle alive!...  
Barbas: ... 
(Lans turns away) 
Lans: We will go back to Heigm!  
(Dark Knights start to depart as well as Lans Tartare) 
Lans: You're useless!  
(Lans walks away) 
Barbas: ... 

The Fiduc Castle scene after Banisha Castle if Kachua lives: 

(Kachua stands up) 
Kachua: I thank you for saving me. I will never forget Bacrum's loyalty and hard work.  
Moruba: I thank you for your kind words.  
Kachua: I pray that the war will end as soon as possible. To achieve this, you need Sanctus. I expect great things from you.  
Moruba: We offer our lives to you, your highness. Your highness, please wait at Fiduc Castle and...  
Kachua: Moruba! Valeria is in jeopardy! As queen, I can't just sit back and watch my loyal followers risk their lives in battle! I shall join you on the front lines. To prove that I am a true leader.  
Moruba: But...  
Kachua: Do not worry about me.  
Moruba: Yes, your highness.  
(Kachua sits down again) 
Kachua: Now, what is the situation on the front line...  
Denim: The Bacrum army is moving, but there is no sign of the Roslolians. It seems like Lodis abandoned them. 
Kachua: Then this will be the final battle Let us take back the city of Heigm that my late father Dolgare had built. This shall be the end of the war!  
(Denim stands up) 
Denim: Get the troops ready!  
(Everyone stands and leaves as Denim sits down) 
Kachua: How did I do? Did I do Ok? 
Denim: You have done well, Kachua. Father would have been proud. 
Kachua: I feel awkward... 
Moruba: Don't worry. You'll get used to it... 
Kachua: Do you think so?  
Denim: I sitll think you should stay in the castle. It's better that you... 
Kachua: I told you already, I am not doing that. I don't want to be treated like a goddess, I'm just like everyone else. And if I get in danger, I know you will help me. Right?  
Denim: Well, yea, but... 
Kachua: Really, Denim? 
Moruba: The late King also loved to be in the front... It must be in the blood... 
Kachua: That's right! The King's spirit will protect me.  
Denim: Promise me that you won't do anything crazy.  
Kachua: I promise. 

The Fiduc Castle scene if Kachua dies: 

(Denim and Moruba face each other in the council chambers surrounded by knights. Denim looks down at the table) 
Moruba: Denim! This is not the time to mourn!You still have a lot to accomplish! 
Denim: My sister is dead. Tell me… is there any reason left to fight? 
Moruba: This is not your fault. This was her fate.  
Denim: Fate!? Losing my sister Was fate!? Is that what you call it? No! I killed my sister. 
(Denim looks down) 
Moruba: Leave us. 
Knight: Yes, sir.  
(All knights in the room leave the room) 
Moruba: Calm down, Denim. How can you lead the troops when you are too emotional? We can’t turn back the clock. We have to move on! 
Denim: … 
Moruba: Since we failed to save Kachua, there is only one other thing we can do… We will say that the Dark Knights and Bacrum were responsible for the death of the queen! In fact, they were the ones who put Kachua over the  edge.  
Denim: No! I pushed Kachua over the edge…! I killed my… 
Moruba: Stop this! You are the leader, you are responsible for the lives of so many. How can you be so weak!? Have you forgotten what Plancy told you!? You’re fighting to end this war! Remember that!! 
(Denim looks down) 
Denim: … 
(Moruba stands up and moves towards the door) 
Moruba: The Bacrum Army is making their move! Battle is inevitable! 
I will prepare the troops. Denim, you have to get over this… We need you… (Moruba walks out of the room) 
Denim: (still looking down) Kachua… 
(You’re given the choice at this point to become the lord class) 


The final battle in the war for Valeria takes place at Heigm. After breaking through the front or rear entrance to the Heigm Castle courtyard, Cardinal Branta begins to panic and the Dark Knights withdraw their alliance with Bacrum. Barbas, Martym, and Andoras betray the other Dark Knights and side with Branta. They also eventually leave Branta to his fate after using his influence to capture Lans and the other Dark Knights. Branta is left all alone at this point to face the wrath of his own nephew. 

Heigm Castle 

Soldier: Your highness, the enemy has broken through the castle gate!! 
Branta: Damn! What a mess!! 
Branta: This is all the Dark Knights’ fault! I should never have trusted them! They not only have the queen, but now they are trying to take Heigm! Draw your swords, men! Fight! Show them your power! 
A familiar voice: Your highness, calm down. 
(Everyone turns to see Lans and Balzepho) 
Branta: There you are, you bastards!! 
Lans: It’s been a while, your highness. 
Branta: If you don’t want to be the laughing stalk of the whole continent, you better get your ass out there and fight!! 
Lans: I’m not here to talk about strategy… I came here to say good-bye, your highness. 
Branta: What!? Are you abandoning me!? 
Lans: Choose your words carefully, your highness. Had you listened to us, you would never be in this situation. If you gave up your position to the queen, you could have reduced your people’s desire to revolt. 
(Branta stands up) 
Branta: Is that your excuse!? 
Lans: Don’t you understand!? Your highness. It’s over! You have lost the war. 
(Branta lays back down in his chair) 
Branta: Ha, ha, ha, ha. (sits up again) I’m not defeated yet! You’re the loser!! 
(Barbas puts a sword to Lans and Andoras does the same to Balzepho) 
Lans: Barbas! Have you gone mad!! 
Barbas: Your era is over!! 
(Some terror knights walk forward and Branta does the same) 
Branta: Take them!   

Later in Heigm Castle after Denim breaks through the courtyard... 

(Martym is harrassing Balzepho and takes something from him) 
Martym: You won’t be needing this where you’re going… (Martym stands) 
Balzepho: You.. traitor…! 
(Martym punches Balzepho unconcious) 
Martym: …You’re the traitor. You have betrayed Lodis. 
Volac: What!  
Martym: We should now be able to open the seal without the queen. As long as we have Brunhild!  
Volac: What do you mean!?  
Martym: This Holy Sword is able to break any magic seal. He had the key all along, but our stupid leader had us look for a dead woman and a whiny queen for nothing!  
Volac: Is that true, sir!? 
Martym: I’m not gonna let you keep Dolgare’s treasure all to your yourselves! 
(Volac blinks) 
Balzepho: …Are you threatening us!?  
(Martym kicks Balzepho) 
Martym: Calm down. I’m not going to kill you. Although when the Liberation Army takes over, they might. There’s nothing I can do about that.  
(Martym walks out) 
Volac: Balzepho,are you alright!?  
(Andoras walks forward) 
Volac: Andoras!  Are you also a part of these traitors!?  
Andoras: You’re going to pay for my father, my mother, and my brothers… 
(Andoras turns away) 
Volac: Are you still holding a grudge against us for killing the Nirdum Royal Family? 
(Andoras walks out) 
(Volac looks at Lans) 
Lans: Stop it, they can’t handle it anyway.  

Inside Heigm Castle 

(A noise is heard and Barbas turns to see Martym) 
Barbas: So? 
Martym: The old fart Balzepho had it!  
(Andoras comes in) 
Andoras: Things are getting wrong… 
(Branta stands up and walks towards them) 
Branta: They’re here! Do something! 
Barbas: We’ll go to the Eden, as we had planned.  
Branta: What are you guys up to!? 
(Barbas turns to Branta) 
Barbas: Are you telling us what to do, you imbecile? 
Branta: (backing away) What!!! How dare you talk to me like that!! 
(A commotion is heard and they turn to see Denim) 
Denim: Branta! This is the end!! 
Martym: Damn! They’re already here!  
(Martym and Andoras use an escape to leave as Barbas watches) 
Branta: Are you running away!?  
Barbas: We’re done listening to you. Your time is over. You were the one who started this war. It’s your problem now! We’re not going to stick around and clean up!  
(Barbas uses an escape to leave and the rest of the Liberation Army shows up) 
Denim: Wait, Barbas! 
(Battle begins) 

Branta pathetically pleads for his life to Denim: 

Branta: Denim! My nephew! It’s not too late! Bow to me and let us rule Valeria together as uncle and nephew! 
Denim: You will be the one to bow your head to me, Branta! If you call off your troops and put down your sword, then I will spare your life. If you resist, I’ll kill you! 
Branta: Look! The Dark Knights have already left! I was merely doing what they were telling me to do. Yes. I lowered myself to become their puppet to save Valeria! When we lost King Doglare, Lodis intervened in Valeria and nobody was ready to stop them! If we declared war against them, we would have wll been killed! I just did what I had to do to protect the people of Valeria! Please, believe me! 
Denim: They why didn’t you tell the King that the queen was alive? Why did you keep silent when the prince passed away!? You were just using the King, my father, and even Kachua for your own selfish desires.  
Branta: So what! A commoner like me can’t gain power by living by his beliefs. Sometimes you have to deceive people! Denim, the world is not a fair place. People are unequal from the day that they are born! …but complaining about my family background won’t change anything. I would rather fight! I will fight to achieve everything I want! Didn’t you get to where you’re at by fighting? Your status is based on blood and sacrifice! How can you blame me for what I did? 

(Battle ends) 
Branta: Why… why… this can’t happen… (dies) 


After the defeat of Branta, both Denim and Kachua try to create order in Heigm Castle. The fate of Lans Hamilton is learned at this point and shocks the both of them, especially Kachua. Heck, it shocked me too to find out that Lans Hamilton was really badly messed up in the Heigm dungeons. I don't know what Lans Tartare had done to him, but they must have beaten him up badly to the point of mental retardation. He barely seems like his former self in this scene. 

Heigm Castle 

Kachua: Do not draw your swords, even if they fight back! The Dark Knights are the enemy, not the Bacrum soldiers. Send a messenger first and tell them of our intentions. Do not provoke them in any manner.  
Former Bacrum Army: As you wish. 
(Kachua turns to Denim) 
Kachua: I want to tell them the same thing to the Liberation Army. Do not fight the Bacrum soldiers. If that happens, punish them very harshly. 
Denim: I understand.  
(Kachua turns to others at table) 
Kachua: The long battle is finally over. We are not Bacrumese nor Walstanian. We are Valeria. We will forgive each other for what we have done in the past. If you have any ill will, bury it deep within yourselves. Because now is the time we have to unite and establish the new nation of Valeria.  
Former Bacrum Army: All the knights that stand before you, vow to be your loyal servants until they die, Queen Bersalia.  
Kachua: Thank you.  
(Kachua turns to Denim and Denim turns to her and stands up) 
Denim: We will go to Eden where the Roslolians have fled to! This will be the final battle!!  

Later, Denim and Kachua are lead into a hall by a ninja called Shadow... 

Shadow: This way please. (leads Denim and Kachua downstairs somewhere) 
(Denim and Kachua stop in a room and look around themselves. Denim looks at someone) 
Shadow: Is something wrong?  
Denim: No… nothing… 
(Both keep walking. Denim is the first to walk into a room with a man sitting in a chair and a young girl) 
Young girl: Mr. Denim! (she bows and Denim goes to the man in the chair) 
Young girl: Princess Bersalia!! 
(Kachua enters) 
Denim: Sir Lans…? …! 
A man who gazes at the ocean (looks in really bad shape): … 
(Denim looks at a box on table) 
Denim: This is… Sir Lans music box…? 
(Denim gets the music box from the table and opens it. Music starts playing. Man in chair stirs and looks towards Denim) 
Man: Au…aa…a…a… (man tries to get up and falls out of chair) 
(Dramatic music plays) 
Denim: No, this can’t be…! 
(Girl goes to the man and tries to put him back in his chair) 
Young girl: It’s okay… Sit down… 
(Man returns to his chair) 
Kachua: (looking shocked) No!! 
(Kachua runs from the room) 
Young girl: Your highness… 
(Denim looks down) 
(Girl looks towards Denim) 
Young girl: Um… Do you know this man? 
Denim: … 
Young girl: I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to startle you… 
(Denim looks up at the girl) 
Denim: …No, it’s alright. I just… 
(Denim looks down again) 
Young Girl: ..Please wait a moment. 
(The girl walks to a shelf and gets a sword) 
Young girl: …This is the sword the man was carrying.  
(The girl gives the sword to Denim and he looks at it) 
Denim: This is the Zenobia Sword… 
(Denim looks up) 


The war in Valeria has ended. The only thing left for Denim to do is to go after Barbas and Martym who have taken the reamining loyal soldiers of Bacrum with them to Eden Castle. They also have the Brunhild sword, which Denim promised Warren he would try to get back. Denim and his troops have to prevent both Barbas and Martym from opening the Chaos Gate or else all of Valeria is doomed. 

Eden Level 1F 

Denim: So this is the Eden… 
(Sound is heard and Martym appears with Dark Knights) 
Martym: I was waiting for you, Denim! 
Denim: This is it, Martym! There’s no way out!! 
Martym: Don’t be so overconfident, kid! We are capable of sending 10,000 troops over to this island! But you will die here in the Eden, way before this happens.  
Denim: Is that a threat or a promise? 
Martym: You don’t believe me, do you!? I will let you guys handle it! Take care of them for me.  
Dark Knight: Yes, sir. 
(Martym leaves through a door) 
Martym: Wait, Martym!!  
(Battle begins and ends with the killing of all enemies)  

 Heaven and Hell 18F 

(Martym and Andoras are here) 
Martym: What do you want!? 
Denim: Don’t you have any pride as a knight of Lodis? You don’t have the guts to fight me!  
(Martym draws his sword) 
Martym: What did you say! 
Andoras: Stop Martym! Let me take care fo him! You have to go to Barbas!!  
Martym: Damn you!!  
(Martym puts away his sword) 
Martym: You’re lucky, kid! (uses an escape to leave) 
Denim: Wait, Martym!! 
(Battle begins) 

If Canopus is in your group, he says something to Andoras: 

Canopus: By the color of your skin and the hairiness of your body, I would have to say you are a Bolmarkan. 
Andoras: … 
Canopus: The Bolmarkans were made slaves by Lodis. Yet you became a commander in the ranks of the Dark Knights! I’d even bet you are a member of the Nirdums, the royal family that was destroyed by Lodis. I’m right, aren’t I? And you serve the country which massacred and destroyed yours? Why are you working with them? Why didn’t you fight against them? You are no different than them! 
Andoras: You don’t understand! How can you possibly understand! There are a lot of people from Nirdum in Lodis! They have been taken hostage! At least that’s how I see it!  
Canopus: Why are you trying to throw Valeria into the same situation?  
Andoras: Then kill me! And then stop Barbas!  
Canopus: Stubborn bastard!  

(Battle ends and Andoras falls to his knees as his men retreat) 
Andoras: …This is the end… 
Denim: Where is Barbas?  
Andoras: At the grave of Dolgare… they must be there… 
Denim: They found the grave?  Where is it? Where is the tomb? Tell me! 
Andoras: The grave… It’s underneath the Eden… The entire tower itself is Dolgare’s tombstone… Barbas should be… opening up the seal… by now…  
Denim: How can that be! Without Kachua, that’s impossible!  
Andoras: The sword… we stole from Zenobia… With the sword, any seal can be broken… 
Denim: …We have to hurry! To the underground!  
Andoras: Denim… listen… The reason why Nirdum was defeated was… the people were not united… like the people of… Valeria… Now that… situation is such… Lodis may… invade Valeria… Before that happens… you have to unite Valeria… make it… solid… as a rock… (Andoras dies) 

Ancient Ruins  

(Martym and Barbas are with some other Dark Knights in front of a sealed door) 
Martym: Hurry up, Barbas! They’ll be coming any minute!  
Barbas: Relax! It seems that there are different seals.  
Martym: Barbas, we are the only ones left! I don’t want to set off any traps!  
Barbas: Shut up, before I beat the living crap out of you!  
(Martym turns around to see Denim and others) 
Martym: Shit!  
(Martym then turns to see Denim) 
Martym: Damn!  
Denim: Barbas, Martym! There’s no escape for you now!  
Martym: Damn it!! He killed Andoras!  
(Barbas stands up) 
Barbas: This is it! This is the spell to break the seal!  
Martym: Hurry up, Barbas! They’re here!  
(Barbas stands some distance from the sealed door and raises Brunhild) 
Barbas: Belrowda Onnu Barinda Fyzanla Lenne Filaha… Now your lord Filaha will allow you to break the seal…! 
(A blue light appears and the symbol of Ishtar appears) 
(Barbas puts away his sword) 
Barbas: Good! (enters the ruins) 
Martym: Stop them! (enters the ruins after Barbas) 
Denim: Wait, Barbas!  

Sealed Room 

(Martym and Barbas are walking along. Barbas stands before a stonehenge-like thing and raises Brunhild) 
Barbas: I am the owner of the Holy Sword Brunhild which was given by a Holy Angel… In the name of the holy Gods… let the seal be broken where the cursed demons are imprisoned!  
(The symbol of Ishtar appears above them and a flash is seen. Barbas puts Brunhild away) 
Martym: That’s it? Nothing is happening.  
Barbas: You’re right.  
Denim: (from afar) That’s it!  
(Both turn to see Denim running towards them) 
Martym: He just won’t give up, will he?  
Barbas: Welcome, Denim! What do you think of Dolgare’s treasure?  
Denim: Treasure?  
Barbas: You don’t know…? Then I will tell you.. A long tiem ago, there was once a man who visited here…  
Denim: Long time ago?  
(Barbas walks off somewhere and turns his back) 
Barbas: The man was a courageous warrior. And he got everything. But even with that power, he couldn’t do one thing, “Resurrection”. One day, the man lost his beloved son in an accident. Followed by his wife… He desperately prayed to the Gods to get his son and wife back. But his prayers were never answered. The man became angry and lost faith in the Gods. He decided to use the demons power instead… 
(Barbas walks towards Denim again) 
Barbas: So his journey into the dark world began. To the world where demons reside. Do you know the legend of the Ogre Battle? 
Denim: Ogre Battle…? It’s about the epic battle between humans and ogres which occurred in a time of legend. 
Barbas: That’s right. Long ago, humans and ogres fought over the earth. The humans asked the Gods to support them and the Ogres asked the demons… 
Denim: What about it?  
Barbas: Do you know what happened?  
Denim: …The humans won and the ogres were sent to the underworld… Every kid knows that fairy tale!  
(Barbas turns away) 
Barbas: Ha, ha, ha, ha. 
Denim: What’s so funny!?  
(Barbas turns sideways) 
Barbas: What would you say if I was telling the truth? 
Denim: Truth?  
Barbas: The place where you are standing right now, is the gate to the dark world. This is a Chaos Gate!  
Denim: !! 
Barbas: …And the man who went to the dark world was Dolgare!  Yes, the man you guys respect so much. The former king Dolgare himself!  
(The ruins begin to shake) 
Martym: The Chaos Gate is moving.  
Barbas: Come on! Let’s go into the underworld and get the Forbidden Power.  
Denim: Oh, no! I won’t let you. 
Barbas: Sure, we all don’t have to go. Because you guys will die here!! 
(Denim’s men are behind Denim as the battle begins) 

Martym: (when he dies, turns to Barbas) What… Barbas… you… (dies) 
Barbas: Stupid bastard!  

(Battle ends) 
Barbas: I was so close… so close… (dies) 

(The ruins shake) 
Denim: The gate is opening?  
(More shaking is felt and the symbol of Asmodeus appears above everyone with a flash and Dolgare appears) 
Denim: !?  
Dolgare: I am Dolgare… The God of Valeria… (turns to Denim and the others) 
Dolgare: Lower beings who belong on earth… get on your knees and show me respect… 
Denim: You’re a God…? 
Dolgare: Give me the Brunhild… Then I shall be able to return to earth… 
Denim: I understand now… He’s still bound to the Chaos Gate… 
Dolgare: Everyone rejoice! I have returned…! 
Denim: King Dolgare…! I shall release your soul and send you to where your son and wife await. 
(Battle begins and ends. Dolgare’s body shatters) 
Denim: Damn! The Chaos Gate is still opening!! Something has to be done, or we’ll be pulled down into the underworld!! 
(The shaking of the ruinsget more violent) 
Familiar voice: By the power of the wind spirit, I shall take you to heaven!  
(Everyone, except Denim, is teleported upwards by a mysterious force.Warren appears beside Denim) 
Denim: Warren!?  
Warren: Gasp… this place is collapsing down… Once it collapses, down, the Chaos Gate should be buried… 
Denim: Warren, stop! You can’t do that in your condition!  
Warren: Thank you, Denim… This is good-bye… By the power of the wind spirit, I shall take you high into heaven! 
Denim: Warren!!!  
(Denim is lifted upwards by a mysterious force) 
(The ruins collapse around Warren who has fallen down in exhaustion)