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The Deidra Report   


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        Chapter 2   
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        Chapter 2   
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        Chapter 4   
      Hell Gate 


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Hell Gate

I decided that a special section was needed for what happens in Hell Gate since it's a miniature game all in itself. There are a few random scenes that occur when you go down all 99 levels. You could also obtain the Firecrest gem if you obtain all the four wind weapons in this dungeon. Of course, this requires that you go down Hell Gate twice, from what I'm told. The first time you fight Nybbas and the second time around, someone else is fought, though I've never managed to visit Hell Gate more than once. 

Falfadet on B1 of Hell Gate 
Radlum on B2 of Hell Gate 
Zadova on B3 of Hell Gate 
Nybbas on B4 of Hell Gate 

You meet the first of one of the characters you will see in Hell Gate. Falfadet was working for Cardinal Branta to try to look for the fabeled Dragon magic to help his cause. It seems like Branta lost interest in what she was doing and to protect herself and her troops, she decided to hide in Hell Gate. Not a pretty place to make a home. 

Hell Gate B1 

Falfadet: I never thought I'd meet you here. Did you come here to find the Dragon magic? Not good, not good. Now that I don't have the help of the Dark Knights, I'm not going to risk my life by giving you the Dragon magic. If I kill you, then there will be no reason to hide in this filthy dungeon. This Hell Gate will be your grave, little boy. 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Falfadet: You will never...make it to...the deepest... part... of... Hell Gate... 


On the second level of Hell Gate, you meet Radlum, a wandering warlock who is also in search of the fabeled Dragon magics. He obviously underestimates the numerous undead wandering around Hell Gate and gets into trouble. Denim is left with the opportunity to save him, if he could save him, which was the hardest thing for me to do. Radlum loved to move away from me and my party. It took many tries before I was able to save his life. 

Hell Gate B2 

Denim: This is creepy... 
Young man's voice: Damn! I can't kill them unless we use Holy Magic!! 
(A warlock is running) 
Radlum: I am doomed!! 
Denim: Let's go! We are going to rescue him!! 
(Battle begins and ends) 

If you managed to save Radlum's life: 
Radlum: Thank you for saving my life. I came to this Hell Gate to find the Dragon Mgic. But it is too difficult to go any further alone. If you don't mind, can I join you? I know you. Aren't you the members of the Liberation Army fighting against the Dark Knights? If you allow me to join you, I can be of good use. How;s that sound? 
Denim: 1. It's alright. 
           2. I can't 
(I chose 1...hey, I need a warlock in my party. :P) 
Denim: It's alright. Welcome to our troops, Radlum. 
Radlum: Thank you for accepting me. 


Here is where Denim and the others learn what Hell Gate truly is, a shrine to the Chaos god Asmodeus. The guardian of this temple, Zadova, is obviously not happy that Denim and his army are here. This level is also the level where you have to find the secret door on one of the walls to be able to enter B4 of Hell Gate as well as the other lower levels. 

Hell Gate B3 

Denim: Who the hell made this spooky dungeon? 
Young girl's voice: Why are you here? 
(A little girl appears) 
Denim: Why are you here!? 
(Denim looks around) 
Denim: ...Did you come here by yourself? 
Young Girl: No. Everyone died. They turned into stone. Denim Stone? 
Young girl: Do you see those statues nearby? 
(Denim looks around) 
Denim: Y, you mean these are... 
Young Girl: Yes. They were turned into statues. The guardian of this shrine put a curse on them which turned them into statues. Everyone here were once human.  
Denim: Why have they been turned to stone!? 
Young Girl: This shrine is a sacred place... Only disciples of Asmodeus are allowed here. 
Denim: Who are you...? 
(The girl backs away) 
Young Girl: My name is Zadova... And now you are going to be turned to stone!!! 
(The girl shifts into a gorgon as other monsters appear) 
Denim: What!? Are you the guardian of this shrine!?  
(More monsters appear) 
Zadova: Stupid human!! You have come to destroy the shrime! You shall be turned to stone!  
(Battle begins and ends) 
Zadova: It's alright... The more you crave the power, the closer you are to following the dark side... Go ahead... Step over my body and pursue the dark path... (dies) 


Now this is the scene with Nybbas when you reach the fourth floor of Hell's Gate. I reached this place in the Law route and I think it's pretty much the same in each route so here it goes... 

(Nybbas stands in front of zombies of Leonard and Zaebos) 
Nybbas: Hmm, the cells are decaying. It's not complete. "Necro" will only turn the living into undead. "Revivify" will only bring back life but the aging process can't be stopped. My son was so close. I was able to regenerate his body cells. But I was unable to retrieve his memory...I am trying to achieve what you would call a soul recovery. It is very difficult. When one condition is met, another thing goes wrong...Sorry, I have failed again. Forgive me. Everlasting life and youth is the one thing that human beings strive for...I guess I'll have to use this (turns to see Denim and party)... 
(Undead Zaebos and Leonard run up to them) 
Denim: Leonard!! How did you get here!? 
Nybbas: You are the last person I expected to see here. Ah yes, I remember now. It's Denim, right? I'm so glad to see you again! What are you doing here? Why the Hell Gate? Are you seeking the Dragon Magic? ... or are you seeking eternal life like me? Shall I show you the results of my research? Don't by shy, I'm so anxious to show you! (Summons a whole group of undead) You took real good care of me in Kadoriga. So this time why don't I pay you back! 
(battle begins) 
Denim: Leonard! It's me, Denim! 
Leonard: ... 
Nybbas: It's no use. He doesn't remember anything. Because they are in constant agony to be dead they envy life and those that possess it. To ease their pain, they will try to make you just like them! 
Denim: If I cannot save Leonard...Then I will turn you into one of the living dead! 
(Battle ends) 
Nybbas: This...this is the end...King of Darkness Demunza, give me the power of darkness which has been sealed within this ring...May the seal be broken!! 
(Nybbas breaks the seal on the ring as he dies and turns into a lich) 
Nybbas: How do you like this? Hee, hee, hee... If you are craving for the ability to become an undead it can only be achieved by using the knowledge. But you have to give up being a human being. Hee, hee, hee...I may see you again...So long... 
(Nybbas turns into a bat and disappears) 
Denim: Wait, Nybbas!! 
Zaebos: ...Why am I here? What is this body...? (Zaebos dies) 
Leonard: ...Where am I? What was I... 
Denim: Leonard! 
Leonard: Denim...? I was dead... (Leonard dies) 
Denim: Leonard!!