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The Deidra Report   


        Chapter 1   

        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3   
        Chapter 4   
        Chapter 2   
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        Chapter 4   

        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3  
        Chapter 4   
      Hell Gate 


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Law Route
(Chapter 4)

Yes! I freely admit it! I'm a murderer! I listened to Leonard and killed all those poor souls in Baramus (but at least I got Leonard back GOOD in the end). I wanted to be different because I knew everyone would choose not to kill them and end up going the Chaos route. Welp, I wanted to be an individual and go the Law route. Unfortunately for me, I missed all the great things Canopus says (whaa, and he's my favorite character too). When I get done with the law route, I'll try going down the Chaos route too, but for now I'm stuck on the Law route. 

Battle at Banisha Castle (Barbas vs. Guildus, Mildain, Canopus)  
Denim rescues Kachua at Banisha Castle  

The Battle with Barbas in the courtyard of Banisha Castle was one of my favorite scenes in the game. This is where you get to see Canopus, Guildus, and Mildain really shine in all their humorous glory. Remember, you only see this scene if you have all three of them and Vice in your party. 

Mildain: You are going to pay for what you did in Rime! 
Barbas: Listen to that loser from Rime. Just give up your sword, you are not a knight! Why don't you just go home and milk some cows? 
Mildain: You know you should really be worried about yourself before you start worrying about me. Otherwise your face will get so ugly that you won't be able to attract the bitches in Hell! 

Canopus: So you are the Roslolians that I heard about. The knights who invaded Rime and murdered innocent people. Not only that, you even attacked my blood brother! Where is Lans!? 
Guildus: Excuse me!? Since when did our leader become your blood brother!? 
Canopus: What else should I call him, a blood dad? I'm not that old! 
Barbas: What the hell is that duck quacking about!? Shoo before I turn you into Peking Duck! 
Canopus: Duck!? Who are you calling a duck!? I'm pissed! At least I don't look like a baboon... 

Guildus: You look familiar...Where have I seen you... That's odd, how can I forget such an ugly face? Or was that your ass I saw? 
Barbas: The knight from Zenobia! You really are a fool!! 
Guildus: Where is that clown-like friend of yours? 
Barbas: Martym? You know Martym? Now I remember... You're the knight who begged for mercy when you got hit by Martym! 
Guildus: You haven't changed a bit! You make things sound so dramatic! 

Vice: I remember you! I know you! 
Barbas: What is it, kid! 
Vice:(turning to Denim) Denim! It's him! He's the one who killed my dad!! 
Barbas: Oh, now I remember you! Prepare to join your father in Hell!! 
Vice: I don't think so! I will be sending you to hell to apologize to my father, you bastard! 

This scene is the one that occurs after you fight inside Banisha castle and defeat Lans (Lans Tartare). This is where Denim speaks to Kachua and tries to convince her that he came to save her. This scene is strange because you have to choose what you say with care if you don't want Kachua to kill herself. The choices I made allowed me to save her and prevent her from committing suicide. 

Denim: Kachua, come here... (Kachua walks up to him in an abandoned room). 
Denim: Are you alright Kachua? 
Kachua: What are you going to do to me? 
Denim: What...? Kachua, I came to save you. 
Kachua: That name has no meaning for me. I am Bersalia, the queen of Valeria. 
Denim: No, you are my sister! 
Kachua: ... 
Denim: We lived together as a family. We may not be related by blood, but does it make a difference? You're my one and only sister. 
Kachua: No! Then why did you abandon me? Why did you get rid of me? 
(Here you could either choose 1. I  didn't. or 2. I did once. I chose 2). 
Denim: I did once. But that is because I didn't want to involve you in battles. 
Kachua: You're lying! You just got tired of me. 
(Here again you're given either choice 1, I love you! or choice 2, Come with me. I chose choice 1). 
Denim: No Kachua, I love you! Don't you understand? I love you... I will never be happy without you... 
Kachua: Denim... 
Denim: Kachua. Father is dead. I had a chance to talk to him before he died... He told me that if he returned you to the King after the death of the prince, the war might have not occured. But he didn't. He just couldn't give up the child who called him "father". You know that I'm not lying. Dad loved you, Kachua. He loved you more than anything else in the world! He loved you even though you were not his real daughter. 
Kachua: Father... 
Denim: Come with me, Kachua! I'm not about to give up my only sister! 
Kachua: ... (she walks over to Denim and hugs him *sniff* oh, alright alright, yes I'm getting all warm and fuzzy inside right now :P). 
Denim: I'm sorry, Kachua. I will never abandon you again. 

(Side note: I personally think that Kachua and Denim could possibly end up getting together. I don't know why I think that, but I think it could happen. Think about it, the only guy Kachua ever truly cared about was Denim and the only girl he ever cared about was her. Then again there's also Vice who CLAIMS to love her [well, only if you get him killed in battle in the Law route]. Am I sick, perverted, or both? No, I'm just up at 5 in the morning wondering why the hell I'm typing this and thinking up a bunch of conspiracy theories for Tactics Ogre at this god forsaken time of day. ^_^)