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The Deidra Report   


        Chapter 1   

        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3   
        Chapter 4   
        Chapter 2   
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        Chapter 4   

        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3  
        Chapter 4   
      Hell Gate 


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Neutral Route
(Chapter 2)

I finally started working on the Chaos route and onward to the Neutral route. I'm starting to see just how long Tactics Ogre is and how much dedication it takes to completing thing game, yikes. All in all, it's worth it and I'm constantly learning new things about the characters in the game, especially Leonard, who's my most favorite because his character is so complex. (Note: Yes, I know this section looks similar to the Chaos route, Chapter 2 section. That's because it IS the same as the other section. Chapter 2 happens the same way for both routes. I just did things this way so all the routes are arranged in an orderly manner according to chapter)  

Denim disobeys the Duke's orders   
Denim, Kachua, and Canopus hide in Ashton City   
Denim meets Alocer   
Denim and Kachua meets Zapan   
Alocer learns the truth about Baramus   
Denim meets Forcas   
The rescuing of Byan and Sisteena   
The reunion of Sisteena and Forcas   
Denim, Kachua, and the others meet Selye   
Denim searches for Lans Hamilton in Rime   
Duke Ronway hears of the invasion of Rime   
Denim arrives at Amorika Castle to rescue Kachua 

I thought that this was a very moving scene, one of the most pivotal ones in the game. It's here where you have to decide to follow the Duke's orders and go down the Law route or disobey, which leads you to the Chaos route. 

Leonard: Will you obey the Duke's order? Otherwise the future of Walsta is doomed! 
Denim: 1. I understand. 
             2. No way! 
(I was pulling my hair out on this one even though this was my second time going through this...this time I chose 2, I didn't want to go through with it and I wanted to see the chaos route.) 
Denim: No way! How can you achieve peace by murdering innocent people!?  
Leonard: You are still young... I envy your pure soul... If you can't stain your hands to achieve that ideal, you have no business being involved in this war! 
(Leonard slashes Denim with his sword and Kachua and Vice run outside) 
Kachua: Denim! (runs to Denim) 
Kachua: Denim, are you alright? Vice, come here! 
(Vice pauses) 
Kachua: Vice? What are you...? No, don't do this to us! 
Leonard: Kill them, Vice! Kill them both! 
(Vice walks slowly towards them, his face seen in a new, sadistic light) 
Vice: ...What an idiot! People with no will to fight for their freedom are......already dead. No matter how many we kill, it doesn't matter. Those people should be happy to die for Walsta.  
Kachua: Are you serious? What has happened to you Vice!? 
Vice: Shut up, Kachua. Stop treating me like a baby. And you, Denim! How did you become the leader in the first place!? You suck as a leader!  
(Gargastan troops arrive and Leonard turns around) 
Leonard: (turning to Vice) Vice, leave them here and follow me. We are going to wipe out the town with or without them! 
(Both run away to do their dirty work) 
Denim: Wait, Leonard! Vice! 
(Battle begins and when it ends...) 
Vice: (to Denim) ...After this, it's your turn. Until then... 


This occurs after the beginning of Chapter Two. Kachua, Denim and Canopus are hiding out in Ashton City deciding what to do next. 

Kachua: Don't blame yourself. There was nothing you could have done.  
Denim: I just...couldn't do it. I couldn't protect them... 
Kachua: ...Denim, let's leave the island.  
Denim: Don't say that, Kachua. You know I can't do that, not until I avenge father's death. I just can't run away now. I can't let the people who died in Baramus die in vain, I have to finish this.  
(Canopus walks in and sits down) 
Canopus: ...Are you kids fighting again? Here, take a look at this. (brandishes a WANTED sign with Denim's name and face on it) 
Canopus: They raised the bounty on your heads again! It's up to 30,000 Goth now! Ronway must be desperate!  
(Denim looks carefully at paper) 
Kachua: That bastard...He's making it look like we're criminals.  
Canopus: Actually, in war there are no good or bad. People can be criminals and victims at the same time. We can also say that the winners of the war are the good guys and the losers are the bad guys.  
Denim: (walking away and looks down) I see... I guess that means I'm the criminal and the loser, since I couldn't save them.  
Canopus: Right. Therefore, you have no choice but to win. Don't brood over your failures anymore.  
Kachua: (walking towards Canopus) But to where? 
Canopus: The Liberation Army went over the Barnam mountains and are gathered somewhere in the Swanzi Forest. 
Denim: (looking up) Finally, they've mobilized the attack on the Gargastan Army. And now Gargastan doesn't have enough power. 
Canopus: Yup. Barbatos is down for the count now... The Walstanians have all but won.  
Kachua: And we will remain criminals... 
Canopus: (standing) That is why we have to go. We have to deal with our situation first. According to the information I received, Lans is on Tanmas Hill which is located in back of the Swanzi Forest. If most of the Liberation Army is concentrated in the Forest, then this is the perfect time to break through... 
Kachua: Then we can talk to Lans! I know that he will help us! 
Denim: (nodding) You're right. There's no point in just sitting around here. Let's move! 


The next scene is where Alocer meets Denim as he leaves Ashton City. She truly believes that Denim is responsible for the Baramus massacre even though the rumors aren't true. This is basically Alocer and Denim exchanging words to each other as they fight. 

Ashton City 

Alocer: You're Denim! I have been looking for you. You will die!! 
Denim: A bounty hunter!? I can't aford to lose my head yet. Sorry... 
Alocer: I'm not a bounty hunter. I'm paying you back for what you did in Baramus! 
Denim: A survivor of Baramus! Hold on, and listen to my story! 
Alocer: You son of a bitch!!! Shut up! I will avenge the death of my brother! 
(Battle begins) 
Denim: Wait! I did not kill the people of  Baramus! I was there, but I tried to stop the massacre! 
Alocer: Do I look that stupid to you! Why did you betray Walsta!? 

Alocer: My brother injured his foot while working in the mines. He couldn't even walk. And yet you guys... 

Denim: Duke Ronway was the one who gave the order to kill everybody in Baramus. It was not the Gargastans! 
Alocer: Now you are blaming our great leader! How dare you!  
Kachua: It's no use. She will not listen. We will have to fight. 

(When you beat Alocer...) 
Alocer: ...I guess this is it. I'm sorry, bro. I failed to avenge you... 
Alocer: Go ahead, kill me! Kill me like you did to the rest! 
Denim: At this point, I can do whatever I want with you. But, I won't take your life.  
Alocer: Wh-what do you mean? It's no use to take me prisoner. 
Denim: No... I want to prove to you that I'm innocent. I want you to see me with your own eyes and listen to me with your own ears. You must know the truth. After that, if you still think I'm the enemy, then I'll let you take my life. 
Alocer: You can't deceive me... Do whatever you want. 
Denim: ...Very well 


I really didn't have to add this scene, but I thought it was funny the way Zapan treats Kachua throughout this brief part. 

Zodo Marsh 

Zapan: It must be my lucky day! I just found 30,000 Goth!  
Kachua: He deosn't look like much of a bounty hunter. He's kind of flabby around the mid-section... 
Zapan: Ha, ha, ha. What a feisty one! If I were you, I'd watch that tongue of yours! But don't worry, I won't hurt you. I will spare your life, sweetheart. I will take "good" care of you. (laughs) Well, shall we begin? Hey, don't let them get away! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Zapan: Shit, I underestimated you. How stupid of me! I shall retreat for now! (uses an escape) 


My God, this is one of my favorite scenes in the game because it's so tragic. You have to feel almost sorry for what Alocer has to hear, not knowing that her own boyfriend was responsible for carrying out the Duke's orders. Still, I have an admiration for her for letting go of him like she did. If I were in her place, I don't know if I'd be able to do the same so easily. 

Tanmas Hill (Night time) 

(Denim, Kachua, and Alocer walk forward. Alocer looks around) 
Denim: This is odd. Nobody's here. I wonder why they went to Swanzi Forest? 
Denim:..You are...! 
(Vice walks forward) 
Vice: Long time no see, Denim. Glad to see you again. I was worried that you got killed by one of those bounty hunters. I'm glad you're still alive. 
(Kachua walks forward) 
Kachua: What are you doing here? Where's Lans? 
Alocer: Vice? What are you doing here? I thought you were at the Swanzi Forest? 
Vice: Alocer? I thought you were dead. You bitch! You turned your back on us! Can't you tell who's going to win the war?  
Alocer: No, you misunderstood. I just... 
Denim: Why are you here, Vice? Where's Sir Lans? 
Vice: What an idiot! Can't you see you've been suckered again? I didn't think you would believe the information I leaked. But thanks to your stupidity, it worked well. Your beloved Zenobian is not here. I guess he's getting drunk at the old town of Rime with some women. 
(Denim backs away as soldiers appear) 
Vice: I will not let you go. I'm going to kill you both. You're nothing but a nuisance. Besides, the Duke ordered us to kill all the witnesses of Baramus. 
Alocer: !!! 
Vice: That goes for you too, Alocer. I can't let you tell anybody what really happened 
Alocer: You, Vice? Then you were there in Baramus! 
Vice: Yeah, with your lover Leonard. ...You didn't know anything about this? You weren't told anything? (Side comment: Well, what the hell was Leonard supposed to say? "Honey, I , uh, murdered a whole bunch of our people, including your brother, in Baramus. Why don't we just jump in bed right now and get naked!" Come on, Vice! Be more reasonable!) 
(Alocer backs away) 
Alocer: No... What a disaster! Is it really worth it? Do you really want to win that badly? 
Vice: You shouldn't have known this, but it's too late now. You can't live with a guy whose hand is stained with blood. It would be better for you to die here.  
(Denim turns and calls his army) 
Vice: Kill them all! Spare no one!  
(People are positioned and the battle begins) 
Denim: Pull your troops back, Vice! Why do we have to fight like this!? 
Vice: You disobeyed an order. You're a traitor! 
Denim: Who in the world would allow himself to butcher innocent people!? 
Vice: I would... I would sacrifice a thousand more lives to create a better future for our people.  
Denim: Vice... You're hopeless... 
Alocer: I shall avenge my brother's death. Even if I have to kill you, Leonard!  
Vice: This is looking bad. We have to retreat! (Uses an escape) 
Vice: Denim! You can't go back to Ashton! I've alread blocked the road! Surrendering will not help you, because I'm going to kill you!  
Alocer: Vice, you bastard! Are you going to run away from us!? Go ahead, try it. I'll follow you to Hell and back. You will pay for what you did in Baramus! 
Alocer: Denim, I must apologize... From now on, my life is yours... 
Denim: We will retreat before the enemy's reinforcements arrive. Let's head to Krizar. 


The next part's pretty self-explanatory... 

Krizar City 

(A bunch of knights from the Walsta Liberation Army surround a knight [FORCAS! FORCAS!!]) 
Ganashe: Here comes the hero of Griate. Vice was right.  
(Looks at knight) 
Ganashe: So you're one of Denim's men. 
Knight: ... 
Ganashe: Look, we have one of your Knights captive. Too bad. (looks towards Denim and army) 
Denim: Who is he? Do you recognize him, Kachua?  
Kachua: No, I've never seen him before. You never send anyone on scouting missions.  
Ganashe: Take him away! (the other knights push him away) 
Ganashe: This is where you die will you traitor!  
(Battle begins and ends) 
Ganashe: I-I can't believe it, defeated by a traitor... (dies) 

Later in Krizar.. 

Forcas: My name is Forcas. A Knight of the Valeria Liberation front. 
Kachua: The Valeria Liberation front? That was the army Sisteena belonged to... 
Forcas: Oh, so it was you who saved Sisteena in the city of Rime. I heard that you're in quite a jam. I never thought that I would meet you here.  
Denim: Please excuse us, but we don't have time to talk. The Duke's army is after us. We have to meet up with Sir Lans in the city of Rime.  
Forcas: How do you plan to get to Rime? With the power you have right now, you couldn't break through the guards at Tanmas. You're too reckless. 
Denim: But we just can't sit... 
Forcas: I have a suggestion. I want you to help me rescue my comrades who were captured by pirates. When we get our ship back from them, then we can take you to Rime. Not a bad deal, huh? 
Kachua: It sounds almost too good... 
Forcas: Well, the way I see it, you don't have any other choice. Am I right?  
Denim: He does have a point, it's a bad idea to take the road there. Maybe a ship would be the safest way to go... 
Forcas: The pirates are at Fort Kadoriga. There's not that many of them. 
Denim: I guess my options are pretty limited at the moment... Ok, I'll help you. 
Forcas: Thank you. You won't regret it... 
Kachua: Do you believe him? Remember, he's a member of the Valeria Liberation front.  
Denim: We have no choice but to go by his word, Kachua. 
Kachua: He's taking advantage of our situation... I don't like this.  
Denim: Don't say that. He's pretty desperate too... 
(Kachua looks down) 
Kachua: But... 
Denim: Did you know that you always complain when things don't go your way? You can be such a baby. 
(Denim leaves) 
Kachua: ... 


The next scene is where Byan asks you on Forcas's behalf to save Sisteena, one of the four Foreigner sisters. You have a choice of saying yes or no but in this case aI said yes to the offer. 

Fort Kadoriga 

Dasa: Back again? You're a fool. No matter how many men you bring, you'll never defeat us. We've been raised by the mighty Obello Ocean. 
Forcas: Byan! Are you Okay? We will rescue you!  
Byan: Forcas, why did you come back!? You shouLd've left me behind!  
(opposing army gets closer to him) 
Dasa: Ugh, kill the old man as well. I don't care. But don't kill the girl. We can sell her for a high price. 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Dasa: I can't believe this... Veldo... forgive me... (dies) 


Forcas: We got our ship back. Now we can move on. I will take you to the city of Rime, as I promised. Please, come aboard. 
Byan: Wait a minute, Forcas. Sisteena is still being held captive.  
Forcas: What!? I thought she escaped!  
Byan: Sorry. She was taken to their hideout. 
Byan: I think we should rescue Sisteena before we return to Fort Bodo... 
Forcas: ...I'm aware of that. But taking these guys to Rime comes first. 
Byan: Are you abandoning Sisteena!? 
Forcas: They kept their word. Now I must keep mine... 
Byan: But we're talking about Sisteena here! 
Forcas: (turns to Byan) I'll be a Knight before I become a man. I will not break a promise which I made as a Knight. 
Byan: You are so stubborn! Fine, I shall ask them myself.  
Byan: (turning to Denim) Well, you heard the story. One of our comrades is still being held captive by the pirates. I know this has nothing to do with you, but I'm asking for your help.  
Kachua: You have your own comrades. Why don't you ask them to help?  
Byan: We don't have much time...  
Kachua: Nor do we. The Liberation Army is after us. Look, we've done our part. And just like your friend mentioned, this is the time for you to keep your promise.  
Byan: Once we are on the sea, the Liberation Army can't come after you. Even if we drop by the Pirate's hideout, you'll only be held up for about three days.  
Forcas: Byan, that's enough. What she said is right.  
Byan: Denim, what do you think? You're their leader... 
Denim: 1. I will help you. 
            2. I'm sorry... 
(DAMMIT! I chose 1!!!! GO FORCAS!) 
Denim: I will help you out. We may have different ideals, but I know what it feels like to lose a friend in battle.  
Kachua: Denim!  
Denim: Look, I'm in charge here, Kachua! I'm sure everybody will understand.  
Forcas: I appreciate your generosity, Denim.  
Byan: I know where their hideout is. Fort Damsa is on Dicniga island. 
Denim: Then we shall go there. To Damsa!  


This is the part where you go into Fort Damsa to save Sisteena. She's being held by Veldo, who is the now widowed wife of Dasa. I included that scene here because I was shocked that you had to go in to kill a pregnant woman in order to save Sisteena's life. It's disturbing some of the things they make you do in this game... 

Fort Damsa 

Veldo: Are you the one who killed my husband? Sure, he was over-weight, but he was still my husband and the father of my unborn child... 
Forcas: Set Sisteena free! If you value your life, it would be wise to... 
Veldo: Shut up asshole! Before you get to her, you'll have to go through me! Dasa was my husband! Don't underestimate me just because I'm a woman! I will avenge the death of my husband! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Veldo: Dear... where are you...? I'll soon join you with our baby... 

Later at a port... 

Sisteena: This is the second time you saved my life. I can't thank you enough.  
Forcas: I'm glad you're alive. I missed you so much.  
Sisteena: I missed you too. It's a miracle that you two are still alive.  
Kachua: Excuse me for interrupting this picture perfect moment, but can we go now?  
Forcas: O-of course. We shall leave before it gets dark. 
Byan: Hey... How about stopping by Fort Bodo on the way? 
Sisteena: That's a good idea. Then I can repay you for your kindness. Besides, you may be able to stop my sister.  
Kachua: Fort Bodo? That fort has been abandoned for years. What could be so important?  
Forcas: Fort Bodo is one of our bases. Our leader Selye will be there.  
Denim: Any particular reason why we should meet the leader of the Valeria Liberation front?  
Sisteena: You'll know what I mean when you meet her. You'll see that we have problems as well.  
Forcas: Now get on board. We should leave. 


This is where you meet Selye for the very first time and I have to admit, her attitudes about war are totally in line with what Leonard believes. She feels that you must do anything in order to achieve victory, even if it means killing innocent people. If Leonard had not been paired up with Alocer in the beginning...I would say that Selye and him would get along just fine paired together. ^_^; 

Fort Bodo 

(Denim, Kachua and Sisteena walk forward.) 
Archer: Who are you! 
Archer: (notches arrow) State your business!! 
(Denim arms sword) 
Sisteena: Don't worry. He is one of my comrades. 
(Denim sheathes sword) 
Sisteena: It's me, Sisteena! Put down your bow before you hurt yourself! 
Warrior: Sisteena!? You are alive! Selye was so concerned about you. Please come inside.  
Sisteena: Let's go!  
(All three go inside) 
Selye: Why did you bring these criminals before me!? Are you trying to give away the location of our secret bases to them!? 
Sisteena: Before you jump to any conclusions, please listen to my story!  
Selye: How dare you speak to me in that tone of voice! I'm the leader of this army! 
Sisteena: These kind strangers rescued me from the pirates.  
Selye: Pirates? They didn't hurt you, did they?  
Sisteena: I'm fine, Selye. Everyone is safe. ...The reason I'm here is to stop you from carrying out your crazy plan.  
Selye: Not again! I'm through discussing the matter with you! I will not change my mind! Our comrades that also felt the way you did about my decision left here with you. I never forced any of you to go along with my decision. That is why I didn't stop you from leaving.  
Kachua: What decision? What crazy plan? Would anyone care to fill us in...? 
Selye: Shut up, you whiny bitch! It's none of your damn business!  
Sisteena: She is planning the assassination of Duke Ronway.  
Selye: Sisteena! Silence! How dare you involve these interlopers!  
Sisteena: Killing the Duke will not end the war. On the contrary, the Dark Knights and Bacrum will declare war against the Walstanians.  
Selye: That's right! It's just a matter of time before Gargastan loses the war. Once the Liberation army defeats Gargastan, they will have big power. Then Bacrum and Walsta forces will be equal. If an all out war broke out, both countries should fall. But, Branta and Ronway knows that to happen. They will keep their neutrality treaty. But if the Duke dies, Bacrum will invade Walsta. Once Branta defeats Walsta, we must assassinate Branta. 
Kachua: (looking away) Do you really think that your plan will pan out so smoothly?  
Selye: It will and when we nail Branta, that is when true peace will return to the land of Valeria!! Why don't you be part of my plan? Why don't you join us and kill the Duke? It's a whole lot better than being a criminal on the run.  
Sisteena: It is always the common people who suffer from war...I don't want to kill any innocent people. I don't want to see a country built on a foundation of blood! 
(A warrior runs in during the middle of the conversation) 
Selye: What's wrong with you!? What's going on!?  
Warrior: I just got word that... 
Selye: Rest a moment. Then give me your report.  
Warrior: The Gargastans...they have been defeated by the Walsta Liberation Army. Coritani Castle has fallen! 
Kachua: What!  
Warrior: Barbatos...was captured and executed this morning!  
Selye: Perfect...Everything is going accoring to plan. Tell our comrades to prepare!! 
Warrior: Yes, Sir, err...I mean, Ma'am! 
Selye: Also, tell our messenger to rest.  
Warrior: Yes, Sir, err...I mean, Ma'am! 
Sisteena: Selye, don't do it!  
Selye: Now that Coritani Castle has fallen, we have no choice but to execute our plan. We have to act quickly before the Duke completely takes over. It's too late, Forcas.  
Sisteena: You're wrong, Selye!!  
Selye: I'm sorry, but I have no time for idle chatter. You don't see the reality of our situation...If you give up freedom, what will you have left? You've lost sight of what you're truly fighting for. We must do whatever it takes to make our dream reality. My sister is not a revolutionary. She won't stain her hands with the blood of innocents to succeed.  
Selye: (looks at Forcas) ...but I still love her. Take care of my sister for me. Help her anyway you can.  

Later...Sisteena looks by herself outside 

Sisteena: You're wrong, Selye. There must be another way. You're becoming what you want to destroy. You will do anything to achieve your own selfish goals. Have we been fighting to establish a country who's foundation is built upon the blood of innocent people?  

Denim: 1. Join us. 
             2. Be practical. 
(I chose 1...damn, it's like Baramus all over again...) 
Denim: Join us, Sisteena. We have a lot in common, don't you think?  
Sisteena: ...I noticed that the first time you rescued me.  
Denim: Then come, let us fight together! 
Sisteena: Thank you... I will never give up my beliefs. Even if that means I must fight against my own sister... 


Well, Denim trusted Vice's word on Lans being around Rime, but it looks like he's been trapped again. Guess, who's waiting for him? That's right! Good 'ol Zapan, the mercenary. This just isn't Denim's day... 


(At night. Denim looks around) 
Denim: ...Good, no one is here. Kachua, it's okay now.  
(Kachua backs away after walking forward as she sees Zapan) 
Denim: You're Zapan! 
(Zapan jumps forward) 
Zapan: This must be your lucky day. I never expected to see you here. 
Kachua: Damn! You again? Why do these things always happen to me?  
Zapan: Come on, be nice. Let's be friends... He, he, he... 
(His army appears) 
Denim: This is another trap!? (backs away) 
Zapan: Not today... That's why today is my lucky day. Before that damn Knight from Zenobia appears, I'll have your heads. I want them dead!!  
(Battle begins and ends) 
Zapan: Shit, you're strong. Man, I should have given up while I was ahead!  
(Some commotion is heard) 
Zapan: Huh!? What's that noise? 
(Moves to a flashback of the Dark Knights invading Rime) 
Dark Knight Barbas: Charge! (Dark Knights charge) 
(Lans Hamilton appears) 
Lans: Stop! Is this the way of the people of Lodis!?  
Barbas: (stepping forward arrogantly) That's the Zenobian crest! You must be the Holy Knight Lans! It was my long time dream to see you Lans! Show me the power that defeated the Highlands!  
Lans: You're wish shall be granted! Show me your power, Dark Knight!  
(Lans and Barbas clash) 

(Flashback ends and Denim looks around) 
Denim: Where's Zapan?  
Kachua: Denim!  
Denim: Kachua, where are you!?  
Kachua: (Zapan pushes Kachua forward) Here, Denim!  
Zapan: Too late, Denim. The girl is mine! I'm taking your Kachua! Come to Amorika Castle if you want her back! I will be waiting!  
Denim: Stop!!! Bring back my sister, you bastard!!  
(Martym walks in) 
Denim: You are...! 
Dark Knight Martym: What do you want, kid?  
(Guildus appears) 
Denim: Sir Guildus! 
Guildus: Come, Dark Knight! You're mine. Fight me, if you dare!  
Martym: What can Zenobia do to us!? Come on! You pathetic excuse for a knight!  
(Guildus and Martym clash as Zapan drags Kachua away) 
Zapan: Hurry up! 
Kachua: Denim!  
Denim: Kachua!  
Guildus: Denim! Go! Go after him!  
Martym: So I see, trying to be the good guy here... Take this!! 
Guildus: Go! Hurry!  
(Denim leaves as the scene pans away from Guildus and Martym) 
Martym: Take this, wimp!! 
(a flash) 
Guildus: Arrgh! 


I really didn't have to put this scene in, but I thought it proves just how ineffectual a leader Duke Ronway is. It's a funny scene showing how he can't seem to do anything without his advisor, Leonard, around. It's kind of sad...but I guess Tactics Ogre wouldn't be the same without comic relief like this. ^_^ 

Coritani Castle 

Ronway: What is going on! 
Liberation Soldier: The Bacrum Army! The Bacrum Army is invading!  
Ronway: What!? That can't be...! 
Liberation Soldier: It's true. Our army is fighting against the Bacrum Army in Rime.  
Ronway: (coming forward) Has the city of Rime fallen?  
Liberation Soldier: No, my lord. The Knights of Zenobia are stationed there. Thanks to them the city is still holding. But it won't last for long. They need reinforcements.  
Ronway: Call Leonard!  
Liberation Soldier: Sir Leonard left for Amorika... 
Ronway: Oh, that's right... Uh... Then send a letter to Leonard! Dispatch a messenger to him and prepare the fastest and strongest horse for him! 
Liberation Soldier: Yes, my lord.  
Ronway: Lodis... What are you up to!? 
Ronway: (looks out window) Now that Barbatos is gone, my work here is done. Did they think our treaty was to be terminated?  


This is the last group of scenes that all take place in Amorika castle. Listening to Zapan's advice, Denim heads for Amorika castle not only to be met by Zapan himself but also Vice and Leonard. Vice challenges you to a fight, intent on killing you, but Leonard appears to give what I think are one of the longest speeches he ever gives in the game. It gives insight into his complex character and what he's of the reasons why he's my most favorite in Tactics Ogre. 

Amorika Castle 

At the Amorika entrance... 

Zapan: Good boy! I knew you would make it. I knew Ramidos was no match for you.  
Denim: Zapan, where is Kachua!  
Zapan: She's in the castle. If you want her back, you're gonna have to do it the hard way.  
(Battle begins and ends) 
Zapan: Damn! I can't believe this is happening... Stay back! Or else I'll... (he uses an escape) 
Denim: Stop!!! Bring back my sister, you bastard!! 

Inside Amorika... 

(Vice talks to Zapan who's lying on the floor) 
Denim: Zapan! Vice what are you...!? 
Zapan: Y-you... Traitor! What are you doing!?  
Vice: Stupid retard! You have to use the hostages in an efficient way!  
(Vice kills Zapan...) 
Vice: Now it's your turn, Denim.  
(Denim walks up to Vice) 
Denim: Vice, where is my sister!  
Kachua: Denim!  
(Soldier takes her away) 
Denim: Vice! Release my sister! 
Vice: I will. After I split your body in half!  
Denim: Are you serious, Vice? We were fr... 
Vice: Shut up and fight me! One on one!  
(Fight begins) 
Denim: Why do we have to fight, Vice!?  
Vice: Why you? Why does everyone like you? Since we were kids, everyone liked you, but not me. I was always the outcast! Do you know why? Damn it! It's because of my father! Your father was a respected priest, but my father was just a scrubby alcoholic. Plus, he used to always beat me! Still, everyone just hated me! I'm nothing like my father, nor do I want to be... You always had it easier!  
Denim: But, I still treated you like my own brother!  
(Battle ends and Leonard comes in) 
Leonard: Stop this! Both of you! 
(Denim and Vice run up to him) 
Vice: Leonard, why are you stopping me!?  
Leonard: Don't you know what's going on!? Relax Vice!  
Vice: You were the one who said to kill him! Why did you stop... 
Leonard: Listen to me! Denim, you too!  
Leonard: The city of Rime has fallen! The Bacrum Army is coming this way!  
Denim: No!!! What happened to Sir Lans? This can't be happening...! 
Leonard: We don't know what happened to the Holy Knight! He is either dead or he could have escaped. Anyway, this is not the time to fight between our own people. Let me explain... Denim, obey the Duke. We will forget about the past! Come fight with us against Bacrum!  
Vice: This is bullshit! I'm not talking to this traitor!  
Leonard: Quit acting like a baby, Vice. Why can't you listen to me!?  
Leonard: Denim, what do you plan to do? No, you don't have to tell me...No matter how sacred the ideal may be, if it is not achieved, then it is meanigless. Do you want your ideals to end up as a dream? Weren't you supposed to avenge your father's death? Come, join us. 
Denim: 1. There's no time. 
             2. I can't go back. 
Denim: I can't go back. You're the same as Bacrum... You're blinded by the Duke's words. You're nothing but a slave to the system!  
Leonard: Then what are you going to do!? Do you really think you can do any better? 
Denim: I'm not that ambitious. I'm just trying to fix things... I just can't believe people do not have their own dreams, and base everything on just what they see.  
Leonard: People will kill each other over a loaf of bread. They only fight for their own selfish reasons. War will never cease from this world. Unless human nature changes, war will always be around. Our duty is to watch and control those people and create a world of order.  
Denim: I don't understand. I can't believe what you're saying. What should I believe? What am I fighting for? Why are you...? 
Leonard: I understand. I will give you time to think about it. Think about it. Now go, Denim! Take Kachua and get away from this castle.  
Vice: Leonard, what's the meaning of this!?  
Leonard: Go and see the world with your own eyes. See the world as it really is! What you're looking for is not here and no one else can find it for you. Go and find out for yourself. When you don't find what you're looking for, then come back to us. I will be waiting for you. Go now!  
Denim: I will never lose hope! I shall not be defeated by my own fears! 
Vice: Wait, Denim!  
Leonard: Leave him alone! Unless he finds the truth for himself, nothing will change his mind.  
Vice: You'll regret it later if you don't kill him now! Are you sure it's okay?  
Leonard: When the time comes, I will kill him.  
Vice: ...I will be the one to kill him.  

(Denim's thoughts: Am I too young to realize reality?) 

Next Chapter: Chapter 3, Ambition and Desire are the Motivation. Losers are Called Dogs and Hogs.