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The Deidra Report   


        Chapter 1   

        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3   
        Chapter 4   
        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3   
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        Chapter 2   
        Chapter 3  
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      Hell Gate 


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Neutral Route
(Chapter 3)

Well, Denim's decided that Leonard has a point and decides to join up with the Liberation Army again. Valeria seems just as flaky as Denim in that no one knows what's going to happen to everyone else at this point. Before Chapter 3 begins, Alocer leaves you, obviously pissed that you're siding with a murderer (and her ex-boyfriend to boot). 

Denim sides with Leonard and Duke Ronway  
The Dark Knights have a meeting in Fiduc Castle  
Meeting with Duke Ronway, reunion, and battle at Amorika Castle  
The defeat and capture of the Valeria Liberation Front at Fort Bodo  
Denim returns to Amorika Castle after fighting in Fort Bodo  
Denim and his troops move towards Ashton and Fort Damsa  
The death of Duke Ronway and Vice  
The fall of Fiduc Castle 

I have to admit that I can't see Denim ever switching sides back with Leonard and Duke Ronway after all the crap they both put him through. Nevertheless, this decision must be made to reach the Neutral route. I can't say it makes sense but like they say, if the shoe fits... 

Leonard: Denim, what do you plan to do? No, you don't have to tell me...No matter how sacred the ideal may be, if it is not achieved, then it is meanigless. Do you want your ideals to end up as a dream? Weren't you supposed to avenge your father's death? Come, join us. 
Denim: 1. There's no time. 
            2. I can't go back. 
(I chose 1) 
Denim: There’s no time. The true enemy is Bacrum… 
(Leonard walks forward)  
Leonard: Great! That is the way of a true hero. 
Vice: This is a joke! Are you guys serious!? I’m not going to allow this. No way!! 
(Vice runs out and Leonard and Denim turn to watch)  
Denim: Wait, Vice! 
Leaonrd: Leave him alone. We have to see Duke Ronway! 
(Leonard walks forward to leave) 
Denim: Vice… 

And if you choose this path Alocer isn't too happy: 

Alocer: I have my own ideals, don’t push yours on me. 
She has left your company… 

(Denim's Thoughts: Am I too young to realize reality?) 

Next Chapter: Chapter 3, Ambition and Desire are the Motivation 


This is pretty much the same thing that happens in Chapter Three of the Chaos Route. The Dark Knights hold a meeting in Fiduc Castle to discuss Barbas's misbehavior and the situation of the war in Valeria. 

Fiduc Castle 

Balzepho: Barbas, is it true that you acted without permission!? I don’t care what your intentions were, it is strictly forbidden to act without our leader’s order! Moreover, you had ignored the order to retreat several times, and you never showed up until now! 
Martym: Balzepho is right. How could you be so stupid! Why don’t you try using your brain for a change? 
Balzepho: Silence! I didn’t give you permission to speak! (looks back at Barbas) 
Barbas: …I had no choice. It was the Cardinal’s wish. 
Balzepho: Oh, what a load of shit! That is a lie! You know full well that the Cardinal is not our lord! You heard that the Knights from Zenobia were in Rime. You just wanted to fight them, right!? 
Barbas: … 
(Lans enters with Ozma and Oz) 
Lans: Okay, that’s enough Balzepho! What’s done is done. 
Balzepho: Welcome back… Ah, Ozma and Oz, you’re here, too. 
(Lans sits) 
Lans: What is the status of Walsta? 
Balzepho: They are gathered at Gruborza Plain, but they haven’t made any significant movements… 
Lans: That is because Duke Ronway has not defeated Gargastan yet. Send a messenger. Tell him we will maintain our agreement. 
Balzepho: How about Bacrum? I don’t think the Cardinal will remain quiet under these circumstances. 
Lans: He will have to… Our missions is not to rule Valeria. And we can’t give away our intentions to Zenobia. We can’t allow this island to become any more chaotic than it already is… We don’t want Zenobia involved. As long as we stay neutral, Zenobia won’t have any reason to. Now do you understand? (turns back to Barbas) 
Barbas: … 
Lans: Besides, I want you to go to Heigm.  
Barbas: You want me to leave the front? You can’t send me to Heigm! 
Lans: Calm down… I’m not telling you to baby-sit the Cardinal. The Valeria Liberation Front rescued Plancy from Heigm Castle. 
(Lans looks down) 
Balzepho: What!? 
(Lans looks down still) 
Lans: Our true mission may be known by those guerillas... …we can’t even find Manafloa. The priest who knew of her whereabouts is also missing. Barbas, your mission is important. You have to bring Plancy back no matter what! 
Barbas: …I see. 
(Lans looks towards Ozma and Oz) 
Lans: Ozma and Oz, you take care of the Valeria Liberation Front. This can’t continue. 
(Oz then Ozma step forward) 
Ozma: Yes, sir, I will complete my mission for the honor of the Gracious family! 
Oz: They are mere insects to us! Leave it up to my sister and I! We will not fail you my Lord! 
Lans: Andoras, you will continue searching for Manafloa. Balzepho, take Martym and negotiate with Duke Ronway. 
Balzepho: As you wish… 
(All Dark Knights leave) 


This is where Denim meets up with Duke Ronway at Amorika Castle. this section includes three scenes. The first one is the meeting with the Walsta Liberation Army, the second is where you have to battle one of Barbatos's general's, the third is where you meet up with Mildain and Warren, minus Guildus. 

Amorika Castle 

(Meeting room is surrounded by Walsta Liberation Army troops) 
Ronway: Exactly how many Gargastan soldiers will be joining my army? 
Leonard: I would say about 30%…The other soldiers that remain have already quit. 
Ronway: Hmmm… That means that the remaining two thirds are still with Barbatos. 
Leonard: He may not have the number of soldiers that he had before, but most of them are very distinguished. A lot of villagers still support them. It may not be as easy as you think… 
Ronway: I see. I will let you handle Barbatos’ remaining troops then. Just clean up as soon as possible. 
Leonard: Yes, my lord. 
Ronway: Fortunately, Bacrum has no intention of going further south. I guess the treaty is still in effect. I should send another messenger… (looks towards Denim and Kachua) …and you, my hero of Griate, I want you to hunt down Vice… 
(Kachua looks towards Denim as Denim looks down) 
Denim: Do I have to kill him? 
Ronway: He is not like you, my young hero. …Our methods may be different, but we are aiming toward the same goal. That is why you came back to me, right? But Vice is different. He lives just to satisfy his bloodlust. He has no ideals or purpose. And he knows that. He hates himself because of that. He eases his anger by attacking you, the man that is beloved by all. He is but a jealous child. (Denim looks down again) Yet, I waited… I waited for Vice to come back. Now it is too late… He may cause us problems in the future… He is very dangerous… 
Kachua: You didn’t have to put a price on his head. 
Ronway: Believe me, I really didn’t want to resort to this, Kachua. 
Kachua: Denim, say something. 
Denim: As long as I’m here, Vice will not come back. 
Kachua: You are not listening to me! (Kachua stands up) Fine! I’m leaving. 
(Kachua leaves) 
Denim: Kachua! 
Leonard: Let her go, Denim. 
(Denim turns to Ronway) 
Ronway: …are you leaving too? 
(Denim looks down) 
Ronway: Oh, I nearly forgot. The Zenobian Knight, Mildain is back. 
Denim: Really! 
Ronway: Yes… Mildain and Warren. Warren is hurt. You might want to visit him later. 
(Soldier walks in) 
Soldier: The Gargastans are attacking!! 
Ronway: …Again. Don’t they ever learn… 
(Leonard stands) 
Leonard: Denim, let’s go. 

A battle takes place at the castle entrance... 

Amorika Entrance 

Didario: Duke, come out from your castle! You are going to regret what you did to our Cardinal! 
Leonard: You fools. Do not underestimate us!! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Didario: Long live the Cardinal! (dies) 


(Mildain looking outside the window as Canopus and Denim walks in) 
Mildain: (looks to both of them) Canopus! Denim! You are alive! 
Denim: I’m glad to know that you are safe also. 
Canopus: How’s Warren? 
Mildain: (looking towards Warren in bed) He’s unconcious now, but his wounds are not fatal. 
Canopus: Good. Where are Lans and Guildus? 
Mildain: I don’t know… We haven’t seen each other since the night of Bacrum’s first attack. 
Denim: …Guildus he helped me when Martym attacked us. (Denim looks down) Had only I been stronger… 
Mildain: You shouldn’t blame yourself.  You don’t know for sure that he’s dead… Don’t worry, he’ll be back. I heard that you are going to try and track down Vice. Do you have any idea where he could be? 
Denim: No. But…Since the Duke put a price on his head, there can only be a few places where he could be. 
Mildain: Hmmm… I see… 
(Canopus turns to Warren) 
Canopus: He might have allied with the guerillas. That would be the most likely place for him to go.  
(Mildain turns to Canopus) 
Mildain: That reminds me. When I left Rime, I saw a new group of Dark Knights. I heard that they were ordered to wipe out the guerillas… 
Denim: The only reason the Dark Knights would be in Rime is if they were planning to attack Fort Bodo. That’s where the Valeria Liberation Front is based! If Vice joined the Valeria Liberation Front… 
Mildain: …He’ll be in danger! 
Canopus: Denim, we should head there at once! What about you, Mildain? 
Mildain: Of course, I will join you. Denim, I’m not going to abandon Vice, even if I have to go against the Duke’s orders! 
(Denim looks down) 
Mildain: I am glad to hear that. Let’s move!! 
(Mildain, Denim, and Canopus leave) 


Looks like Selye and her Valerian Liberation Front didn't fair too well against Oz and Ozma's group of Dark Knights. Here we see Selye being bartered and bargained for like a piece of meat. Ugh...if I had to choose between Oz or Lans Tartare, I think I'd want to hurl myself off the ramparts too... 

Fort Bodo 

(Ozma stands before Plancy) 
Ozma: You’re such a pain in the ass! Now, I’m taking you back to Rime, Plancy. 
Plancy: Did you kill everybody!? You are such an evil woman! 
(Oz appears) 
Ozma: I guess our business here is done. Oz, let’s go back home… 
(Ozma walks forward) 
Oz: Wait a sec… I captured the leader of the guerillas. (Ozma turns to Oz) Bring her here! She’s one tough bitch! She killed most of the Bacrum soldiers from Rime.  
(Selye is brought out) 
Selye: Go ahead, kill me!  
Plancy: Selye, are you okay!? 
Selye: I am sorry about this mess, uncle…  
Plancy: Don’t blame yourself. I was the one who caused all of this… 
Selye: If you ever get the chance to  see my father, tell him that his daughter died honorably.  
Ozma: Enough of this. Take them away!  
(Plancy is taken away) 
Plancy: Selye! You have to find your sisters! Promise me!  
Ozma: Oz, what are you going to do with that girl?  
Oz: I’m taking her back as a trophy for our lord…  
Ozma: Hmm? Our lord didn’t say anything about bringing back prisoners. This bitch! She’d rather die a thousand deaths than become our prisoner.  
(Oz looks away) 
Oz: I guess you’re right, I see the look in her eyes. What should I do with her?  
Ozma: It’s up to you. You’re the one who captured her.  
Oz: I will place a spell on her so that she won’t kill herself. Here I go… By the power of Blue Skull!! 
(Oz casts a black magic charm spell on Selye) 
Ozma: Hmm… I wonder where you got that one from? Oz, was that really necessary? Oh well, she’s your problem now. I’m heading back to the castle. Don’t be late, Oz.  
(Ozma leaves) 
Oz: Come this way… I will take real “good” care of you.  
(Selye obeys) 
Sisteena: Selye! Selye!  
(Everyone looks towards Denim and his troops) 
Denim: Damn it! It’s too late!  
Oz: Now what!? The Liberation Army? I want overtime for this! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Oz: I can’t die in a place like this! It… hurts… 


Selye: I’ve lost many troops, but I’m not finished yet. Denim, you father is alive. In fact, we protected him until the Dark Knights arrived.  
Denim: What! Where is he now?  
Selye: The Dark Knights took him away…  
Sisteena: I wonder? Why were the Roslolians so desperate to get him back?  
Selye: Their ultimate purpose is not to rule over Valeria. You have to save him, Denim!  
Denim: But why my father?  
Selye; I don’t know any of the details, but they were looking for Manafloa. I don’t know who she is, but they’re going crazy trying to find this person. And the only one who knows about Manafloa is… 
Denim: My father!?  
Selye: Your father is the key to understanding the truth behind this war.  
Denim: What’s going on? Was that it? The Griate massacre? Was it just a plan to capture my Dad?  
Selye: Let’s get out of here. They may cojme back.  
Sisteena: What are you going to do?  
Selye: I am going to rescue the priest.  
Sisteena: You cannot go alone! You just can’t!  
Denim: Sisteena is right. Let’s get out of here together.  
(Everyone walks forward) 
Selye: I’m sorry, but I cannot work under someone who can justify murdering innocent people. Besides, as the leader of the Valeria Liberation Front, I have a responsibility… …to the men and women that have died at my side… I have to keep fighting for them.  
Sisteena: Selye… 
Selye: Denim, take good care of my sister for me.  
(Selye looks towards Sisteena and leaves) 
Denim: My father is alive! I have to tell Kachua!  


Denim does not exactly get a very warm welcome when he returns. The Liberation Army is mad at him for killing a high-ranking Dark Knight. To make things worse, Kachua wants to leave Denim and go home to Griate. She reveals what she feels she knows about their father to him in the process. Selye's whereabouts at this time are unknown, but there's a chance to meet with her later. I haven't gotten a chance to meet her yet and will try again when I play this same route again. Also, there's a scene where Barbatos gets a public execution which you could only see if you go to the Warren Report at this point. I typed out the whole scene in the Optional Scenes section of my page. If you're curious to see it, go there. 

Amorika Castle 

(Ronway, a knight, a valykrie and a wizard are in the chambers) 
Ronway: Hmm… So you didn’t find Vice . 
Denim: No. The Dark Knights did not know of his whereabouts either.  
Knight: What were you thinking!? Why did you fight them?  
Denim: What do you mean?  
Knight: You know, we haven’t completely conquered the Gargastans. And yet you killed a high ranking Dark Knight.  
Wizard: We cannot afford to increase the tension between us and the Dark Knights. Your mission was to capture Vice, was it not? You should’ve ignored the guerillas. 
Denim: But I… 
Ronway: That is enough! The damage has been done… 
(Ronway looks back) 
Ronway: Send a messenger to Fiduc Castle. After what happened, it will be very difficult to negotiate with them.  
Knight: Yes sir.  
Ronway: I will increase the bounty on Vice’s head by 10,000 Goth!  
Wizard: Yes, my lord.  
Ronway: As for Vice himself, we will have to wait. With that kind of bounty on his head, he will be unable to walk the streets freely. Alas, our first priority is to terminate Barbatos’ troops and take control of Coritani.  …as for you my young hero, I will send you to Ashton. 
Denim: Barbatos still has troops in Ashton?  
Ronway: The details of which are not yet known. It seems like they’re going to be pretty tough. One of our battalions that was stationed there was completely destroyed. They attacked several villages and they have taken some heavy casualties. We have to do something. I need your help, Denim. Will you do this for me?  
Denim: Yes.  
Ronway: Good. You may leave now. Oh, I nearly forgot. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I heard that the Zenobian Knight Guildus is there. 
Denim: Sir Guildus!? What is he doing in Ashton??? 
Knight: He probably just ran away from the Rime front.  
(Denim stands with alacrity) 
Denim: He would never do that!  
(Ronway looks at both sides) 
Ronway: Enough! This is not the time to argue! Go to Ashton and find out exactly what is going on. I will be waiting for your report.  

Later, Denim finds Kachua leaving Amorika Castle... 

Denim: Kachua! Wait, Kachua! (runs to Kachua) 
Kachua: Did you call me, Mr. Hero?  
Denim: …Are you still mad at me? 
Kachua: …I hope you have a good reason for calling me here, if not, then I’ll be going…  
Denim: Our father is alive. He is alive, Kachua!  
(Kachua turns) 
Kachua: What!?  
(Kachua turns away) 
Kachua: I see. So he is alive… Now what?  
Denim: What do you mean, now what!? We are going to rescue him, of course!  
(Kachua looks up) 
Kachua: He is not our biological father!  
Denim: What??? 
(Kachua turns to Denim) 
Kachua: He is not our biological father. We were adopted. We were abandoned by our parents.  
Denim: That’s not true! That’s impossible!  
Kachua: I overheard him talking once. Search your feelings, Denim. You know it to be true... We don’t have any parents. You’re the only family I have.  
Denim: Why? Why are you telling me this now!?  
Kachua: Because you are leaving me.  
Denim: Leaving you, Kachua? I will always be at your side!  
(Kachua turns to Denim) 
Kachua: You’re lying! You’re going to leave me someday! Just like Vice! You’ll probably forget that I ever existed… 
Denim: Kachua… 
Kachua: You’re the only family I have left!  
(Kachua turns and leaves) 
Denim: Kachua!  


Denim moves his troops towards Ashton but finds the town full of zombies. Not only does he find zombies, he also finds Guildus there too. Guildus seems to be attacking a young priestess named Orias and her terror knight companion, Debordes. Denim investigates the matter and then decides to move towards Fort Damsa. I was told that plenty is said between Mildain and Guildus here, but I haven't gotten the chance to see any long conversations in this part. It may be because my levels are too high (my characters are all level 50 except Orias and Debordes). I'll try to play the Neutral route again to see if I missed anything. Back at Amorika Castle, Duke Ronway and Leonard discuss Kachua's decision to go back to Griate and decides to try to keep her around at all costs. You also have a chance to meet and save Leonard again if you go to Krizar City and Fort Kadoriga. I typed out that whole scene in the Optional Scenes section of my page too. 

Ashton City 

(Town is full of undead… A zombie strikes a soldier) 
Priestess: Debordes! 
(zombie looks towards priestess) 
Denim: Guildus!? 
Denim: What’s going on here!? 
Guildus: … 
(Guildus is struck and he backs away) 
Guildus: … 
Denim: Wait, Guildus!  
(Zombies surround priestess) 
Priestess: Stay back!  
(Same soldier walks up to priestess) 
Priestess: Debordes! 
(Priestess looks away) 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Denim: What happened to you Guildus? 


(In an abandoned home with priestess, terror knight, Canopus, and Mildain) 
Priestess: Thank you for saving my life. My name is Orias. (looks towards terror knight) He is Debordes. He may be vulgar at times but he’s a good guy. 
Denim: My name is Denim, of the Liberation Army. Tell me what happened to this town? 
Orias: …A Knight from a foreign land tried to kill me. Why? Do you know him? 

Denim: Sir Guildus? Yes, he is our comrade. We lost track of him since the night Bacrum attacked Rime. I don’t know what’s going on anymore.  
(Orias looks down)  
Orias: I see… I am sorry to say this but… he is not the guy that you are talking about.  
Denim: No, he is Sir Guildus! I’m sure of it… 
Orias: No, I meant he is no longer who he is. Don’t you remember? You saw them… 
Denim: …Them? The zombies? No way!! That’s impossible! (Denim looks away and down)  
(Mildain looks at Denim) 
Orias: I know the person who controlled those zombies… He’s a man who toys with the spirits of dead men, he has disgraced the Gods, and ignores the laws of nature!  
Denim: Who is it?  
Orias: Death Master Nybbas. Nybbas Obderhode! 
Denim: The evil Necromancer of Gargastan. Damn it!  
(Orias looks down) 
Orias: Unfortunately, he is my father… My full name is Orias Obderhode… 
Denim: What!?  
Orias: Please allow me to join your Liberation Army!  …And help me kill my father! 
Denim: Are you serious!? 
(Looking to Debordes) 
Orias: Come here, Debordes.  
(Debordes walks forward) 
Orias: Take your helmet off. 
(Debordes doesn’t obey) 
Orias: (looks down) I said take your helmet off! 
(Debordes obeys) 
Debordes: … 
(Debordes puts his helmet back on) 
Denim: Orias! What in the world! Is he alive!? 
Orias: (looks down) Yes, he is. But he has no soul… My brother Debordes rebelled against the Cardinal when the war was started and he was executed. Then my father used a soul calling magic and revived my brother, but the resurrection was not complete. His flesh is alive, but he has no soul… He is not the brother I knew. Now he is just a hollow piece of flesh. My father continues to experiment on humans to complete the soul calling magic. He gave in to the man who killed his own son just so he could complete his experiments. I cannot forgive my father! He no longer has any respect for life… I hate him! Look at what he did to my brother! I want to see that bastard suffer! 
Denim: 1. I welcome you. 
            2. Sorry… 
(I chose 1) 
Denim: I understand. You can join us. Come with us.  
Orias: Thank you. I will fight with you to the end!  

(If you chose 2...) 
Denim: Sorry, but I can’t help you.  
Orias: I’m not surprised. I would probably get in your way… I’m sorry for asking such a silly favor… I guess this is farewell. 
(Looks up and leaves with Debordes) 
Orias: I wish the Gods will protect you on your journey. 


Nybbas: The cells are starting to decay. It’s not complete.  (turns away and walks) “Necromancy will only turn the dead into the undead… While “Resurrection” will only give life back but it does not grant immortality. (turns to Guildus zombie) As for Debordes, I was so close. I fixed the problem with cell decay. His body can reproduce living cells. (walks towards Guildus’s zombie) However, I failed to bring back his memory. (turns away to right of Guildus) Recovering the soul of the dead which you request is very difficult to do. When one thing is achieved, then another thing goes wrong. This is always the case. (turns to Guildus’s zombie) I apologize that I have made another failure. Sorry… Eternal life and youth is what all human beings strive for. (turns away from Guildus zombie and walks away from it) …I guess I have no choice but to use this.  
(Nybbas is about to use something when a commotion is heard) 
Nybbas: Well, look who’s here. 
(Looks to see Denim and party) 
Orias: Father, stop this! Don’t make people suffer anymore!! 
Nybbas: When did I ever make people suffer? Are you talking about those zombies? The zombie s didn’t attack the town by my order. They hate people that are alive. They simply want to draw people into the same situation. What I did was make their wish come true. They wanted to live so badly. I should be thanked, not condemned… Orias, do you want to save their souls in your God’s way? You couldn’t even save Debordes’ soul. What can you do for them? 
Orias: I am not running away like you did, father! I will never give up living as a descent human being. I will never be like you!  
Nybbas: Impressive… You are speaking your mind. You have become strong. Then kill me! I shall call demons from the dark world! 
(Casts a dark spell to summon all sorts of ghosts and undead) 

If Canopus, Mildain, and Orias are in your party, they each say something in turn: 

Canopus: Sorry Guildus. I will end your suffering!  

Mildain: Denim! Guildus is dead! All we can do is release his soul from his rotten flesh!  
Denim: I can’t do that!  

Denim: Damn it!! How can I save Sir Guildus!? 

Orias: Mother, please give me strength!  

(Battle ends) 

Nybbas: This is the end. I have no choice… Demunza, provide me with the powers of darkness which have been sealed within this ring… See my power!! 
(Nybbas uses the ring as he dies and becomes a lich) 
Nybbas: How do you like my new body? By using the power in this ring, I will be immortal… Of course the trade off is you have to give up being human! We shall meet again! 
(Nybbas turns into a raven and flies off) 
Denim: Nybbas, wait! 
Guildus: What am I doing here? What is this… 
Denim: Sir Guildus! 
Guildus: (turning to Denim) Denim? Oh, you are alive. I am so glad… (dies) 
Denim: Sir Guildus! 

Back at Amorika Castle… 

Ronway: That hard headed girl will keep claiming she will go back to Griate. 
Leonard: It will only take half a day to reach Griate. Why don’t you leave her alone? 
Ronway: I cannot do that.  The war is not going to end soon and there are a lot of soldiers that are becoming home sick. Under these circumstances I cannot allow Kachua to go home. And it is also necessary to have her here so that Denim will stay. 
Leonard: I understand. I will try and talk her out of it.  
Ronway: Please do. (Leonard walks away) 

(Leonard walks by a cleric) 
Leonard: Have you seen Kachua? 
Monk: No, I haven’t seen her since this afternoon. 
Leonard: Okay… thanks anyway. (Leonard leaves) 
(Leonard looks outside and then down) 
Leonard: I wonder… (runs outside) 

(Shows shot of Griate with Kachua thinking of Denim) 
Kachua: Denim. 
(Andoras and Volac are there…) 


This is the part where Duke Ronway decides to fool the Dark Knights and capture Balzepho in the process. This, of course, backfires because Vice ruins their plans by setting Balzepho free and killing  Duke Ronway. This is one of the most dramatic and important scenes in the Neutral Route because the tide of the war is now no longer in favor of the Walstanians. 

Amorika Castle 

(Denim is seated in counsel chambers with Duke Ronway. Leonard walks in and both turn to greet him) 
Leonard: Forgive me for being late. 
Ronway: That’s fine. 
(Leonard takes a seat across from Denim) 
Ronway: The unofficial meeting with the Dark Knights is confirmed. When I meet with them, I will discuss the possibility of signing a cease-fire treaty. The Dark Knights are willing to be the match-maker between us and Bacrum. Isn’t this ideal… Of course I have no intention of negotiating peace. It’s only a façade. As long as Branta is alive, we will never achieve our ideals. He will probably break the treaty anyway. Our soldiers will not be happy. 
Leonard: Are you still going to try and get back Rime? 
Denim: That’s impossible! You can’t launch a direct attack against the Dark Knights and expect to win! 
Leonard: Are you scared? You already killed one Dark Knight. Why are you freaking out now? 
Ronway: I think they are too exhausted to fight, anyway. This is our best chance. They think we are not capable of fighting.  
Leonard: During the meeting, we will then capture Lans. By taking him hostage, we can control the Dark Knights. 
Denim: But the Bacrum Army is also in Rime.  
Leonard: You will lead your troops into Rime and get the town back.  
Denim: How? Are we sneaking into Rime!? You’re talking about taking in a battalion? How can I bring in our troops without anyone noticing!? 
Leonard: You’re right. When you march in with your troops, they will most likely discover you. 
Denim: The ocean line is densely watched, also. Taking a surface road via the Gruborza plain is out of the question. There are no routes from western Rime because of the Barnum mountains. No, you don’t mean… 
Leonard: That’s right. Nobody will think that we would attack from the Barnum mountains. 
(Denim looks to Duke Ronway) 
Ronway: You are the only one who will be able to do that. 
(A Soldier walks in and all look towards him) 
Soldier: Coritani Castle has fallen, my lord!  
Ronway: Don’t panic. This is also part of my plan.  
Leonard: It will be the last victory for Barbatos’ remaining army. To wipe them out, we intentionally made the security of Coritani Castle low… …the news of Coritani’s fall will cause the Dark Knights to become careless. 
Ronway: I shall leave Coritani Castle under our hero’s command. With that piece of news, we should get moving. 
(Leonard gets up and faces Ronway) 
Leonard: Yes, my lord.  

Coritani Castle 

(Scene pans up to a roof) 
Gargastan Knight: This way! He went up on the roof! 
(Vice is seen running around, trying to escape but is surrounded by a soldier and a knight) 
Vice: Shit! 
(A commotion is heard and both knight and soldier turn to see what it is) 
Gargastan Knight: It’s the Walsta Army! 
Denim: Vice! Are you okay!? I’ll be right there! 
Vice: …hmmph, who asked you to… shit! 
(Runs up to soldier and punches him off wall before making his escape. A siren walks outside and turns to knight) 
Zildor: Get him! I will take care of these guys!! 
(Knight leaves and more soldiers pour through gates) 
Zildor: I will avenge my lord’s death! Kill them! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Zildor: Barbatos… Forgive me… (dies) 
Denim: Let’s get this over with! We will take back Coritani Castle! 

Inside Coritani 

Zaebos: We are the only survivors of the Gargastan Army. Take a good look at us kid! This is how a true warrior dies! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Zaebos: This isn’t fair… (dies) 
(Denim looks around as freaky music plays) 
Denim: Vice! Were are you!? Are you all right!? Answer me! 
(Everyone looks to where Denim is looking) 
Vice: I never asked for your help! Are you trying to be the hero again!? 
(Everyone turns to where Vice supposedly is) 
Denim: That’s not true! Vice, wait! 
Vice: You underestimate me! You are going to regret saving me, Denim! You will pay for your crimes!! 
Denim: Wait, Vice! 


(Funny music is playing. Balzepho is surrounded by knights. Leonard and Duke Ronway are also here) 
Balzepho: I hope you know what you’re doing… 
Ronway: I am very much aware. You are an important hostage. Although it was not our initial plan to capture you. You are second in command behind Lans. 
Balzepho: You have no idea of what you’re doing! The Roslolians are offering Valeria to the Walsta Liberation Army. But now you have ruined our opportunity! Fools!! 
Ronway: Shut up! I’m sick and tired of you guys playing the almighty Lodis! Now, you plan to ally with us just because you’re bored with the Cardinal? We don’t need your help to kill him! Leonard, give my orders to Denim.  
Leonard: (turning to a soldier) Yes, sir. Tell Denim that everything is set.  
Soldier: Yes, sir. 
(Soldier leaves) 
Balzepho: When did you… When did you deploy your army? 
Ronway: Your stupidity and over-confidence has become your downfall.  
Balzepho: You are going to regret this!  
Ronway: Why don’t you mind your own business? I will not kill you right now. You’re a very important hostage.  
(Balzepho is taken away by their men) 

Meanwhile in Rime… 

Denim: Hear me, soldiers of Bacrum! We are the Walsta Liberation Army! Rime is now under our control! Drop your weapons and leave! 
Bacrum Knight: What!? Where did they come from!?  
Bacrum wizard: Nevermind! We have the support of the Roslolians!  
(Ozma walks out) 
Ozma: You are the one who killed my brother!  
(Dark Knight runs out) 
Dark Knight: Ozma! Sir Balzepho is… 
Ozma: (turning to knight) What!? It’s a trap!? 
(Ozma turns back) 
Ozma: Damn it! Retreat! 
(Both Dark Knight and Ozma leave) 
Denim: Do not expect any help from the Dark Knights! Look around you! The Dark Knights have forsaken you and have left you for dead!  
Bacrum Knight: Why haven’t the Roslolians arrived yet!? 
Bacrum wizard: Do not worry! We can win our own battles! We cannot allow those Walsta bastards to fool us! Let’s go!  
Denim: Shit! So they want to do it the hard way… 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Denim: We got Rime back! 

Meanwhile in Rime… 

(Duke Ronway, Leonard and his battalion are around) 
Soldier: Sir, I’m glad to report that the Liberation Army has successfully liberated Rime… 
Leonard: Good…Permission to order the troops in Amorika to attack Fiduc Castle! 
Ronway: Go ahead! Make it quick!  
(A commotion is heard. The sounds of swords being drawn and someone dying are also heard. Music stops) 
Ozma: Sir Balzepho! Are you all right!? 
Leonard: (walking forward) Damn it!! 
(Leonard and soldiers go to see what’s going on. Screen pans to black and pans to a hallway with two dead knights beside a locked door. The knight with Leonard tries to open the door) 
Soldier: The door is locked!  
Leonard: Stand back!  
(Leonard rams the door open once, fails, then manages to ram it open the second time. Both walk into the room where Balzepho is held only to find a dead knight and no one else around) 
Leonard: Damn it, we’ve lost him!! 
(Fighting is heard and knight and Leonard turn to hear) 
Leonard: What the hell…!? 
(Shifts to black and then to Duke Ronway being held by a badly beat up Vice. The other Knights are around, unable to do anything) 
Vice: How pathetic, Duke Ronway.  
Ronway: How did you get in here!? 
(Leonard and knight run in) 
Ronway: Agh! Leonard, help me! 
Vice: Shit, I hate this guy! 
Leonard: Hold it Vice! What are you doing!? 
Vice: Shut up, you traitor!! You treated me like… like… ungh… 
Leonard: Vice!? You are badly wounded! Okay. Just drop your sword and I will take care of your wounds. Just calm down, Vice! 
Vice: You used me as cannon fodder… Once my job was done, you were just going to throw me away! 
Ronway: I will give you a pardon! Please, don’t kill me! 
Vice: Stop whining you pathetic piece of shit! It’s really annoying… 
(Vice stabs Duke Ronway) 
Ronway: Arrgh! (falls down and dies) 
(Other knights quickly run up to him and hit him from all sides. Vice steps back, badly wounded) 
Vice: …Kachu…a… (dies) 
(Leonard moves forward as others survey the damage done. A knight checks Duke Ronway) 
Knight: …He’s dead.  
Leonard: No… 
(Shifts to black…) 


The Walsta Liberation Army is left leaderless and with Leonard in charge. Leonard speaks the most in this part of the game out of all three routes, in my opinion. He gives a long speech about how the Liberation Army must continue Duke Ronway's cause. The whole time my fingers were trying to type this long speech out, I thought of how good Leonard would be as a politician. I mean, who else but him could spout a whole bunch of BS about freedom and peace after murdering a whole town of his own people? I can't think of anyone else who could do it with as much of a straight face as Leonard here. 

Amorika Castle 

(In council chambers. Denim is there and Leonard sits at the head…) 
Wizard: …Can we still take over Fiduc Castle? 
Witch: We have already started. We can’t go back now!! 
Soldier (a valykrie): But our enemy is not only Bacrum, but also the Dark Knights… 
Archer: We cannot keep fighting without Duke Ronway.  
Knight: Don’t be a fool! There’s no turning back! Any trace of settling this peacefully is all but gone… 
Witch: He’s right. We have to attack before the enemy gets ready!  
Leonard: Listen up! We don’t have time to argue! (Leonard stands and looks outside a window) What was Duke Ronway’s wish? What was he aiming toward? We must remember that… Why have we been fighting all this time? For Walsta? To fulfill a selfish wish to take over Valeria? (Leonard turns to all of them) No! If that was the case, the Gargastans would have never followed us. Who is our enemy? Cardinal Barbatos of Gargastan, Branta of Bacrum, and the Dark Knights… They’re our enemies who would force their own people! We will never obtain true peace unless we defeat them! We have to kill them! Do not forget what you are fighting for! Even if you die, the blood that you shed will not be in vain! We are the ones who are fighting for the cause of justice! 
Archer: This is true. We have to move on for the sake of the people! 
Wizard: We cannot abandon our people! We must honor the death of Duke Ronway!  
Witch: Sir Leonard, please give us your order!! 
(Leonard sits back down) 
Leonard: We will execute what we had first intended… We must capture Fiduc Castle! Fiduc Castle is a solid fortress, but most of them will be Bacrum soldiers. They shouldn’t be any problem. Above all, watch out for the Roslolians. If they attack us with all of their forces, we will face defeat. So, here’s the plan… We will attack them from two different sides and divide their forces. Denim and I will lead each of the attacking teams. Is that okay with you Denim? (Denim stands and nods) We will attack from the south side and the west side. You can pick which side you want to attack.  

Meanwhile in Fiduc Castle… 

Ozma: They have broken through the front! It’s over… Fiduc Castle has fallen! 
Balzepho: (stands up out of chair) What a mess! I can’t believe I allowed this to happen! 
Ozma: Leave the rest to us, sir. Please leave the castle immediately, Sir Balzepho! 
Balzepho: (looks away) I can’t run away like this! I am a Dark Knight… 
Ozma: We don’t have enough soldiers to protect our lord! It looks bad…!We have to protect our lord!! 
Balzepho: (looking forward) You’re right. I cannot leave our lord alone… …and that girl, too!! (looks to Ozma) Forgive me, Ozma! I pray for your victory! 
Ozma: Trust me… 
(Ozma rushes to the door) 
Balzepho: Do not die. 
Ozma: (looks to Balzepho) You, too. (Ozma leaves) 

Inside Fiduc Castle 

(Leonard seen in Fiduc and looks around) 
Leonard: Nobody’s here…? …What? (Looks towards where Kachua is standing and runs up to her) 
Leonard: Kachua! What are you doing here!? 
Kachua: You’ve come to save me! Thank you Leonard! 
(Kachua rushes up to him and stabs him. Leonard staggers back and kneels down) 
Leonard: Wh-what have you done? 
Familiar voice: …Here you are, Kachua… (Kachua looks towards Lans) 
Leonard: Son of a…!!! 
Lans: This place is dangerous. Shall we go…  
(Door opens and Ozma joins up with Kachua to go with Lans) 
Ozma: Oh, you’re here! Sir, let’s get out of the castle. 
Lans: You are alive, Ozma. 
Ozma: Sir Balzepho is waiting for you outside. 
Lans: I understand… You should also get out of the castle with the remaining soldiers. 
Denim: Kachua!  
(Denim rushes towards them and sees Leonard) 
Denim: Leonard! Hang in there! Don’t die! 
Leonard: I leave it… to… you… ungh… (dies) 
Denim: Leonard!!! 
(Ozma looks towards Lans) 
Ozma: I will take care of this. Please get out of the castle with the princess! 
Lans: Don’t push yourself too hard. Let’s go! 
(Kachua leaves with Lans) 
Ozma: I will be your opponent! Today is the day you will pay for the death of my brother!  
(Ozma whistles to bring in others) 
Denim: Kachua! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Ozma: …Glory to Lodis… (dies) 
Denim: Kachua, why…? 

Afterwards, shots of Castle Heigm are shown with Lans Hamilton locked away in a dungeon. 

(Denim's Thoughts: I remember what Leonard said to everyone… How sincere was he? And what about me...) 

Next Chapter: Chapter 4, Hand in Hand