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The Deidra Report   


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        Chapter 2   
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        Chapter 2   
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      Hell Gate 


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Optional Scenes

Now there's a reason I call this part of my site "other". This applies to scenes that don't necessarily have to be seen but can be depending on what you do. Some of my favorite scenes  are down below. 
Denim meets with Leonard again (Neutral Route, Chapter 3)   
The public execution of Cardinal Barbatos (All Routes, Chapter 3)     
Denim learns the truth about the Zenobian's exile (All Routes, Chapter 4) 
Shelley is found in Baramus City (All Routes, Chapter 4) 
Jenounes meets Oxyones (Law Route, Chapter 4) 
Deneb and Canopus visit Warren (All Routes, Chapter 4)  

After Duke Ronway sends Denim on his way to Ashton in Chapter Three of the Neutral route, you have a small chance meeting with the smelly beast tamer Ganb. After that, it's forward to Ashton and then Damsa. If you make a small detour to Krizar City, you get to meet up with Leonard for a brief while. You could then follow him into Fort Kadoriga to help him out. Of course, if you want Haborym in your party, it might be a good idea to take the detour. 

Tanmas Hill 

Gamb: Hey, haven’t we met before!? Well, what do you know! I never thought I would bump into you again. Berda and Obda, come!  
Ganb: And this time, I have some new friends. Let me introduce you to them! Banga! Zanga! Come out!  
Ganb: I will defeat you! 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Ganb: Damn it! Retreat! Just wait… Next time, I will get you! (uses an escape) 

Krizar City 

(In a house with Leonard, Canopus, Mildain, a wizard, and a valykrie called Festa) 
Leonard: I heard you were attacked by Barbatos’ troops at Tanmas.  I am amazed by their tenacity. I lost 18 soldiers just getting them out of town.  
Festa: What made you come here, Mr. Hero? First, you help the guerillas. Are you trying to help Barbatos troops too?  
Leonard: …Stop it.  
Festa: Traitor!  
Leonard: Enough!  
(Festa leaves and walks away) 
Leonard: Sorry Denim. She’s a little… upset.  
Denim: … 
Leonard: As much as I’d like to stay and chat, I really have to get going. Barbatos’ took hostages and escaped to Fort Kadoriga. I can’t believe how many problems were having… 
(Leonard walks off to one side) 
Leonard: (looks to Denim) Don’t think too hard, Denim. I will always be on your side.  

Fort Kadoriga 

Denim: Festa! Are you all right!? 
Botes: I will turn you into stone as well! This is our revenge! 
(Battle begins) 
Festa: (when you unpetrify her) …Thank you… 
Denim: Where is Leonard? What happened to him? 
Festa: He’s probably be in the fortress. We have to save him! 
Kamos: (if unpetrified) I’m too old for this sort of thing. Thank you young man. 
Tamuzu: (if unpetrified) Thank you for saving my life.  
(Battle ends) 
Botes: Aah… Forgive me… Cardinal… (dies) 


(Inside Fort Kadoriga seems to be Leonard by himself) 
Denim: Leonard! Are you okay!? 
Leonard: So it’s you again! This is the second time you have saved my life. Thank you. 
(Someone walks in and Denim looks his way) 
Leonard: Huh? Oh, he is not our enemy. Haborym was imprisoned by them, too. This way Haborym. (Haborym walks towards Leonard) 
Leonard: He is the leader of… 
Haborym: Yes, I recognize him. You are Denim, aren’t you? 
Leonard: You know him!? 
Haborym: No, I felt his aura…I just knew that this man was the hero of Griate. 
Denim: Pleased to meet you. My name is Denim. 
Haborym: I am Haborym…, Haborym Vandom. 
Leoanrd: Haborym can’t see but he is a master of the sword.People call him “Blade Master”. He’s the one who killed most of the guards in the fortress. 
Haborym: I heard you fought against the Dark Knights. Are they your enemies? 
Denim: 1. Yes, of course. 
            2. I don’t know. 
(I chose 2) 
Denim: (looking down) I don’t know. But they are my immediate enemy for now. But as long as there are people like the Dark Knights, this war will never end.  
Haborym: I see… I understand. (walks forward) Can I join you? If I become a hindrance to you, then you can leave me behind. 
Denim: 1. I welcome you. 
            2. Sorry… 
(I chose 1) 
Denim: I welcome you. 
Haborym: Forgive me. I need to ask you for help, but… 
Leonard: Don’t worry about it. (looks at Haborym then Denim) So are you going to Ashton? Make sure you come back. 

(If chose 1 for the first question) 
Denim: Yes, of course. The Dark Knights are my only enemy. Had they not come to Valeria and supported Bacrum, this war would never have occurred. 
Haborym: I see… I understand. (walks forward) Can I join you? If I become a hindrance to you, then you can leave me behind. 
Denim: 1. I welcome you. 
            2. Sorry… 
(I chose 2) 
Denim: Sorry, but you can’t.  
Haborym: That’s too bad. I hope we will meet again. …As we have discussed earlier, I will be staying over at your place.  
Leonard: Don’t worry about it. (turns to Denim) So are you going to Ashton? (Denim nods) Make sure you come back.  


This is where Cardinal Barbatos get executed before a group of Walstanians and his own people, the Gargastans. It's an interesting scene because it gives away more of what Barbatos's personality is like. I have a strange respect for him because even though he does "evil" deeds, he doesn't try to hide it like Duke Ronway and Cardinal Branta do. He knows what he is and what he's done and he sticks by it. He also isn't a coward like the other two, he bravely dies telling Ronway that he and Branta are next after him. 

Coritani Castle 

(Cardinal Barbatos is in the gallows. Duke Ronway begins his speech by throwing his hands up) 
Ronway: Look up, people! Morning has come. It’s the morning where we celebrate our victory!! Through  
this man’s death… The era of darkness has finally come to an end! 
Young Man: This is what you get for trating us like scum for all these years! I hope it hurts!  
Woman: Kill that Gargastan bastard for killing my son! 
Gargastan old man: Go to Hell, you child molesting tyrant!! 
(Duke Ronway walks up to Barbatos) 
Ronway: Did you hear that Barbatos? You’re hated by your own people… 
Barbatos: ….. 
(Duke Ronway walks away and throws his hands up again) 
Ronway: At ease, my people. I understand how you feel… My Walstanian comrades, hear me! Our suffering as been produced by this man! My dear Gargastans… Let us cleanse your soul by spilling enough blood for all of us to see as atonement! From this day forward, let the Walsta and Gargastan people live in peace and harmony! 
(Duke Ronway gets off the podium and a priest walks towards Barbatos) 
Priest: …May god be with you. Do you have any last words? 
Barbatos: Ha, ha, ha. Do you really think the war is over!? Ha, ha. Imbeciles! I’m not the one who started the war. It is you! You people made me declare the war!  
Ronway: (turning to Barbatos) Shut up, you rotten son of a bitch! You’re blaming innocent people for your evil deed! 
Barbatos: Poor Ronway… You’re same as I… All People do is complain, yet they just blindly follow whoever is in power… Ronway… If you think you have won the people over, then you are gravely mistaken. They’re not the ones who are being manipulated, it’s you and I who are manipulated. Look at me, you’re next!! 
(Priest walks away) 
Ronway: This is getting boring. Kill him!  
(Priest faces Barbatos as a Beast Tamer walks forward to the gallows with an axe in hand) 
Barbatos: Poor Ronway… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… 
(Beast Tamer slashes rope as screen pans upwards, a blade falls, and something rolling on the floor is heard) 


If you decide to take Denim back to Amorika Castle before heading off to Banisha Castle, this scene with Warren takes place. Here you learn the truth of why Warren and the others were exiled. You also learn the real truth of why Lans Tartare and the other Dark Knights were sent to Valeria. 

Amorika Castle  

(Denim is in Warren's room along with Mildain, Guildus (if not in the Neutral Route), and Canopus) 
Warren: So..Lans is not back... I hope he's alright... Cough. (Warren coughs) 
Denim: Don't push yourself, Warren. You haven't completely recovered yet. 
Warren: Do not worry. It's not my time to die yet... (Warren looks away) 
Denim: ...Warren, tell me something... 
(Warren turns to Denim) 
Warren: What is it, young man? 
Denim: tell me the real reason why you and the other Zenobians came here. 
(Warren pauses) 
Warren: ...What do you mean? 
Denim: If your purpose is the same as Lodis, then I would have to send all of you back to Zenobia. 
Warren: Hmm... 
Denim: I do not want to be your enemy... But if you have a different reason, please tell me. I would like to help you! 
Warren: We are just exiles. 
Denim: Warren!!! 
Warren: ...Very well. I will tell you. 
(Others in the room look towards Warren) 
Warren As you have already figured out, we came here under the orders of our King. But our purpose was not to rule Valeria. We are not like Lodis. Our purpose was very different... 

A flashback to the Zenobian throne room begins... 

Lans: Noble King, we shall leave. 
Tristan: ...Forgive me. I know this is part of our plan, but to declare your exile was not easy... 
Lans: The best way to deceive the enemy is to deceive your own people first. This way no one will become suspicious. Besides, it was our fault that Brunhild was stolen. We really desrve to be exiled. We shall retrieve Brunhild to restore the honor of the Holy Knights.  
Tristan: I don't udnerstand why Lodis would steal the sword... That is Zenobia's most beloved treasure. I have faith in you Lans.  
Lans: Yes, your highness.  

Fades back to the present time... 

Denim: Brunhild?... 
Warren: Brunhild is not just any ordinary sword. Whoever holds the sword will have the power of the Gods and the ability to talk with them. It's still just a legend and nobody knows if it's true or not. But it's still the most important artifact in Zenobia. We have to get it back.  
Denim: And the Dark Knights are the thieves, right? 
Warren: Yes. We thought they brought it back to Lodis at first. But then we found out they brought it here. We didn't know that they plan to use it here... 
Denim: Take it easy, Warren. Rest now. 
(Warren lays back in bed) 
Denim: Let us handle it. I won't disappoint you. In the meantime, I want you to focus on your recovery, Warren.  
Warren: Thank you, Denim... 


After visiting Warren in Amorika Castle, you could take Denim into Baramus City and find Shelley there. You can only do this if you managed to keep her alive back in Banhamuba Temple. You can only meet her on a rainy day here so get a witch to cast Storm if you want to see her. I thought that this was one of the most amusing scenes in Tactics Ogre next to the Canopus and Deneb scene. When Denim and Olivia walked into that house soaking wet, I was expecting them to do something else besides look for dry clothes (ahem). Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it), Shelley is around to prevent anything else from happening. She isn't too happy with Denim for screwing up her plans. This was also a very heartwarming scene that shows how close the Fouriner sisters could be to each other. This scene depresses Denim a bit and reminds him of a sister he used to be very close to not so long ago. 

Baramus City  

(Denim and Olivia walk through Baramus City into an empty house) 
Denim: I'm soaked! 
Olivia: The rain is getting worse. 
(Denim and Olivia see someone in the corner) 
Denim: Who's there!? 
Olivia: Shelley? 
(Olivia and then Denim runs towards her) 
Olivia: Shelley! What happened to you! Shelley!  
(Shelley is disheveled and looks towards Olivia) 
Shelley: ...Olivia? 
(Shelley looks away) 
Shelley: I guess this is the end... I know. You came to kill me. Go ahead...I don't care anymore... 
Olivia: What are you talking about!? We were looking for you! Father is very worried about you. Let's go home, Shelley. 
Shelley: To where...? Where...? I don't have a home...I don't have anyone to turn to... I've lost everything... You've taken it all away!  
(Shelley pushes Olivia away and walks towards Denim) 
Olivia: Shelley! Are you out of your mind!? 
Shelley: If you didn't get in the way of my plan... 
(Olivia blocks Shelley) 
Olivia: Please! Don't do this Shelley!!  
Shelley: Step aside Olivia! 
(Denim pushes Olivia aside and goes towards Shelley) 
Denim: ...If it makes you feel better, then go ahead. Stab me until you are content.  
Olivia: Denim! 
Denim: Well, what are you waiting for! What is it? What, you can't do this in front of your sister!? 
(Shelley drops dagger) 
Olivia: Shelley, are you okay? Shelley!  
Denim: What's wrong with you! Can't you tell everyone loves you? What more do you need!? 
Olivia: Denim, it's Ok. You don't have to yell... 
(Olivia comes closer to Shelley) 
Olivia: It's okay now. Shelley, we'll be together.  
Shelley: ... 
Olivia: Don't cry. It's all over now. You can be yourself... 
Shelley: ...I'm so sorry... 
(Denim turns and walks away) 
Denim: ...Kachua. 


This scene is from where you meet Oxyones Lavin in the Brumor Plains in Chapter 4. You have to get in a random encounter there and have Jenounes to get this. 

Oxyones: Dragoon! I have finally found you! I will avenge my parents death! 
Jenounes: You are a dragon tamer? Then, you are from Bask village!? 
Oxyones: You may have forgotten, but I haven’t! Just because you became a member of the Liberation Army doesn’t mean your evil deeds have been cleansed! 

Jenounes: Wait, humble Dragon Tamer! I know apologizing will not bring your parents back. It was a mistake, I regret what I have done. 
Oxyones: Do not apologize! It doesn’t make any difference. My parents are dead! You say you regret what you did. You should never have done such a thing from the beginning!  
Jenounes: You are right. And I am aware that regretting or apologizing will not change anything. Just give me time to redeem myself! I am fighting to bring the war to an end. I was part of the group that triggered the war. That is why I feel responsible, I must correct what I have done! Once I finish my duty, I will come back to you and you can kill me. Please give me a little more time!!  
Oxyones: That is… That is too selfish!! 

Denim: I know he burned down your village. But it wasn’t from his own will. It was the Cardinal and his men who tricked him. He was told there were guerillas in your village.  
Oxyones: Does that make him innocent?  
Denim: No. I am telling you what he says is the truth! He’s not giving an excuse to run away from you.  
Oxyones: … 
(Battle begins and ends) 
Oxyones: (if dies, or retreats) Dad… Mom…, I don’t think I can avenge your death… 

Denim says the following immediately after if you get Oxyones just below 20 hit points... 
Denim: Then the battle is over! Trust me! I will take care of everything… 
Oxyones: What are you up to? 
Denim: I’ll give you a chance to live. And as long as you are alive, you will have your chance to kill Jenounes. Isn’t that what you want? …But you have to give him time. You have to wait until he completes his mission.  Meanwhile, I want you to find out the truth for yourself!  
Oxyones: … 


This next scene occurs if you manage to get Deneb in your party. This happens if you go to Amorika castle after getting her. It's one of the funniest scenes in the game. Poor Canopus, Deneb really wails on him and gets on his nerves, and most of us know how hard it is to get on his nerves! :)  

Male voice: Hey, Warren is sick! Leave him alone! 
Female voice: I'm an old friend of his! Why can't I visit him for a minute?  
(Deneb and Canopus enter the room Warren is in) 
Canopus: Friend!? All you did was make those stupid pumpkin monsters!  
Deneb: You're so mean! You must be a real hit with the ladies with that attitude of yours, huh, Canopoo? (Going to Warren's bed) Hi ya, grandpa! How are ya feeling?  
Canopus: Don't call me Canopoo! 
Deneb: He's asleep... Hey, Warren, wake up! 
Canopus: Hey, don't wake him up!! 
Deneb: He really should get rid of this body and get a new one... 
Canopus: He's not like you! He doesn't care to be young! 
Deneb: What are you implying? This is my original body!! 
Canopus: Uh, yea, sure. I believe you... 
Deneb: I won't be insulted by a red-haired duck! 
Canopus: Duck!? I'm not a duck! 
Deneb: Canopoo, you're so cute when you get angry! 
Canopus: I said don't call me Canopoo! You're really starting to get on my nerves! 
(Canopus turns to leave, looks back once, then exits the room) 
Deneb: Canopoo, baby, relax!! You can be so uptight sometimes! Don't you agree, Warren buddy? 
Warren: ZZZ 
Deneb: (comes closer to Warren) Please get well soon...(*smack* Deneb gives Warren a kiss) 

(Hehe, poor Canopus. Since I missed most of the cool stuff happening in the Chaos route, this is my most favorite scene out of all the humorous ones. Okay, it's this one and the battle fought with Barbas, but this one is still, by far, the funniest!)